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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Buying Dallas Condos

By A. Kim

With the federal government offering $15,000 in tax credits for first time home buyers, coupled with the lowest interest rate in recent times have many looking at Dallas condos. The recession has created distressed properties in greater Dallas area for condos. Many Americans are replacing their single family homes with these convenient condos. They have plenty of options because of the building boom of the early and mid 2000's.

Many new construction condos have gone up in downtown Dallas and its surrounding areas, some have come to market, but some have stalled or stopped the construction due to funding issues. The building boom has left the market with many affordable condos than years past.

May in the boomer generation has been choosing to sell the larger homes or these easy to maintain condos, it takes much less keep ups than single family homes especially the larger ones that we have been accustomed to in recent years. WithDallas condosstarting around $150,000, it offers some financial benefits as it reduces the mortgage that one has to pay.

Long commutes have been traditionally linked with a larger metropolitan areas like Dallas. Dallas is no exception with many people moving into the area. It has caused a high traffic time for those who commute to their work in downtown offices. These Dallas condos make it attractive to live close, so you don't have to sit in your car for long time to commute to work.

Downtown Dallas is getting more shopping and restaurants with increased population. Many restaurants, upscale shops, high class bars are springing up everywhere. Places like West Village, Mockingbird Station, East Dallas is attracting younger professionals who enjoy the fast life.

If you enjoy luxury, high end Dallas condos can cost up to $1,000,000, but you can get one at little more cheaper than in the past, if you do your research. So, if you are thinking about a high quality living, greater Dallas area is certainly the place.

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When You Should Choose an Interest-only Loan


The IO loan has become very popular in recent times. Despite it's popularity, not everyone is right for an IO loan. In this article, we'll look at a few factors you can consider when thinking about an IO-loan.

An Interest-only loan is a good choice when you expect your income to rise in the near future. If you've got a study to finish, or a promotion to come, you can choose the IO-loan. It gives you low monthly payments now and when the mortgage payments get higher you can afford it because you've gone up in income.

If you have ups and downs in your income, an IO-loan can give you the flexibility you need. When times are good, you can pay the interest and pay off some of the principle. When times are not so good, you can choose to pay just the interest and get by that month. One of the ups of an Interest-only loan is the fact that you can pay off principle without a penalty. Don't make the mistake of spending the extra money on other things than principle, or you'll get a nasty surprise at the end of your IO-loan.

A lot of first-time home buyers make the choice for an IO-loan because they can afford a higher mortgage amount with this mortgage option. The smart way of doing this is buying a starter house, wait until it rises in value and then sell it for a profit. The mortgage gets paid off and the profit can be used to buy a bigger house with a 'regular' mortgage.

An IO-loan calls for financial discipline. When times are good, or when you have money to spare, you can pay off some of the principle on your home. If you fail to do that, you will be hammered with higher mortgage payments eventually.

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Hiring a Moving Company? Avoid costly mistakes

By Informopolis

Each year, the FMCSA (Federal Mover Carrier Safety Administration) investigates moving companies for a wide range of safety and ethics violations. In 2008, they fined over 300 moving companies. Predatory business practices and safety violations were the most common reasons for these fines. In many cases, operators of moving companies sacrifice ethics for dollars, and in the worst cases, they sacrifice the safety of their customers and workers. So how do you find a good moving company? The good news is that you can take steps to weed out the bad ones and find ethical movers.

First, check the Better Business Bureau. You will want to see if there is a pattern of complaints against a prospective moving company. BBB reports often provide details of bait and switch tactics or careless operators who cause damage to personal property on a far too frequent basis. Some complaints have even alleged theft and sexual harassment. Another resource is a new web site called is dedicated to exposing unethical moving services.

The Department of Transportation reports that there are specific signs that your moving operator may be less that ethical:

1. The mover doesn't offer or agree to an inspection of your household goods prior to giving an estimate. These estimates are often too good to be true and are designed to bait unwitting movers. 2. The moving company demands cash or a large deposit before the move. 3. The mover doesn't provide you with a copy of Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move, a booklet movers are required by Federal regulations to supply to their customers. 4. The mover claims all goods are covered by their insurance. 5. The company's website has no information about licensing or insurance.

Advance planning can be critical in avoiding movers with predatory business practices. Stanislov Kukoba, operator of Los Angeles Professional Movers says, "Some moving companies take advantage of last minute movers - most legitimate companies are booked well in advance so the unethical movers jack up the price." Mr. Kukoba recommends booking a moving company 2 months in advance - particularly in the busy summer months.

At Los Angeles Professional Movers, they recommend booking at least six weeks in advance, which means you should start researching your moving company at least 7 weeks prior to your planned move date. Another advantage to booking early is that you can often negotiate the cost of the move and other details, as well as make special requests from your selected moving company.

Experts recommend avoiding a move during the summer months. Often movers, moving vans, and moving trucks are in very short supply during the busy season and predatory business practices are at their peak. Most violations reported by the FMCSA were higher proportionately last summer than at other times during the year. It also helps to avoid weekends - this will often lower the cost of the move because of decreased demand.

Most moving companies charge additional fees for special requests sometimes not totally disclosed, so be sure to be thorough when they arrive at your home to provide a quote. Ask about extra costs, insurance policies, license numbers, and mileage that may or not be included in the move.

All in all, the most important thing to remember is not move without a plan. Sometimes a move is decided on impulse. When it comes to hiring a moving company, impulsiveness can be expensive.

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Options for San Francisco Home Insurance

By R. Lee

When shopping for San Francisco Home Insurance it is important to make sure that you are really trying to get the best deal possible. Some people believe that insurance rates are insurance rates and there are no variations. This is simply not the case though as you can shop around to make sure that you are getting a policy that not only fits your coverage needs but also your yearly premium budget.

If you are a brand new homeowner then you could always start with the advice of the people you are getting your mortgage through. Because of their experience in the business, they may have a good idea of where you can turn for great coverage.

They may already have a few companies in mind that they are used to working with. This does not mean, however, that you are forced to go with any particular Home Insurance company that they mention to you. Feel free to take your time shopping around for the best rates.

Just make sure the lowest price is not your primary goal. Lowest price with good coverage should be optimal. The way to go about is to get the best coverage or the coverage your need, in San Francisco, earthquake insurance is needed. If you have detached garage make sure these are covered as well.

Being cautious and doing your homework can be a good idea when purchasing San Francisco Home Insurance. It is to protect your most valuable possession, your home. Make sure it is affordable and you can make the payments. Don't let your insurance lapse because it is going to cost you a lot of money to replace your home. If you can't make the payment ask your mortgage lender to add it on to the mortgage.

Some mortgage companies will provide escrowed insurance. Escrowed insurance is when the mortgage companies purchase the insurance and add it on to your mortgage payment. But the downside is you might be paying lot more than purchasing it on your own.

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Bad Credit : Find Help With A Non Profit Debt Consolidation

By Frank Froggatt

Are you drowning in debt--finding it almost unbearable to take a breath? If your finances are so out of control you can't pay your bills anymoreand have gotten so far behind that it is a physical impossibility, without a miracle, to ever catch up, you should earnestly consider non profit debt consolidation services. There may still be options for you.

A debt consolidation services non profit company will provide you with a certified credit counselor. You will be required to hand over any related financial statement and other financial information to the counselor; all past due accounts,balances, and proof of your total monthly income. When you are done with this they will work to establish a payment plan for you to fit your specific situation.

With the plan in hand, your creditors will be contacted to get your bills renegotiated, many times as much as 50% sometimes even more. You will no longer send any payments to your old creditors but it will all be sent as one payment to the debt consolidation company. They take that payment and after subtracting their service fees (which are already included) they dole out the rest to your creditors as per the agreement.

As long as you have done your research on the company and they are reputable and legitimate, you can rest assured that your payments will be made on time--all that you a required to do from now on is send them that one monthly payment; they take care of everything else. You'll get a statement every month so you can monitor your progress and watch your debt disappear.

This is a truly big decision to make, as you can see, having someone else be in control of your finances like that. It is imperative that you research these companies; use good sense and make sure they are listed with and have a good standing in the better business bureau.

The company you choose should also provide opportunities for financial education for those who wish to learn proper money management skills. And programs to teach what credit is really for and how to use it wisely, so you never need similar services again.

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Need a Credit Card for Your Business? Try a CitiBusiness Card

By Caressa Waechter

As a small business owner, you are going to need to use a business credit card. You cannot mingle company and personal funds, therefore you should not be using a personal credit card for business purposes.

You will find many uses for a business credit card if you are an entrepreneur. The possibilities are limitless - you will use it to pay bills, to travel, or to make company purchases.

There are several to choose from, but one of the top issuers of credit cards for business is CitiBank with their CitiBusiness credit card. If you use a CitiBusiness credit card, you are using a credit card that was made with the business owner in mind.

Because you can request additional credit cards for employees, and set the credit limit for each card, CitiBusiness really lets you control your expenses. You have total control over the management of your CitiBusiness credit cards with the ability to view all charges, view statements and even add employees, all online.

CitiBank offers low interest business credit cards that may perfectly fit the needs of your business. They are also often running specials that give you low introductory interest rates on purchases or balance transfers for a given length of time. This really lets you get a handle on your cash flow without having to pay interest.

Reward programs are also available with some CitiBusiness credit cards. These programs give you a certain number of points for every dollar you put on your card. You then can choose how you wish to redeem your rewards points. You will have several different ways to redeem you points with CitiBank, because choices are a good thing!

A business credit card that is in the name of your business is something that you really need as a small business owner. Not only will this separate your business and personal expenses, but it lets you see what you are spending money on for your business.

If you are going to use a credit card with your business, you really owe it to yourself to use one that is made with the needs of the entrepreneur in mind. A CitiBusiness credit card would be a great choice when it comes to a business credit card. Because they offer some useful benefits for the business owner, CitiBank should be at the top of your list.

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Prime Rate Options

By Anne Durrel

While looking at buying a big item you quite often need to find a loan from a lending institution. That may be intimidating to do specially because there seems to be a diverse words that banks use.

To be successful and navigating your way to a loan you need to learn about the most common terms like prime rate.

A prime rate is a word that is used as discussing the interest rate on the loan. Sometimes it is also mentioned as the prime lending rate.

This rate is determined by your credit rating and your viability as a lending risk. If you are a better risk, traditionally, your prime rate will be lower than if you are a higher risk for the bank to lend money to. The prime rate is also determined by the nation's economic state and what the prime rate had been set at previously.

Once, the prime rate in America was set at hone interest rate stage. Though, while our economic climate has gotten more and more strained, there has started to be a bit change among diverse banks. Typically, most banks do disposed to create adjustments to the prime as the economy moves, but those shifts are regularly made at once.

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Debt Relief - what is it?

By Dennis Durrel

The Description of Debt Relief: "Any form of debt reorganization which relieves the complete obligation of debt;a postpone of the debt-service responsibilities and/or a suspend of the payments time."

In fact , debt relief may not available in the way we are taken to rely on because , debt-relief is not a complete slowing of debt! Instead , it let you to work your effort out of debt by yourself .

But not without some small of sacrifice on your part! Actually , debt relief is not matter the majority people are able to earnings fromsince most debts, while they may be relieved in certain circumstances , are seldom forgiven.

At the time it appear to debt relief, certain creditorsare quite lenient to their debtors than others .They may offer debtors the option to pay a portion of the full cost owing and then forgive the remainder , ormake monthly expenses more convenient .

If your economic circumstancechanges, as the loss of your job , allow your creditors identify and inform them thatyou have to find ways outto relieved your debt load . Think about credit counseling or debt consolidation services if you guess your debt troubles are turning to be out of control .

Theonly true debt relief is bankruptcy, and evenwhen filing for bankruptcies only some debts are written off while others must still be paid. The amount of debt relief availabledepends on the form of bankruptcy that is filed, during the period of time that you are under bankruptcy protection. Also, be aware that even if a debt is forgiven, or partially forgiven, it will still adversely affect yourcredit rating.

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Getting Personal Loan for Bad Credit

By Macy Jon

Most, if not all people hate to be in bad credit. You may have heard about this term but what is bad credit? I know what that means. Let me tell you more about the topic but first of all, I will let you know what is bad credit.

Bad credit is a term used in the financial industry used to define someone who is considered a "high risk" to financial institutions and other finance corporations due to past history of bad records in repayment. These borrowers will have a higher chance of not paying their loans that is instituted by the lender.

It is interesting to note that there are different kinds of bad credits. You have to learn that when someone is having bad credit, that person needs help to pay off the debts. The good thing is that there is bad credit personal loans that you may finally be able to take a loan.

The condition under which you can contract for bad credit personal loans can vary significantly. First your credit rating is taken into considerations and if it is bad or if you've demonstrated creditor malfeasance recently, you can be quite restrictive when it comes to loans.

I think that with bad credit personal loans could be easy way to obtain fast money for emergency purposes, which there you may need to use it.

As with all loans, there is a problem with this form of loan. The rates for these loans can be a little high and the final figure to pay off the loan can be high too.

It's great to know that there are a number of companies who will offer people personal loans with bad credit. Just by a quick search at Google, you are able to get a list of resources on personal loan.

Your next step? Now that you know about personal loan, try them out. If you are facing financial problem or don't know how to deal with bad credit, the above solutions have helped take a load off you shoulders.

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Chances For Moms Who Require Money Now To Do Awesome Work At Home

By Cache Spencer

The recession has caused a lot of families all over the country to frenetically search for ways to earn spare cash. Especially prominent are the growing number of moms who are unable to leave home but are searching for work. They might not be capable of paying for childcare; this resulted in them being anxious for undemanding way to earn money from home.

Luckily, there are lots of prospects to work from home for Moms. Earning money from home is not as difficult as it sounds, one has to be aware of the scams. The internet has enabled one to establish sources of income without ever stepping out from your home.

They can get paid for market research, make money from writing how to articles, work from home as a transcriptionist, typist or even performing data entry work. For those stay at home parents who may not be skilled in any particular area, there is still work out there that does not require specific experience.

The key is to start small. Easy jobs that require no skills include completing surveys to get paid for market research. This is something that anyone can do because it is based on your day to day choices, spending and even earnings. There is really nothing easier than ticking a few boxes. These surveys tend to take only a few minutes of your time so will not disrupt a busy schedule.

You are sure to get paid for market research because of the sheer volume of well-known, reliable and trustworthy companies around. Payment can come in forms of cash, vouchers or points that can be exchanged for gifts. People from all around the globe can participate in surveys and each country tends to have their own market research panels also.

Doing market surveys if an excellent start for a keen Mom who truly want to work from home. She can then move on to other opportunities that need a little more skills. Improving their typing skills would make certain jobs simpler. Familiarity with office programs can too be a benefit if one desire jobs that pay more.

There are a plethora of different routes you can take to find job opportunities. Signing up on job forums and registering on a number of job sites is a huge help but many say the best way to find these opportunities is to network and always keep an eye out for work.

Have a resume prepared, just in case and work on improving your skills. Consider working for free or at a discount solely to give yourself some exposure. You want people to remember your name for the right reasons. Stay optimistic, research, reply to your emails, be courageous and confident in your own skills and there is no reason why a job opportunity that you can pursue in your home will remain out of your reach.

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Tips to Consider when buying a property

By Joaquin Costa

We all want to buy a house, but it is not always easy, that's why this article can provide you with some good tips to keep in mind.

If you're taking the next step in life and purchasing a home, chances are that you're feeling the pressure and the anxiety that continues with this difficult decision. Those who buy homes are very anxious, eager to get any information they can about realty. Before you buy a home, it always helps to learn all that you can.

The first thing youll need to do when buying a home is to ascertain just how much you are able to qualify for or afford to borrow. You should also come through a point to check your credit and know where you stand. If you've any problems, you should strive to correct them for you attempt to borrow money for a home. The higher credit rating you've, the lower your rates of interest will be.

If you are able to, you should always attempt to get pre approved by a mortgage broker or lender, as this will show your commitment to the mortgage. Also make sure to anticipate any payment or prepayment options that can help you take a few years away from your mortgage. Once you've been pre approved for a mortgage and know where you stand with your monthly payments, you are able to start shopping for property.

When you shop for a home, you should only buy real property that is perfect for you. Before you start looking, you should always make a list of everything you want your home to have, based on what you want and what you actually need. You should also be sure that you mark off any areas that you are willing to bear on a compromise on, in case you've to.

To assist you with finding the perfect home, you should enlist the services of a reputable real estate broker. When you meet with your agent, you will go over how much you are willing to spend, and what type of home you're searching. Youre agent will know where ideal properties are, and help you find the home that is best for you. Agents usually use mortgage calculators and real estate software to produce the most accurate information you need to consider at the moment of purchasing a property. This type of solutions, like real estate appraisal software are key solutions to have in your arsenal while trying to find the best house in the market for you.

Your agent will supply you with a list of potential properties that meet your budget and your features. Once you get the list, you should drive by the homes and check into both the home and the neighborhood. You should consider the appearance and location of the home, safety, access to the freeway, schools nearby, commute time to work, local shopping, and even recreational activities.

If you dont find something that interests you the first time, you should keep looking until you find the home that is best for you. Your agent can help with tours of homes and such, even tell you information about neighborhoods that you arent acquainted with. If you've chosen a good real estate broker, he will care about helping you find a home and go out of his way to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

To get the most from buying a home, you should always hire a estate agent that you are able to trust. Your agent will go a long way in helping you buy a home, from finding properties to giving you pointers and tips along the way. Good realtors will care about your satisfaction, and will do all that they can to help you find the home of your dreams. You will be able to always buy a home without a house agent, although it will take you longer and you wont get the help and other amenities that a real estate broker will bring to the table.

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Bank Issue Payday Loans Help

By Jacob Williams

Have you come upon an emergency that has to do with your finances? There definitely is a way for you to be able to avail of payday loans that would aid you and your finances stabilize. Bank issue payday loans will be able to support you with this problem and make it easier for you to acquire loans.

Bank issue payday loans are as well refereed to as salary based loans. You will be able to take advantage of this loan for a certain amount and have it pushed through a prescribed procedure.

You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to bank issue payday loans. Let's say that your car needs repairing at the soonest time possible. Because without a your car you will not have the capability of traveling from here to there going to your work office or somewhere else important. Or might as well for instance you need to attend to an emergency and that emergency requires you to produce a certain amount of money that is not in your budget, bank issue payday loan can assist you to be able to provide you that small amount that you need in a short period of time.

So since the financial assistance would just be temporary chances are that you have to give back the amount immediately. Bank issue payday loans is not a permanent when it comes to financial assistance. Your payment for the amount of money that you acquired may be due on the next pay period that you have agreed upon with the lender.

Bank issue payday loans has high interest rates compared to regular loans. This is to assure the lender that the borrower would adhere to his or her obligation to pay the amount of money that is agreed upon in the right time. The interest rates ranges approximately from three hundred to seven hundred percent.

Bank issue payday loans can benefit those who are really in need of instant cash and do not want to get into certain hassles just to be able to acquire the amount of money needed to cover a financial issue. What you have to act purposefully of is to be able to pay back the same amount of loan on or before the deadline to avoid penalty and higher risks for higher interest rates.

Bank issue payday loans can surely assist you with your need to get easy cash. But before you avail of the service read the lenders terms and conditions so you can get a clearer understanding of what the objective of their loan service is and how can they be of service to your concerns.

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How Bad is Bankruptcy?

By Paul J. Easton

Personal bankruptcy can be your worst nightmare. As far as debt management options are concerned, filing a bankruptcy is the last resort you have to undertake. Unless there is no more option left, filing a bankruptcy must be thoughtfully considered as it has long-lasting effects all throughout your lifetime.

Bankruptcy is a declaration of the inability of an individual to pay its creditors. Creditors may likewise file a bankruptcy petition against you in their effort to recover a percentage of what they are owed to. A restructuring plan can also be initiated. This is because, in most cases, voluntary bankruptcy is initiated by the debtor.

People in bankruptcy status follow rules where they don't have to repay certain debts. This situation is where a court order called a discharge will be released to you.

Bankruptcy makes a mark in your credit report for 10 years. Information like the date of your filing and the later date of discharge will likely stay on your credit report and this can make your application for credit later difficult. Buying a home, getting a life insurance and even getting a job in the future can be a little tougher because of this information on your credit report.

There are two types of personal bankruptcy. The first type is the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and the other is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. A bankruptcy case must be filed in the federal bankruptcy court. With both types of bankruptcy, one may get rid of unsecured debts. In addition, the discharge will stop foreclosures, garnishments, repossessions, and utility shut-offs. It will likewise put off debt collection activities.

With bankruptcy, one can be allowed to keep certain assets, although the exemption amounts vary by state. Personal bankruptcy, on the other hand, does not eliminate child support, alimony, and fines. It also does not exempt one from taxes and student loan obligations.

Bankruptcy can be very traumatic as it brings along a stigma in the society. For the few, however, it remains as a way to have a fresh start for people who went through financial difficulty and thus were not able to satisfy their debts.

For more information on financial directory, get FREE Articles Tips at Get debt-free today with tips on how to get rid of debt here. Start improving your personal finance today.

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Understanding Foreclosure

By Danny Thomas

It has finally happened; you have qualified for a mortgage and now you own your home. Owning a home can be great, but it is now more important than ever to understand foreclosure and what some of the terms are related to foreclosure so you can hopefully avoid it.

Foreclosures can seem complicated since there are so many different terms associated with them. Real estate agents and loan officers might know these terms like the back of their hands, but to the rest of us, it would be easy to get confused when terms start to be used.

There are a few foreclosure related terms that are important to know about. The first is lien holder. The lien holder is usually a bank or credit union. It is the company that offers the mortgage and therefore has put the money up for you to purchase the home. In some ways , the lien holder owns the home until you pay off the mortgage. If you fail to make payments on time, they can take the home, or foreclose on it.

If a borrower starts to fail to make payments on their mortgage, the lender might choose to accelerate the loan. This can be done because most of the mortgages these days have acceleration clauses in them. This is another term that is helpful to understand. Without an acceleration clause, a lien holder would have to wait until payments were due and then declare the payments were defaulted.

With the acceleration clause, a lien holder can demand that the entire mortgage be due within a certain time frame thus accelerating the due date of the entire loan. This is what allows the lender to declare the entire loan is in default. With this clause, the lender has the right to say you owe us the full amount you borrowed and if you can't pay it, we are foreclosing on the home.

The lender might be able to get a judge to allow them to take back pieces of the land equaling the amount you have failed to pay, but this is a tedious process. It is safer for them to have an acceleration clause so that they can demand the full payment of the loan. Obviously, most people won't be able to make the payment which then allows the lender to foreclose on the home because you owed them the entire amount of the home and didn't pay it.

Foreclosure can seem messy. But knowing some of the basic terms will help you understand it better and understanding just might help you avoid it.

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