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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How Certain Cars Can Change the Price Of Teen Auto Insurance

By Chris Channing

A teenager eagerly awaits his or her first vehicle, since it is a memorable moment as well as one of the first steps into adulthood. Teenagers often drive better cars than their parents, which is no surprise. These cars however, may be influencing your auto insurance more than you think, and that is why you should heavily consider the options and costs of that car your teen has been coveting.

Large vehicles that are top heavy are more likely to roll over during a wreck or accident. Many SUV vehicles are not as safe as they should be, or could be. This increases the teen auto insurance rate drastically, especially with the safety features that these vehicles tend to lack when compared to smaller more safe cars. If cheap teen auto insurance is important to you, then steer clear of SUV's and vehicles without much safety.

If you are considering purchasing your teenager an older model vehicle, it could be a pretty good move. Of course it all depends on the vehicle itself. Older vehicles that are on a safe list, easy to repair, and in good condition can be insured for very reasonable rates; especially when paid for in cash. Older cars that are not in good standing are likely to come with high insurance rates that are undesirable to most.

The car that you choose to buy your teenage greatly impacts the auto insurance rates for your teen. A vehicle with few safety features and too many risks will result in sky high insurance rates. A vehicle that is too new will also result in very high rates.

Fancy vehicles, or ones that cost a considerable amount are usually easily stolen and damaged. Insurance companies will charge outrageous teen auto insurance costs for these, so beware when purchasing your teenager that coveted new corvette or a lexus. These are not realistically good buys, and can send your insurance through the roof.

Different vehicles pose different risks and problems associated with owning them. You should always aim to find the middle ground when purchasing your teenagers first car. Teen auto insurance will definitely be more forgiving if you buy your teen a reasonable vehicle with sturdy security, as well as one that is not easily stolen or one lacking good safety.

Closing Comments

Now that you know why the vehicles you purchase your teen influence their auto insurance rates, you can begin to make the right vehicle choice. Auto insurance for your teen is very important, so never cut corners on it, but do make informed decisions.

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Credit Card Fraud

By William Blake

Almost everyone uses credit cards and are susceptible to credit card fraud. It is so prevalent today because it is so easy to do. Personal information can be obtained so easily in a variety of ways. That is why identity theft is so common. Once a person has your personal information all that is needed is mal intent and a bit of ingenuity and you have credit card fraud.

My Credit Card ? How Can People Use It?

Anyone who has seen your credit card information can attempt to use it fraudulently. For most of us that is quite a number of people. Can you count how many people have seen your credit card this week? It is overwhelming to think about the possibilities of credit card theft. But it is important to acknowledge the danger and take the necessary precautions. Remember that you should never throw away or leave with others papers or invoices containing your credit card information. It is also not wise to give your credit card information when on the telephone to make telephone transactions. If you have refused to give your credit card information and someone is overly anxious to receive it and keeps pressing you to give it to them don't give in.

Be Aware of What's Happening with Your Credit Card

One great piece of advices is to always check your credit card statements. You want to make sure that you look them over carefully and if there is any suspicious activity on them, question it. Call the customer service department for your credit card and get it straightened out before it gets out of hand.

Get the Protection on Your Card

Most credit card services offer a fraud protection plan. This plan may cost you a few extra dollars a year, but it worth it even if you never need to use it. This protection will keep you safe from having to pay any money back that has been stolen. This means that if someone has been using your card, you are not responsible for this debt. This is a great plan to get and one that anyone who has a credit card should invest in.

A Lost Credit Card

If you lost or misplaced your credit card, make sure that you report it as soon as possible. Even if you think that you lost it in your house or car, it does not matter. Odds are that you did, but there is a chance that you lost it somewhere else and you never know who may find it. If you report it missing, they can suspend your card until you find it or cancel it if you do not. It is not a big hassle and worth it in the end.

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