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Monday, December 8, 2008

Fight The Recession - Make Your Business Grow And Prosper

By Christina Helwig

All over the country people are turning paranoid. They are hiding in their homes and waiting for "spring." They are passing up great opportunities in order to conserve what little they have "left" because they do not want to have nothing at all when the economy turns around. This is absolutely the wrong thing to be doing right now. While of course people should be shoring up their money situation; they should not be ducking their heads in the sand and hiding money in their mattresses.

The first thing you should do is form a clear and concise plan of what your goals and objectives are for the next three years. Your plan should include a very precise snapshot of where you are financially right NOW! If you have not been keeping careful track on your monthly expenses and income you have some work to do. You cannot change anything until you first know where you are. Once you have that baseline you can decide where you would like to be in three years. Start off with thinking of the amount of income you would like to have and the different things you would like to have in your life: a new car, home, toys, charitable giving, money for your child's school etc. Once you have thought about these things then figure out how much each of these things will cost you. With your current financial snapshot and your "dream" list completed you then are in a position to figure out how much you need to earn to accomplish those goals in three years. The more income you want, the higher level of service or "effort" will be required on your part.

You will want to build into your plan both a way to reduce your debt and a way to build up your wealth. Take your current income and apportion it in a way you feel comfortable to accomplish these goals. Make sure to include a reoccurring monthly amount for starting a business or investment account. If you solely focus on eliminating debt you will freeze yourself into not being able to act on business opportunities until you have all your debt paid off. This cycle gets you no where. You will have no savings and never be able to act on your goals and dreams. We all know the debt cycle. Somehow just when you are almost finished paying everything off... boom the car breaks down or someone needs braces. By having a monthly wealth building account you have money set aside to invest and grow a business.

While your wealth building account grows you want to keep an eye out for bargains and potential ways to either grow your business or start a new business. An example right now would be consultants for people looking for jobs. As the job market shrinks more and more people need help to differentiate themselves from other job seekers. There are countless ways an entrepreneur could help people get and find jobs. You should also be on the lookout for innovative ways to improve things you use all the time. New and improved products always have a place in the market. Also start to pay careful attention to the way millionaires and more importantly billionaires are behaving in the market place. If you watch closely, they will give very big clues on stable companies and markets that it is wise to think about investing in. Many people make massive fortunes in troubled economic times. Its all a function of the way you think and how well you prepare yourself to meet challenges head on.

One of the most important things you can do to improve your earning capacity is to increase your knowledge and more importantly your self-confidence. Simply reading a book a week or watching a motivational video can help give you the confidence to take action on your goals and dreams. Nothing happens while you are sitting around complaining about the economy. The prizes in this new era will go to the people who are not afraid to invest in themselves and take action even when others are hiding from the world.

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How To Apply For A Personal Loan Online

By Gift Mabuza

Are you having a problem keeping up with repayments on your debts and household bills? Trust me when I say that 90 some percent of this red, white and blue country battle with the dilemma of debt on a regular basis. So widespread has the problem become that is now considered routine by many.

You go through high school, you move out and attend college, you accumulate student loan and credit card debt, you graduate thinking that you're days away of paying it all off, but then reality kicks you in the face. All too quickly you are buying a home with your new wife who is expecting her first child. You are now faced with regular mortgage payments, household bills in addition to the student loan and credit card debts you have been paying regularly. Yikes! What in the world happened? Wait, I know the answer to this one.

Life happened and that's just the way it typically goes, it's a regular cycle, and unless your parents foot the bill throughout your college career, and you avoid credit cards like the plague, this will most likely be your reality as well. You see, it's all about the interest rate you pay, so perhaps you're ready now to apply for that loan and finally deal with that debt.

Yes, it may seem like a strange thing to suggest if you are already deep in debt. The answer is in the interest rate you are currently paying. High interest rates, often as much as 17% can be the root of many people's financial problems, do you know what you're paying? Can you really afford to waste the money you work hard for? Just consider each debt you owe, are there two credit cards and a student loan? The best thing to do is calculate the total debt taking into account the interest rates on each debt. Consolidating your outstanding debts into one loan would be the obvious answer. It may be that you would pay only 4% interest on this loan. Just think how much better you would feel only making one repayment per month and at a lower rate of interest.

Why not spend some time on the internet researching what's available; it should make a pleasant surprise. It is easy to apply online and before you know, those high interest rate monthly repayments will have been replaced by one low repayment. There's no commitment in looking so what have you to lose.

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Credit Card Services

By William Blake

There are very few people who do not recognize the benefit of having a credit card. If you have ever been in a situation where you need to purchase something but do not have the funds available, you know what an asset a credit card is. Having a good credit card with a good company is important. You wan to be with a company that will provide good service for their product and be there for you in all aspects of your finances.

How to Choose the Right Credit Card Services

There are thousands of credit card companies that want your business so it is important that you do your homework. There are some things that should be considered before you make the final decision on a credit card that is right for you. The terms of the credit card, credit limit, interest rate, and any fees involved, are all things you need well aware of. With this information you are in a good position to make a wise decision.

The Importance of the Interest Rate

Some people pay their credit card balances in full each month to avoid paying any interest on balances carrying to the next month. However, at times this is not possible and you may need a little more time. That is why your interest rate is very important. If you have a high interest rate you will pay a lot more for all of your purchases in the long run.

What Is an Annual Fee?

Good credit cards have no annual fee ? the amount charged annually for the privilege of having the service. Some credit cards have annual fees of up to $100, and some even higher. If at all possible you want to obtain a card that has no annual fee and save yourself that extra money.

At times an annual fee means lower interest rates. This could prove to be worth it should all factors must be considered when making the decision.

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Does a Collection Agency Negotiate the Rate?

By JR Rooney

I'm need to collect some past due accounts. Do collection agencies give volume discounts?

Yes, most collection agencies do offer a discount if your company assigns them multiple accounts or the balance is very high or the account is new.

Usually, there are 3 basic rules they follow to determine what rate your company will be charged:

Balance due. If you have a bad account totaling $5,000 or more, your company may qualify be able to get a discounted rate.

Age of account. A past due account that is 60 days old has a greater chance of being recovered than a 730 day old account. Collection agencies that get paid based on 100% commission will not have a large incentive to work on older past-due account, much less offer you a discount on them.

Volume discounts. If you have multiple accounts to collect, you should be able to secure a discounted rate. For example, if your company has 25 delinquent accounts for $25,000 that are less than a year old, it should get 30% to 35% off regular price, unless you entered into a different kind of arrangement.

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Chase Credit Cards No Credit Required

By Louis Soul

There is no doubt that over the past years credit cards have become more important to people. Aside from being an effective way of obtaining credit, credit cards also make it easier for people to spend their money the right way.

One of the most popular brand names of credit cards in the market today is the Chase credit card. Accepted around the world, the Chase credit card is similar to many others. Aside from Chase credit card, the company also offers travel cards, Auto & Gas cards and student cards.

So there are a number of reasons to have a Chase credit card all of which will be of great benefit to the user over time. Probably the most used feature is its online capabilities used by workers and other people that have little time to go out shopping. Using the web site, secure of course means that managing your finances is only a few mouse clicks away.

At chase, they want to make managing your finances fast an easy and that is why they have so many happy customers. Chase credit cards also offer many deals and promotions like lower introductory APR's and waived membership fees that allow the holder to save more money.

There is more than one type of Chase credit card and loyal customers can expect to be rewarded when they use the card. For those that don't fly but still want rewards then they can have a version of the Chase card that will award you points when you spend any money. These points will then enable you to purchase from a Chase credit card catalogue and they will have your chosen item shipped to right next to your doorstep! There are holidays, plus other well sought after rewards and all at no charge to you.

Chase credit cards know that if they look after their customers they won't lose them; a philosophy that many companies could learn from. Well all like our gifts but knowing that no matter where you are or what you are doing there is someone to talk to if you need them can often mean much more than material goods. You will really appreciate this if you are abroad and your card is lost or stolen because a new card will need to be sent to you as soon as possible.

If you are thinking about transferring your balance then this is the way to do it with a guaranteed six month zero percent interest rate which also incorporates current purchase balances as well. A no annual charge policy and if you pay your bill in full, there will not be any other interest charges to pay. Having a Chase credit card also allows the holder to earn cash rewards on purchases. If you are considering transferring your account or balance, it is easy over the internet with the secure server.

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