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Monday, January 19, 2009

Structuring Business to get the Most Corporate Credit

By Susan Carter

This is a good question if you are starting up a new business venture. You have probably already decided on your business product, but you still have an more important issue to decide. You need to know what type of business entity structure will be the most beneficial and easy for your company. Have you heard of Limited Liability Company, C-Corporation, or S-Corporation? If your answer is yes, but you dont really understand the difference, then read the rest of this article.

There are many business structures you can use when you are setting up a new company. They each come with different benefits as well as liabilities. Here's a breakdown of the most common:

1. What is a Sole Proprietorship? This is a one-person show where the individual person running the business keeps all the profits. However, they also carry all the responsibility and liability. This is definitely the least desirable form of business structure due to the huge personal risk thats involved for the individual business owner. 2. What is a Partnership? In this structure, two or more people are the owners. They usually put similar amounts of money and/or time into the business and are all responsible for running it. They also incur the debt for the business and can be held personally liable if it were to fail or be sued for the debts. 3. What is a Limited Partnership? In a limited partnership there are at least two partners involved, but they dont necessarily have the same level of responsibility - or authority. One or more of the partners will take part in decision making and the others are silent partners. 4. What is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)? This is the best and most flexible business structure and one of the easiest to set up. Its a good entity for both small and large businesses. It provides personal asset protection and offers an easy format for distribution of profits and losses. With this entity structure the liabilities of the company are only taken from business assets, not the personal assets of those who own the LLC. 5. What is a C-Corporation? There are two ways to file as a corporation: C-Corporation or S-Corporation. The C-Corp is the most structured, and rigid form and the business profits are taxed at both the corporate level and the stockholder level. In this entity, there is no limit to the number of stockholders. This structure is taxed as a separate entity, unlike the S-Corp. 6. What is an S-Corp? This is also a corporation, but its limited by the number of stockholders, which is a maximum of 75. One of the advantages of this type of business structure is that the profits are not double taxed like they are in a C-Corp. This structure is a flow through entity. This means the profits or losses flow through to the individual personal tax returns of the stockholders and are taxed on the individual tax returns.

When it comes to financial institutions, they generally view the LLC and corporation structure as higher rated business entities. By choosing one of these business structures you present a professional image to them and they are more likely to extend business credit and trade credit to your business.

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Business Loans in the Current Economy

By Don Smith

Right now, there is a serious recession going on now in the overall economy. The economic pinch is being felt everywhere. As a business entrepreneur, what you need to know is how to get a business loan despite the dire circumstances reported daily in the media.

I see business owners everyday who are surviving the economic climate the best way they know how. Hard work. Its an American heritage that will never die Sometimes, however, it takes more than just the sweat of their brow. It takes business financing.

Even in this recession, it is possible to secure personal and business financing for business entrepreneurs in need. With the current economic black cloud hovering over the nation, this is no small feat.

The business financing is available and depending on your circumstances, it can be a lot faster and easier to get than you might think. When you work with a business financing company, it is vital to have knowledgeable consultant who has numerous connections to obtaining the money that you need in an expedient manner. Be sure to ask for references, check out their BBB record, and get to know them. Your goal as a client is to be treated first class and to get the money you need.

About Us: Our business capital consulting service will help you find and secure the best source of small business financing for your working capital, business start up, or business expansion needs. We will work closely with you to determine your unique financial situation in order to create the right path to financing for your business.

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Burdensome Timeshare - The First and Final Way to Discard It

By Bobby Kip Hernandez II

Are you a timeshare owner looking for some timeshare relief? No matter the reason, getting rid of a timeshare right now can be be a real nightmare! There are plenty of ways that seem like possible solutions to your timeshare problem, but especially in this economy, many of them frankly do not pan out. So, go with a sure thing on your first try and stop wasting valuable time and money.

The first thing you realize when you attempt to rid yourself of your timeshare is how difficult it is to do it on your own. Yet, many agents and listing companies over-promise and under-deliver on the high fees they charge. Even most charities will not take a timeshare any longer. They are finding them just as hard to move as anyone else, and they certainly do not want to get stuck with maintenance fees that they cannot afford.

There are more and more developers who are renting their unused timeshare inventory for less than owners' annual maintenance fees. This discovery has outraged a great deal of owners. First, the resort itself competes against the owners for renters with discounted rates. Secondly, owners are forced to lower their rent to match offers. Lastly, when you take into account the fact that people can rent significantly cheaper than they can buy, it makes sense that selling a timeshare is a problem.

Similarly, you will find that even people who like the idea of timeshares aren't buying them anymore. With the downturn in the economy, traveling is quickly becoming a luxury. While we travel to see relatives and loved ones, we are forgoing the leisure destinations. Therefore, across the board, owners are trying to get rid of their timeshares. Competition for the rare buyer is fierce. Unless you can offer something that thousands of others do not, you will not get a deal.

There is still some hope however, even if you have previously tried to part with your timeshare without any success. How? There are some reputable timeshare transfer companies which are willing to offer you needed relief by transferring your timeshare out of your name, thus saving you a lot of time, money and stress. Furthermore, the top companies will even go as far as offering you a guarantee once you've agreed to the transaction going ahead.

Remember that there are plenty of benefits to dumping your timeshare, and none whatsoever to hanging on to one that you never use! You'll never need to pay those hefty maintenance fees again, and you will have a huge load off your mind. The issue of getting rid of a timeshare can really weigh you down, so take action and find a reputable timeshare transfer company today.

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Student Loans: What They're All About

By Paul Cameron

For students who do not have the cash to directly pay for their college, student loans are commonly used to obtain the money they are needing. Student loans are one of the most common ways young adults use to pay for their schooling after high school.

Most parents do not have the cash to directly pay for their children's post-secondary education. So a blend of scholarships, grants and student loans is used to pay for the costs of college or university. This includes tuition, books, housing fees and other expenses associated with higher education.

New students can utilize a few kinds of student loans. The most common type found is the federal loan. These loans has smaller limits, and is frequently restricted to paying for tuition fees only. The federal student loans are highly watched by the government, and can be acquired through the college's financial aid program. They usually have an extremely small interest rate. The student does not need to start paying back the amount owed until they have either finished school or are no longer attending university full time.

When a student goes to register for federal student loans, there are several things that should be remembered. First, there is typically a six month no payment period associated with these types of loans. This means that, from after the point in time when the student graduates or has cut back to part time classes, they won't have to begin returning money to the lender for the set amount of time. Interest, however, starts growing as soon as you graduate from school or have fallen to half-time attendance. The payments and amounts owed affect the student's credit history.

There are also student loans that are given to guardians rather than to the student. Higher maximums are available with these loans. The interest rate may also be higher than the federal student loans that are more commonly issued. Interest also begins to accrue immediately. This is due to the fact that the adult is the one responsible for the loan, not the student. Choosing this route does not help build the student's credit score.

Finally, there are private alternative student loans. These fall outside of the government regulated process, and are usually saved for people who require more than the limits granted to standard students. Private loans have the greatest maximums, and may also bear the highest interest percentages as well. Personal student loans are granted either to the adults or the students, and can be done through a variety of institutions as well as private lenders. This option is typically utilized by people attending very expensive schools where federal money is not sufficient. Students can use both private and federal student loans at the same time if necessary.

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The History of Credit Cards

By Jason Asthworth

When Edward Bellamy wrote the novel Looking Backward in 1887, he brought up the novel idea that each person would own a credit card that they would use to buy items. This was the first time the term credit card was introduced to the world.

Credit cards were first utilized by motorists in the United States in the 1920s during the car boom. They were however originally referred to as charge cards and with time, various firms permitted the use of different cards. In those days it was a piece of cake to forge a credit card since many of them were printed onto a type of card material and not plastic as they are nowadays.

Another type of credit card that appeared in the 1930s and 1940s is the Charga-plate. The credit card was made of a small piece of metal and had the owners name, city of residence, and the state in which the person resided imprinted into it. The Charga-plates were most of the time kept in a store and only large retailers made use of these, and they only issued them to their everyday clients.

When Ralph Schneider and Frank X. McNamara established Diners Club in 1950, they created a unique card. Unlike other credit cards, the Diners Club card gave people the freedom to use one card instead of multiple cards. Also, while you can pay only a portion of your bill on other credit cards, the Diners Club has to be paid in full each and every month.

The next card to come along was Carte Blanche and then American Express in 1958. American Express led to the creation of a global credit card system. The Visa system also came into existence in 1958 via Bank of Americas Bank Americard. MasterCard came into the world in 1966 and it was first known as MasterCharge.

The US bank system made it possible for people traveling to use credit cards in various places across the country, since they could not access their home banks.

The U.K. was the first country to release the credit card in 1966. Other countries were not still agreed to it, as reliability and security of it was also in question and people also were giving their preferences to cash payments.

Before the advanced technology came, there were reported many credit card frauds. But in recent years, microchips in built credit cards are developed which give you safety. Recently, affinity cards are also developed which are linked with specific group or companies.

Usually,when your earning increases you are more able to return debt of your credit card which ultimately lead you to increase use of the credit card.

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Total Visa Card

By Daniel Moskel

The Total Visa was designed for individuals with a low credit score. It is an unsecured card.

It will report to the major credit bureaus. You can start to build a positive payment history by making on time monthly payments.

This is a large part of your score. Additionally another big piece is your utilization ratio.

This compares the amount of debt you have versus unused credit. It is how the bureaus determine if you can afford a new credit line.

It is estimated that these two factors alone determine 80% of your score. It can help if you can show available credit.

However it is still a priority to remove any negative marks from your report. This will help to show a positive payment history.

Your card will have an initial $250 limit and a 19.92% APR. It is issued by Plains Commerce Bank and has an annual fee of $48.

There is a 19.92% APR for a cash advance, should you have a financial emergency. Also you will be eligible for a limit increase four times a year.

Recently good credit cards have been raising their interest rates even with customers that are paying on time. These rates have been jumping as high as 28%, without cause.

Law makers have responded however these new laws do not go into effect until 2010. We have also seen the lending institutions tighten their requirements for approval.

Your card will have fraud protection and free online account access. Your card is accepted everywhere Visa is.

With responsible use a new credit line can help a damaged score. However with irresponsible use it can damage your score even more.

You should really look at your current expenses and income and decide if you really should take on a new line of credit.

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TrustedID Gives Affordable Identity Theft Prevention Protection

By Harvey Warmuth

Because of the rapid growing crime of identity theft, several companies have been created to help you fight back. By essentially locking down your credit bureau report, these identity theft protection companies cause financial institutions to contact you before opening up new accounts in your name. They also monitor many sources to make sure your personal data is not being traded amongst thieves.

TrustedID is the leader in identity theft protection, so if your identity needs protecting, they are the company to choose. For just $10 per month, TrustedID gives you the best personal identity protection available today.

When you use TrustedID, you get fraud alerts posted on all of the major credit reporting agencies, which means you are notified before any new financial accounts can be opened using your personal information. This means you are the only one who has the authority to open up new credit in your name.

TrustedID will also supply you with annual credit bureau reports from all three credit bureaus, which allows you to see if any inaccurate information is showing up on your credit. When you make sure your credit reports are accurate, you are helping to ensure you credit remains good.

TrustedID is truly a full service identity theft protection service with their constant monitoring of the Internet and black market to make sure thieves are not selling your information. If anything is detected, you will be quickly notified, allowing you to know what is going on with your personal information.

With customer service available around the clock, and with a service plan to help you fight identity theft for everyone in your household costing under $16 monthly, TrustedID is one of the best choices for identity theft protection. With a risk-free 30-day trial, you have enough time to see if TrustedID is the best solution for your situation.

TrustedID is not the only service that protects your identity, but they are one of the best. When looking at other solutions, pay attention to the number of features offered, as most competitors cannot match TrustedID's level of service.

You need to make sure your identity is protected by using an identity theft prevention solution. For a nominal monthly fee, you will have great piece of mind in knowing your identity is protected. Don't become identity theft's next victim - protect your identity today!

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