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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Unlocked Cell Phones the Best

By Barney Rupple

One of the biggest technology pieces these days seem to be the cell phone. There are so many different brands and the unlocked cell phones are not only very popular but they are popping up everywhere! Now, you may be wondering exactly what an unlocked cell phone is, well, you can basically use an unlocked phone on any network or you can use it as a prepaid or pay as you go phone, which many people love.

It is pretty obvious that cell phones are not going anywhere and there are always going to be cell phone companies. Let's say that you have one of the coolest, technology-advanced phones on the market, but unfortunately, you can not use it on your current provider, instead of switching, get your phone unlocked!

You may not understand why this whole prospect is so unfair. However, just imagine that your current network would not let you leave them and take your phone with you. What if you had to get an entirely new phone? You lose everything on yours. Your ring tones will be gone, along with phone numbers, address, contact information, videos, and pictures. How is that fair?

A lot of networks do not care about fairness. They want you to keep them as a service provider, whether you want to or not. They want you to think you will have to give up your phone if you want to get out of your contract or if you make the decision not to renew it. This does not always have to be the reality though. You do not have to use your phone on any given network, just because they say you do.

Now-a-day, there are a few ways around the network problem and that is simply unlocking your phone! You can either download some phone unlocking software or there are many different companies that can now unlock your phone.

It is not really fair, after all, for anyone to determine which network you use. In point of fact, it is all done for money. Servicing provider networks get very lucrative deals when they make plans with cell phone manufacturers. They make a lot of money that way. Plus, they ensure that people who want to use a certain cell phone, that they are forced to use that network.

There are tons of different ways that you can use your unlocked phone, whether you choose to sign up with a new service provider, use the one that you were on before or if you want to use your cell phone as a prepaid phone you can! You just want to make sure that you find the plan that fits you.

While unlocked cell phones are certainly extremely popular, there are many, many people who simply have no idea that they can get their phones unlocked and that makes them a victim of having to stay with the same cell phone company just because they like their phones. No one should have to do that, after all, we should be able to choose our cell phone provider and that is exactly what unlocking phones does for us!

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