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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chicago Condos

By J. Kim

It has been a dismal 2008 for Chicago condos, but it doesn't look like it is going to get any better, especially for South Loop, once a hot sizzling market during the building frenzy of 2005 and 2006. What made this neighborhood so hot during the building boom is its proximity to the lake and the museum campus for all the cultural attractions.

In 2009 developers will bring over 2,000 new units to South Loop which is 66 percent above 2008. Even with many incentives and lower prices, the pure number of units will be hard to digest in this down market. Definitely you will find some bargains with many developers having over supply of inventories.

Chicago condos will see price pressure in 2009 with many seller's unloading available condos at well below the pre-construction price. This is going to be a buyer's market which Chicago hasn't seen in long time.

If you are a long term investor, you should take a look at Chicago condos. With the possibilities of Summer Olympics coming to Chicago, these prime real estate just south of downtown loop might be a gem for investors who want to take some risk in the short term. The games will be held in close vicinity to homes along the lake front.

If your a new first time home buyer, this might just be the right time. With the federal government offering $7,500 tax credit for the first time home buyers you will save money. Also with the interest rate low as 5 percent for 15 year fixed mortgage, the conditions can never be better.

One thing for sure, this down market in housing will rebound. If your sitting on the sidelines looking for right time, this might be it.

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Can I Preserve My Credit In The Event Of This Debt Consolidation

By Frank Froggatt

Are you living in debt and getting behind on bills and need to find out what you can do to reconstruct your credit rating wellness and settle on your feet?

If this is the what's happening, you are not alone, and there is help for you available. You can get a debt consolidation anytime, you just discover a debt consolidation party with a positive track record and supply them with the required info. Ordinarily, any accessible accounts you have will be closed down by your lenders so you can't use them anymore, but at this spot, you've been unable to pay them anyhow.

Many people worry that a debt consolidation will make their credit worse, and it could possibly. Regrettably, it depends. In a regular debt consolidation plan, there are ways to verify that your credit doesn't suffer. Set About by closing up the accounts that you will be consolidating. Closing these yourself saves you from having your creditors do it. When they do it, your credit report displays that there were troubles and they had to cut down or remove your credit favors.

Entering a credit consolidation plan before you get behind will ascertain all your bills gets paid off more easily and at lower interest rates. Also, the phrase "Paid As Agreed" won't appear up on your credit account. This comment on your report suggests to your potential creditors that you are a huge credit gamble who doesn't pay off all of their debts in total.

If you own or are buying your own dwelling, a home equity loan for debt consolidation shows fewer problems with your creditors. Even So you still ought to cancel all those accounts yourself anyway while assuring the amount on your loan to pay them all off in their entirety. Again, this keeps an "As Agreed" annotation off of your credit rating record.In addition, since your home is the collateral for the loan, you'll have your bills payed off in full and the loan gets payed off at a lighter rate of interest, potentially saving you thousands of dollars over the long run.

Irrespective which way you pick out to go about performing a debt consolidation as long as you choose a respectable company you will sustain a lot of help in mending your credit so that you will still be capable of getting financing when required. Merely remember to ask, if they don't offer the tips, that way you don't miss out.

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Financial Advisors Learn From the Experts

By Michael Geoffrey

Retirement planning seminars for financial consultants are structured to help consultants stay abreast of what is current in the financial world. If you are interested becoming a financial consultant, attending one of these seminars will teach you a lot about how give good financial advice and direction. If you are currently a financial advisor you may be able to increase your knowledge and sharpen your skills.

The financial world is ever changing and it is important to stay in step with current happenings in order to be the most help to your customers. Also there are always new and innovative tools and programs that financial consultants can utilize in their practice. Retirement planning seminars for financial consultants will keep you right in step with what is new in the world of financial planning.

These seminars are advertised in many different ways, through television or radio commercials, ads in the local paper or financial magazines, or online. You may hear about a seminar by word of mouth, through colleagues or through your employer. When you hear that a seminar is available make the effort to take part so that you can benefit from the valuable information that will be shared.

Remaining Current

The experts conducting these seminars will be able to share their expertise with you and you can later put it into practice and better help your customers. Also, the experts know what are the latest and best tools are and they can pass that information along to you.

Youll hear about how to put away a portion of the persons paycheck, about safe investing so that the money can compound and grow, and youll learn about the latest computer software to help you stay as current as possible. With each seminar, youll learn a little something different and that can give you just the edge you need over your competitors.

You want to stay one step ahead of other consultants in your field. To do this you must constantly educate yourself on new software and innovative methods. This way you will be able to offer your clients something that the other consultants cannot. That makes you competitive and for your business to succeed you need to stay competitive. Seminars give you the knowledge that in turn gives you the upper hand that you want and need.

The latest seminars will have the latest information and that is what your customers want so that is what you need to have. Continuing to educate yourself in your field and staying on the cutting edge of whats new will help you be the best financial advisor that you can and will really benefit your customers. They will see this and will never turn to anyone else.

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Why a Fixed-rate Mortgage May Be Better for First-Time Homebuyer

By Amy Nutt

It's not uncommon for someone to look for the lowest price on any purchase that they are planning on making - this goes double for a major purchase and definitely applies to Canadian mortgage rates. People look for the lowest monthly payment they can get on a car, on an apartment and on a house - often the lowest monthly rate, at least at the start of the loan, will be with an adjustable rate mortgage so a lot of folks jump on this in favor of paying a lower out of pocket than they would be paying on a fixed rate loan. This can work very well in some situations, but with the current state of the economy in Canada - this may not be the best option for a first time home buyer.

When Adjustables can be good

If you are only planning on staying in your new home for a very short period of time and the current trend with adjustable rate mortgages is substantially lower than that of the lowest fixed rate mortgage that you can qualify for then the adjustable rate mortgage could work out well for your situation - or if you're exceedingly confident that nothing will make the rates rise during the duration of your stay at the home it could also be the better option - but this is practically impossible to predict.

Some people don't mind the unpredictability that goes along with an adjustable rate mortgage, they don't get flustered with every little fluctuation of the market and can handle the up and down trends with confidence that their rate will rebound. Owning a home can be a stressful situation, especially if it's your first home - if you don't think you can handle the uncertainty of your monthly payment, which could constantly be going up and down, along with all of the other common stresses that go along with home ownership - an adjustable rate mortgage may not be the best for you.

The Pros of a Fixed Rate Loan

With a fixed rate mortgage, you know exactly what you are in for - there will be no secrets or surprises when your statement comes, you bill will remain the same each month. For a first time homeowner this can relieve a lot of the stress associated with the added responsibility of paying for a home. Before you sign your name to the dotted line you can sit down with all of the facts and figures and develop a budget that you are confident that you'll have no trouble paying. With an adjustable rate mortgage, this stability and confidence is impossible to have - sure your rate could go down, but if it goes up will you be able to still pay it? With a fixed rate mortgage this is a question that you won't have to worry about answering.

Some people will say that being bound to an interest rate for the life of your loan can be a bad thing. The truth of the matter is, that rates often do fluctuate - they go up and down, but having a fixed rate loan isn't like a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole - if rates go down and stay down, you can consult your mortgage company about refinancing your loan to bring your current interest rate down. You may even be able to restructure your loan to pay less each month, while taking some equity out for necessary repairs or improvements at the same time. Locking yourself into a low rate should feel like a safety net, if you start seeing the rates drop after you've had your loan for a while - by all means, refinance and save yourself the money, but if the rates start to climb as the often do, you can rest easy that you are locked in at a good rate.

Your home should feel stable and secure, and with the current state of the economy in Canada things are very unpredictable. The best bet for a first time homebuyer is to compare mortgage rates for the lowest rate the can find and to lock it in for the duration of the loan - that way you'll be safe from any disasters that may occur in the near or distant future and free to make changes at a later date should they become necessary.

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What Can I Do To Avoid Bankruptcy

By Emma Elvie

Chances are if you are reading this article then you are looking for ways to learn how to avoid bankruptcy. It seems that more and more people are considering this option as a way to "get out of jail" and avoid paying all their debt.

While this may seem as the easiest option for people to get out of their financial difficulties; the truth is that you should be finding ways to learn how to avoid bankruptcy. You should also know that if you do have to file; then it is going to damage your credit for at least 7 years.

So if you want to learn how to avoid bankruptcy; we wanted to give you some tips that you can begin taking so that you and your loved ones will never have to experience this problem.

1. Control Your Spending: We as a society are so accustomed to living beyond our means. This is one of the main reasons that our economy is in the state that it is in. People are so used to purchasing what they want and when they want; even if they do not have the income to get it.

If your total monthly bill accounts for more than 50% of your monthly income; then you could be finding it difficult to make ends meet.

2. Pay Cash: The truth is that if you really want something and you do not have the cash to pay for it; then you should do without. There is never a reason to charge something to a credit card and then have the mentality that you will pay for it later.

Always remember one important thing about credit cards if you do have to use them; make sure that you are able to pay the balance in full when the bill becomes due. You never want to carry a balance on your credit card; this is how the companies make their money.

3. Increase Your Income: We all should be looking for ways to increase our net worth. People who depend totally on a job to pay them their money are putting their financial life in the hands of complete strangers.

Just because you find a way to make extra money every month; does not mean that you should go out accrue more monthly bills. If you are smart then you will realize that this is the perfect opportunity to begin saving it in case you ever get laid off from your day job.

Of course these are just the beginning steps to learn how to avoid bankruptcy. The main thing that you should be concerned with is how to prevent yourself from facing this financial crisis in the first place. If you require more information and tips on how to avoid bankruptcy or if you are in the middle of this problem; then visit our site below and discover how to get back on your feet.

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5 Ways to Lower Electricity Bill

By Daniel Shermann

Times now are hard and they are just going to get harder. Unless one does something about it, money problems will continue to grow. One way to cut down on monthly costs is to lower electricity bill by cutting down on your family?s usage. Aside from saving you money, it could also save the environment.

Monthly electric bills are not impossible to lower if you know how to do it. Thus, you can lower electricity bill successfully. You may not appreciate the help right away, but in the long run the savings you will get will mount to huge amounts.

Follow these simple tips:

1. Windows - Use window films instead of blinds or curtains. Summer time is getting hotter and hotter. More people now are using their air conditioner in the most uncomfortable heat and that is usually around noon time. They usually close their curtains or blinds because the heat from the sunlight coming in only makes the heat worse.

The problem with closing your blind during the daytime is the waste of sunlight. You end up turning on lights inside the house and that means using more energy. A perfect solution is to use window film. It allows the light from the sun to come in the house but stops the heat from going in with it. So you end up with a bright cold room.

2. Blankets - Turn off that heater and pile on the blankets. This is a simple and efficient way to give your heater a rest. During cold nights, you can just use more than the normal number of blankets that you use. An extra blanket on your bed is exactly what you need to push back the thermostat a couple of degrees back. This small act can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

3. Unplug - Unplugging unnecessary appliances and electronics. Plugged appliances that are not used will still eat up energy. There are a number of appliances that are left plugged all around the house even though no one is using them. Unplugging these small appliances or electronics will lower your energy usage. Although it might be annoying to keep setting the time on the VCR or DVD player, it is worth the trouble. So unplug to save money, especially if the plugs are not hard to reach.

4. Refrigerator - Clean your refrigerator?s coils. The refrigerator is an important appliance in your home. It is also to blame for a huge portion of your electric bill. So if you take care of your refrigerator, you can control your energy usage. When your refrigerator has dirty condenser coils, it has to work harder to keep your food cool. Perform maintenance checks on your refrigerator every 3 months for optimum performance.

5. Motion Sensors - Use motion detectors to lower electricity bill. Forgetting to shut off lights is one of the problems many families face. These forgotten lights can add a lot to the electric bill. You can put them in rooms like the bathroom or garage where people usually forget to turn off the lights when they leave. This can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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Free Credit Repair Service - It Does Exist And Where?

By William Blake

When it comes to finding free things in life, most people will tell you not to even bother holding your breath because nothing comes for free. Too often that holds true even though that is a sad thing to realize. There are cases though that is different then the rest and it is possible to find yourself a free credit repair service. For people who meet certain income requirements, there may be non-profit organizations that are willing to help at no cost to the customer. These free credit repair services are hard to come by though so it is probably going to take a lot of looking around on your part to make it happen.

One way to find a free credit repair service is to contact someone just starting their credit repair business. They will need the experience and may be willing to provide the service free of charge. This will help them get their business off the ground and help their new client as well.

While your changes of finding someone like this may be slim, it is certainly something that can happen and something that you should always keep an eye out for. You can always ask around to see if anyone would be willing to help you in order to gain experience.

Other Ways To Find Help

If you have a business or service that you can provide maybe you can barter for the services of a credit repair company. Put an ad in the newspaper or advertise on line to see if anyone would be willing to provide credit repair service in exchange for your services.

There may be someone out there that can offer you free credit repair services as a trade for you teaching them how to sew or play guitar. When you open your imagination then there is no telling what can happen and how quickly your can find yourself the help that you are in need of.

A great place to start is with close friends and relatives. If someone in your family has previously or is currently working for a company that offers the service of credit repair they may have learned a few things on the job that will enable them to be of help to you. Ask them if they would be willing to give it a try. You may be able to really benefit from their experience and knowledge.

If there is no one who has a job related to credit repair maybe there is someone who has needed such a service in the past. Through their personal experience they may have acquired sufficient knowledge to be able to work with you to repair your credit. They can teach you what they know and down the road you may have the opportunity to do the same for another person who finds himself in a similar situation.

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What is the importance of a Certified Financial Planner?

By Samantha Asher

A CFP is a Certified Financial Planner. Like a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you have to have a certain amount of education, a certain amount of experience, and you have to take an exam. You also have to pass an ethics test. Ethics is very important, especially when it comes to money and business. A financial planner, or financial adviser, is someone who helps ordinary people plan their finances, plan for retirement, and make investments.

If you have an extensive knowledge of finances, you love to plan and budget your finances, and you often find yourself giving financial advice to friends and family, you might be considering doing it as a career. Financial advising can be a very lucrative business on top of helping others achieve their financial dreams when they don't have the same knowledge and expertise. Financial advising is a great career to get into.

Before you jump into anything though, you need to understand that it will take a bit of work. You don't have to be certified to be a financial planner or adviser, but it will make getting a job and getting clients much easier and you will make more money. You need to have an education. Without one, very few people will trust you and it will be very difficult to develop a good reputation. A bachelor's degree in Accounting or Finance, or a double major in both, is a great starting point.

In order to become certified, you need to have a significant education. If you are already a CPA, you are set to go. Otherwise, you will need to look up the standards, and quite possible go on to an MBA. Experience is key as well. Get a job in the financial field, working with a financial adviser if you can. Study hard and take the necessary exams.

When you have finished your education, experience, ethics, and exam requirements, and are certified, you can begin your career. As a financial adviser, you can work in a firm or work alone with your own business.

People skills are important in financial planning and advising. Without them you will not be able to hold on to clients. If you are week in this area, look into strengthening them. Try public speaking classes or getting a job that works with people.

Begin looking for clients as soon as you are set up with your job or practice. Ask people you know if you they need advising or look into the ties you already have. Networking is a key part of building clients.

Hopefully with all the work you will have put into your certification you will be off to a solid career. If you think this is something you could do, take it further.

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