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Saturday, January 10, 2009

One Great Home Budget Planning Strategy For The Family

By Jenni Snook

No matter the financial or economic situation, your family will need a home budget planning strategy. Having a well thought-out plan to coordinate your income, liabilities and resources is absolutely essential if you wish to save for both yourself and your children's future.

Whether you make thousands of dollars a year, or are living below the poverty level, you need a family financial plan. By allowing yourself to set up a family financial plan, you'll be able to be goal orientated and see your progress.

To start with go over every bit of financial income you've had over the last three or six months. Once you understand how much money you have coming in, you can begin to compile a list of your expenses.

Once you have worked out a list of the expenses incurred by the family, it's time to get out all the receipts. The reason why you should do this is so that you can plan for those things that you forgot to buy during those three to six months. One can easily forget expenses such as club memberships or other fees which are yearly or quarterly in nature. You then need to add these to the expenses account, so that the money is budgeted.

Once you know how much money comes in and goes out, then you can start making goals and budgeting. If you're not making your bills on a regular basis, you can take a look at those receipts and figure out where the money's going. You'll then be able to cut out those items you don't need, and begin to pay off bills. You'll be surprised to find out how little expenses on a daily basis really add up to something big, hence you will see the potential savings that could be made.

In order to fully understand your budget, make sure that you have categories so you understand exactly where your money is going. One of your categories could be called house expenses and would include the utilities bills. In order to make your expenses more specific, you can add subcategories under each category. Budgeting is an easy exercise once you know exactly your income and expenses.

It's much easier to see how your family financial plan is moving along when you have a budget set up and ready to go. Pretty soon, you might be saving up for retirement without even knowing about it. It's vital to have a home budget planning strategy if you really desire to secure your family's financial future.

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Things To Consider Before Taking Out Online Loans

By Trinity Tomlinson

If you could use some funds quickly, you're not alone. Thousands of people every week apply for online loans. They can be hassle-free, or they can be the biggest hassle you've ever faced. Make sure you know what you're getting yourself into.

Online loans are loans that are applied for and given online. You will usually fill out an application on a website and the lender will take a look to find out of you are eligible for a loan. You normally have to be at least 18 years old to qualify for a loan.

You will basically fill out an application online, and will then wait for a few hours while the bank or lender determines your eligibility. Once they give you the thumbs up, they will notify you by email. If approved, you will receive your funds by direct deposit or bank wire within about one day.

Before you fill out an application online, make sure that your lender is legit. If a lender is asking you irregular questions, they are probably trying to do something shady. We'll give you in the next few paragraphs what each lender should be asking you for.

For almost any online loan, you will have to provide your social security number, or at least your driver's license number. This is normal and isn't any kind of red flag. This is sensitive information but the lender will need it to run your credit and verify your identity.

You always want to protect personal information sent out over the web as identity theft is increasingly occurring these days. It is still possible to make online transactions safely and securely. Companies should state on their website that they are a secure website. But just because they claim this, doesnt mean it is entirely true. They should also disclose the type of security or encryption they use.

The lender is providing you with a service and should take every measure to make sure the information you provide them with is safe. As long as the company has taken proper measures, it is more than safe to apply for a loan online and you should have the money you need quick and easy.

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Military Retirement Calculators Help Plan For The Future

By Michael Geoffrey

Military retirement calculators are a special tool designed to help people in the military plan for their retirement. A normal military career is only 20 years which is much shorter than the average civilian career which starts in your mid twenties and doesn't end until your early sixties. Therefore, a person retiring from the military has a comparatively shorter amount of time to prepare for retirement. For these special retirement needs there is a special military retirement calculator.

Of course planning for your retirement from the military should start while you are still actively in the military. Your banking institution will be able to help you in finding a military retirement calculator that can help you start planning. Most people in the military are members of a credit union and that is always a great source of information.

The institutions that specialize in service to people in the military are usually keenly aware of the special circumstances of their clients. When military people start to plan for retirement, a military retirement calculator should make some important calculations that will make for the most perfect plans.

The Information You Can Expect

One of the unique circumstances of the military is that they do not stay in one place very long. While other people may continue to live wherever they have worked for years after they retire, a person in the military will have to think about where to live since he has probably lived in several places while he was working. The matter of where to live is going to have great impact on retirement planning.

Many benefits that a person receives while in active duty in the military continue after their retirement. They retain their military identification for shopping, medical care and other benefits. If a person wants to take full advantage of those benefits he would need to continue to live near a military base so that these benefits are close to home and available to him and his family.

The calculator does not do all the work. There are certain factors that only you know about and you have to input those into the calculator to get an accurate picture of your retirement. If you put in inaccurate or incomplete information you will receive inaccurate or incomplete results.

You have to tell the calculator what type of lifestyle you would like to enjoy once you retire. If you only give the calculator a location but don't input what type of house, car, etc. you would like to have in that location the calculator will be unable to tell you the information you need to be sure you save enough money for your retirement.

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The Most Common Types of Guaranteed Loans

By Trinity Townsend

When you hear the term guaranteed loan, most likely you think of a loan that is guaranteed to be issued. Or maybe you think of a loan that is guaranteed to be paid in full. Depending on your perspective, a guaranteed loan can mean different things. In truth, there are several types of guaranteed loans, some more common than others.

Guaranteed personal loans are a very common kind of guaranteed loan. They are issued to almost everyone who applies for once, hence the name guaranteed. They generally have really high interest rates since most of the people who borrow are considered high risk. This type of loan works well for people who do have bad credit and are unable to get other types of loans because your credit history doesn't factor in to whether or not you are granted the loan. Once you apply for the loan, you usually qualify and have the money in your hands within one day. They are one of the fastest and easiest ways to get borrow money.

Another kind of guaranteed loan is a government guaranteed loan. There are a couple types of loans that fall under the category of a government guaranteed loan. The government guarantee simply means that the government backs the loan. This takes away the risk to the lender since the government is shouldering the responsibility for any default on the loan.

One very common government guaranteed loan is a student loan. There are several different student loans including Stafford and Perkins loans that the government backs. Since the government is backing the loan, lenders are usually not as concerned with the borrower's credit history. Students can usually receive pretty good interest rates with their student loan as well thanks to the government guarantee.

For most lenders, it is just considered too risky to lend money to someone for a new business. Especially in today's economy, there are just too big of a chance that the business will fail leaving the borrower unable to pay back the lender. Lenders wouldn't be willing to take the risk without the government backing the loan. With the government business loan, there are more opportunities for people with a dream to make the dream a reality and become a business owner.

So whether you want to start your own business or are looking to be able to get some extra cash quick, guaranteed loans are a very helpful, common way to meet your financial needs.

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Take Over Payments, No Qualifying For Loans To Buy Properties

By Tomasheus Privetsky

One of the most powerful weapons of real estate investment is taking over payments of existing financing to purchase homes.

Wondering if there are enough good loans out there for you to take over payments on? An estimated trillion dollars was recently put into mortgages solely out of refinancing existing real estate loans. These debts carried a fixed rate of interest that is as low as 6 to 8 %.

This indicates that there remains about a trillion dollars worth of real estate investment that is booked under homes owned by people around you. It would be of great profit if you were able to take over payments of these unpaid real estate loans from someone elses name to your own. You can do this by buying the real estate properties having such low interest rate mortgages attached to them.

There are quite a few things that you need to consider when it comes to taking over payments of already existing low interest rate real estate loans versus getting a brand new loan on investment houses. Lenders of these real estate loans are much rougher with real estate investors in comparison to homeowners. The most basic evidence proving this higher interest rate payment for the former compared to the latter.

If you can take over existing payments you'll be paying a lower interest rate than other investors who get traditional investor loans. This is great for your rental cash flow because it means your expenses related to loan payments are going to be lower. If you later decide to resell the property with owner financing and keep the existing loan in place, you'll get a better spread on the interest and payments you pay versus ones you collect from your purchaser. This will again increase your monthly cash flow.

Taking over payments ensures that you have to pay less interest than what you would have been required to shell out in other circumstances. The lower rate of interest on the original loan ensures that.

But that's just the beginning. If you're getting an investment property loan you'll be required to come up with a lot larger down payment amount than a home owner has to. You'll need to have at least 20% down while home owners often get away with as little as 3%-5% out of pocket.

As an investor you have to show around six months payments in advance unlike homeowners who show just 2 months payments in cash. Once you take over a property, you wont be required to put down a 20% down payment, and as an investor you can use that amount of money for other purposes.

There are many more pros of taking over payments. You shall be benefiting from the amount that has already been repaid by the previous owner! They might have paid the loan for two, three, or even five years- and that means you have to pay only a fraction of the loan. You could both pay off the remaining loan and build up equity in a few years time.

Last but not least, when you take over payments on someone else's loan, you completely avoid tedious mortgage loan qualifying process. The owner of the house has done all the paperwork and has furnished the necessary proof of his creditworthiness to the lender at the time when the loan was originally obtained. You're simply stepping in to benefit from the results of lengthy loan qualification process the owner had to endure.

This method of taking over payments is one of the most profitable means of sponsoring your real estate investment.

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Credit Inquiries: How They Affect Your Credit History

By William Blake

Before you qualify for a loan or a credit line from any source, the lender will be sure to check your credit history. When you receive "pre-approved" credit card offers in the mail, you can be sure that the company offering you the card has checked your credit first. If credit check s or inquiries are run too often on you, however, it can damage your credit history and limit your ability to borrow money or be charged a low interest rate.

Credit checks and inquires are done in two different ways, and only one of them actually affects your credit history. When you apply for mortgages, loans, or lines of credit and a credit check or inquiry is run because of your having applied, it will appear on your credit history.

Your credit score will get lower each time you apply for credit. Since credit inquiries can affect your credit score negatively, you should try to keep the number of credit applications you fill out to a minimum.

Of course, it is always wise to look at various offers to find the best loan possible. When many mortgage or car loan related credit checks are run within thirty days of each other they are counted as one single inquiry instead of several separate ones. Consumers who are wise enough to shop around for a good loan are no longer punished on their credit history.

Credit inquiries and checks are also run on you by companies that have a permissible purpose as defined by the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. That means that, even though you are not aware of it, certain businesses have the legal right to check your credit.

Companies that have the legal authorization to run a credit check on you include retail stores and credit card companies. They want you to open credit lines with them, so they do credit inquiries in order to offer you preapproved cards. Even though these credit checks do not affect your credit history, they do appear so that you can find out who has been inquiring about your credit.

Another credit check that does not do any damage to your credit history is a check done by a prospective employer before they choose to hire you.

All credit checks done by businesses are reported so that you can be aware of them. Only the credit checks that you authorize by applying for credit lines and loans are able to damage your credit history.

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Wired Plastic Visa - Review

By Dan Moskel

Wired Plastic Card is a prepaid Visa debit card. You must deposit money on your card and then you can use your card to make purchases or access cash through the ATM.

Your card is accepted both online and over the phone. It is also accepted everywhere you see the visa logo.

It is free to sign up for account alerts via e-mail and text messaging. It can also make hotel reservations or rent a car.

A very unique benefit of this card is they have a rewards program. You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent using your card.

These points can be redeemed at participating retailers which includes; Verizon Wireless, Cingular, T-Mobile and more. You can use your points to pay your phone bill; purchase music downloads or ring tones.

It is issued by Bankfirst and offers free direct deposit. You will be expected to pay a $3.95 monthly fee, which is very low compared to other cards that charge $9.95 - $19.95 a month.

Your card can also be used to write physical paper checks to pay your bills. This will eliminate your need to purchase money orders. You can also deposit money on your card through 100,000 retail locations and use pay pal or a bank account transfer.

You are guaranteed to be approved for this card. There is no chexsystems verification or credit check. It will come with a 30 day money back guarantee which can be used for any reason.

This card is very similar to a check card and checking account. If you are in chexsystems then it can save you money on check cashing fees and buying expensive money orders.

To qualify you must be a US resident. You must identify yourself in compliance with the Patriot Act and be at least 18 years of age.

In sum we do suggest the Wired Plastic card. It works just like a bank account.

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Retirement Life - Plan Ahead For Greater Satisfaction

By Michael Geoffrey

Retirement changes your life dramatically. Some who have reached retirement age realize that though they were financially prepared to care for themselves throughout their retirement they were not mentally and emotionally prepared for this major change in their daily life. It is important to plan not only your finances but also your life.

When you are accustomed to going to work every day you may find it difficult to fill your time with home repairs, housework or yard work. Your "to do" list will just keep getting shorter and shorter.

While this may seem like a ludicrous idea since they spent their entire lives working so they can retire, finding a way to occupy the time by passing on experience to others can be a helpful part of retirement life planning. For those that have yet to hang up their spurs, it may be time to consider what can be done in the after-work life. In order to appropriately participate in retirement life planning, there are a few points that will have to be examined.

Everyone lives by certain principals that govern his or her life and decisions. Each individual over the course of his life has set these established these principals and lives by them. When planning your life during your retirement years the principals that govern your life will help you determine what things will take precedence in your retirement.

Dusting Off Those Old Dreams

Most of us have many dreams of things we would like to accomplish in life. Most of us have also had to put some of our dreams on hold as we cared for our families and our financial responsibilities. Work has a way of eating our time and getting in the way of our dreams. But retirement is a time to dust off those old dreams and begin to work to accomplish the things we always wanted to do but never had time for.

One way to feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment is to help others with the knowledge and experience you have acquired over the years. There are those just entering the workforce and they could truly benefit from the experience that those of retirement age have to share.

Many volunteer positions are also available to help others and for many, retirement life planning involves helping in the medical field. Whatever the experience it can be useful to others and can help keep a retiree's life active and meaningful.

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Frugal Spending Ideas

By William Blake

In order to live a thrifty life, you need to know more than just that you need to save money. It is also essential that you spend your money wisely. Consider the following ideas about what a frugal person can do with the money that they have worked hard to save.

Start out by making a list of the things that you need, want, and desire related to your money. Number the things you list in order of how important they are to you and try to estimate how much they would cost. Once you have your thoughts mapped out, you can go about making them a reality.

You could pay extra on your mortgage each month or make one extra payment each year. This could help you pay off your mortgage in half the time it would normally take. This will save you money on interest, and the payment will be free money for you to use on your other dreams or to help rebuild your savings. Be sure that your bank applies your extra payment to the principal of the loan.

Money you have been saving can be spent on home repairs and projects that you have long wanted to do. Some such projects might be simple, do-it-yourself jobs while others will require that you hire a professional. Money spent on making your home more beautiful will certainly be well spent.

Buy a newer pre-owned car. Even if your current vehicle is in good condition, you can get a newer pre-owned one. Your old car can be donated to a church, charity, or friend. Remember, though, that a newer car will be charged more in insurance payments.

Go on a dream vacation. If you plan your trip during the off season, you will be able to do more with less money and thus enjoy your vacation even more than you normally would.

Even though been frugal does mean saving money in case of unexpected costs, it also important to enjoy the benefits that come from working hard to save your money. Thrifty people should also save some money with the intention of using it to enjoy themselves in some special way.

Your success as a frugal person needs to be honored. Using your savings (that are set aside just for such a purpose) is a great way to keep your motivation for the frugal life up at its highest.

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Be careful with Individual Bankruptcy

By Sim Peters

If you are in a spot where you have debt collector on one side and no way to repay the debts on the other, it is easy to feel as though you are between a rock and a hard place! Especially in today's economy, where people are going to be laid off. To some people, Bankruptcy is an option that is examined. When you are considering filing for individual bankruptcy and wants to get a fresh start, you have to find that there are a lot of things that you want to look at.

First issue that you want to know when you are looking at filing for Individual Bankruptcy is that the U.S. Bankruptcy Code had been reviewed and revised in October of 2005. These revisions made it hard to file for bankruptcy, and there is a lot to be said for making sure that you have a professional on your side! If you are still keen to file for bankruptcy, and you need to ensure that you are in a position to get the desired outcome from it, make sure that you go to a reliable local bankruptcy lawyer who will give you a professional tips of how to proceed and how to ensure that you are going to receive the outcome that you need.

These are important Bankruptcy Assistance that you need right now.

When you are getting ready to arrange for individual bankruptcy, remember that you should halt and ponder about organization. Almost every piece of document that has to do with money on it will need to be presented, ranging from bills to receipts to copies of loans. Putting these together and organizing them will allow you and your lawyer a much better appreciation of the status and what may be the recommended way to move on.

When you are in a spot where you want to go forward and when you want to ensure that you are going to be getting the right kind of outcome that you need with your financial status.

This is a huge measure to make, and when you are looking at sorting out what has to happen, remember that the more details you have on the procedure, the better off you are going to be!

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