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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Getting To Know Your Available Debt Help Methods

By Chris Channing

It is easy to find yourself in debt up to your neck when you don't take appropriate measures to keep yourself debt free. Never neglect your debt, especially if it is big and has high interest rates because it can easily double, then triple, etc. Your debt problems may even get worse with the uncertainty of our economic futures. Finding methods to help your debt will certainly improve your mood if not your life.

Create a list of all of the debts you owe to family, friends, towards car and home payments, even that fancy furniture you use only once in a while as the family pet uses it most of the other time. Getting a complete list of everything you owe will help you to understand the depth of your debt.

With your list in hand, calculate how much you owe exactly. Find out the interest you are paying, as well as how long it will take to pay those things off. Don't be surprised if it is a shocking number; because it is likely to be a bit scary to you at first.

The first debt help method you should check out is negotiating with your credit card companies. If you owe say, $2000 to one company including interest, they can be talked into giving you lower interest rates or lowering the amount you owe all together. This is often considered a negotiation or a settlement, an easy to achieve debt help method.

If you have difficulties with this method for any reasons, looking into getting a debt consolidation loan or service is the next recommended method. Looking into what is available to you is your first step. If you have to go deeper into debt by consolidating your debt, then you should seek help elsewhere, otherwise you need to make sure you have the resources available to repay the consolidation loan.

There are many methods to relieving your debt that can easily be set into motion. Searching for more information online or asking for help from others is not something you should be ashamed about. Just get yourself debt free to take advantage of living your life to the fullest.

Closing Comments

Finding methods for debt help is easy, and it can take awhile to find what will work for you as well as finding companies that are genuinely willing to help you with your debt problems.

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Making The Most Out Of Your Auto Loans And Auto Insurance

By Chris Channing

Choosing a car is a difficult process. It could take a lot of time to figure out the vehicle that you want to drive, and then finding insurance for that is even harder. Many people cannot afford a brand new vehicle, so they rely on an auto loan versus paying in cash or with a check. Surprisingly, a car loan can actually save you tons of money on your car insurance in some very surprising ways!

Car loans are great for those who don't have serious cash to fork over at the drop of a hat. They make it easy for anyone to get a vehicle, which in return makes us all happier. Being able to buy a more efficient car is a great thing that is available and should be available, to everyone.

Auto loans are also low interest, especially if you are someone that has good credit. Having a good credit score goes a long way, making it easier for you to get many things you would not otherwise have access to. There are also a lot of choices available to the average consumer within the auto loan market. Low interest, monthly payments, bi monthly payments, and so on. These options that are available make it easy for you to choose what is going to be suitable for your lifestyle and budget. You even get to choose where you get your auto loan from.

After the basic choices are settled; such as where you want to get your loan from and where you want to purchase a car, you can start calling insurance companies. Thousands upon thousands of people do not do this very simple thing. Calling insurance companies to get quotes on your future vehicle is a great way to save tons of money in the long run, plus figure out what your budget can accommodate for. Every company has a different offer, so make the most of it and call all of them!

Auto loans vary from company to company, but many are now requiring you to have full coverage on a vehicle that you have a loan for. This makes it more secure for both the lender and the borrower in the event that an accident happens with the vehicle. Good driving experience as well as other driving related factors do have an impact on the cost of your auto insurance.

Overall, if you use an auto loan to purchase a car, you can afford a much better vehicle option. A better vehicle equals lower insurance. Quality cars are likely to be safe, more fuel efficient, and cheaper to fix if they ever need fixing. This translate to auto insurance companies preferring to have you pay less. Plus, you can get a higher deductible, which will further lower your auto insurance payments.

Closing Comments

No matter what kind of car loan you get, or what kind of insurance, it is important that you are prepared and knowledgeable about the options that are available to you.

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Why Choosing A Eco-Friendly Car Can Save Money

By Chris Channing

Trendy vehicles go a long way in the car market, especially if the trend is everything eco-friendly. These vehicles that fall under the category of hybrid, or fuel efficient, are flying off of car lots faster than you might think. This very thing is the reason why talk of environmentally friendly vehicles is spreading like wildfire, and why your next car purchase should be one too.

Simply enough, eco friendly cars are mainly popular because of all of the famous people that drive them. Even though more and more people are becoming eco-conscious, many do not know all of the facts; or even all of the benefits of owning one. Auto insurance companies are also catching on, and offering ridiculously amazing discounts for those that own a hybrid or otherwise eco-friendly vehicle.

Eco cars are also cheaper. Small ones cost as little as 10k, and used ones can be even cheaper. They also last longer, and are much more durable than you would think possible. They are most definitely cheaper than not so fuel efficient luxury cars, and safer than fast sports cars. These simple things make your hybrid much more favored over another type of vehicle.

Environmentally friendly cars are definitely better in the long run, you can save thousands and thousands over the course of your cars lifetime, and you can prevent tons of toxic emissions from entering the air. Auto loans are even cheaper for environmentally friendly cars, and some lenders offer discounts on interest for those that purchase a hybrid.

Not to mention, it is possible to get a tax cut when you purchase a eco-friendly car, or get a car loan for one. Those are some serious benefits to consider if you have always wanted a hybrid vehicle! Plus, there are more options available in a hybrid model, so you can still get an environmentally friendly SUV, or a compact car!

Make sure you compare rates on both auto insurance and auto loans. Getting a generalized idea of what you will be paying is important. These factors are a big role in what you will be able to fit into your budget. Online car insurance quotes are also available, as well as auto loan quotes to give you an idea of how much you will have to pay and for how long. The simple things always help the most!

Closing Comments

Those who are eco-conscious are likely to purchase an environmentally friendly vehicle, and it is worth every penny that you spend doing so. They are cheaper, better, and much cuter. Plus, how many people can resist a trend that is doing the earth some good?

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Finding The Right Debt Consolidation Loan

By Chris Channing

Debt consolidation loans will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars when used to pay off your debts. These loans are easy to obtain, and work great for those in need of money to pay off immediate debts. Debt consolidation is rising in popularity especially when the economy is weak. They also allow you to improve your credit, versus damaging it.

Home equity loans make a great form of debt consolidation loan. They are basically a second mortgage in function, and are for those that need a large amount of debt consolidation. Home equity loans are also for those that have good credit. They are not recommended for those who only need a small debt consolidation loan.

There are many types of personal loans that work as a debt consolidation loan. Depending solely upon your preference, you can get a debt consolidation loan in the form of a personal loan. These can be unsecured or secured, but work best as secured.

Depending on how bad your situation is, you will need to choose debt consolidation loan options that meet your requirements and needs for help. Getting a debt consolidation loan is not as hard as it may seem. Situations vary, and those that owe more money will need larger debt consolidation loans and vice versa.

Not taking care of your debts before problems start to get worse is a terrible way to go. Getting a debt consolidation loan at the "first sign of debt" can save you money in the long run, as well as preventing your credit from becoming even worse. Debt consolidation loans should be used carefully, and not with haste.

If you were to map out how much you would pay in total without a debt consolidation loan, you would probably be shocked at the price. Plus companies tend to increase interest the longer you wait to pay it all off. After that, compare it to a debt consolidation loan. Debt loans can definitely lower the time it would take to pay back, plus lower the interest. You could end up saving over $1000!

Closing Comments

Debt consolidation loans are a faster, more efficient way to pay off your debts, especially ones that are in excess. Debt consolidation payments are more expensive on a monthly basis but have lower interest as well as faster repayment.

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Why Choosing A Fixed Rate Mortgage Can Help You

By Chris Channing

If you are seeking stability, then there is little that is more stable than a fixed rate mortgage. These loans have a set interest rate that does not change over the course of the loan. Unlike many other loans and mortgages, these are set in stone unless you modify them. Other mortgages change often due to interest fluctuation, which can be a problem for you and your finances.

Interest rates are generally steady, but they do experience unpredictable rises, as well as lovely interest lowering. It depends on the market, so things have potential to get out of hand. You usually experience a lot of interest costs while having a mortgage contract out. Higher rates are horrible to deal with, and can put strain on your financial status.

With a fixed rate mortgage you can plan your future in depth, and make sure that you have enough to cover certain expenses. Not many things are certain, but a fixed rate mortgage is certain to never change. If you worry about keeping your finances organized, then a fixed rate mortgage can help.

If you are already tied to a mortgage contract, it is possible to get a loan modification and switch over to a fixed rate mortgage option. Assuming that your credit is in good standing with the bank, then you should see no problem in applying for one of these mortgages. Certain eligibility factors must be met however, and not all will qualify for that benefit.

These fixed rate options can be made effective if you start off with it. Fixed rate mortgages are generally low, and remain low. The only downside is that in the event the interest lowers, you will still pay the higher fixed rate. If the interest goes up, you will still pay the lower interest rate. It is generally a win-win situation for the borrower, especially with peace of mind knowing that you have to pay the same amount every year.

In the event that you did not have a fixed rate mortgage, and the mortgage interest rose dramatically, there is the chance that you would end up not being able to pay. In that case, your home is up for foreclosure, and you could lose your home. A fixed rate mortgage is a simple solution to those surprising interest hikes, and a way to protect your money and financial life.

Closing Comments

Fixed rate mortgages are fantastic for anyone that wants some stability in their life as far as bills and making payments for things can go.

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How To Get A Debt Consolidation With A Low Income

By Chris Channing

Having debt and low income often go hand in hand, especially when your lifestyle requires more funds than your income can provide. There are many reasons why people are low income, and that can become a problem if their debts start to pile up. Your debt and loans can be easily manages by another type of loan, a debt consolidation loan.

You can use a debt consolidation loan to repay all of your debt and current loans to become obligated towards a single loan. This is beneficial to those who have more than one loan or debt to worry about, as it reduces your monthly payments along with creating a loan with low interest that can save you money in the long run. You can usually pocket whatever money you have left over every month and that can go towards saving or buying things you really need.

You can usually negotiate your repayment terms with the lender for a debt consolidation loan to fit your income requirements. A debt consolidation loan can be taken out by almost any individual, even if they have low income or bad credit. There are many reasons why a person might be in a low income situation, but that does not matter when dealing with a debt consolidation loan.

When you look for a debt consolidation loan, try getting a secured versus an unsecured loan. Unsecured loans usually limit the amount you can borrow as well as having higher interest rates than a secured loan. Secured loans use collateral to determine the loan amount as well as having a lower interest rate because of the security.

If you negotiate your loan well enough, managing your payments will not be hard at all. You will only be obligated towards the one loan, provided that you have not opened up any other loans or have incurred other debts once you opened the debt consolidation loan. Paying the loan off is just a matter of time with your income source.

One of the best ways to get a better interest rate and better terms towards your debt consolidation loan is positive credit scores. If you play your cards right a debt consolidation loan will raise your credit rating when you make repayments and keep your repayments on time.

Closing Comments

Debt consolidation should be available to everyone that needs assistance in repaying their many debt obligations. It is only as difficult as you make it to get a great loan and great terms for that loan.

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Cheap Auto Loan Tricks That Can Get You Better Deals

By Chris Channing

There is much planning involved when being eligible for a good auto loan is needed. Being irresponsible with your credit can be detrimental to your auto loan eligibility. Getting cheap auto loans are easy when you go for better cars that can help the environment. Cheap loans for automobiles can make even some deals irresistible.

First off, you should make sure that your credit is in good standing. No one likes to apply for an auto loan only to be denied or hit with a sky high offer. Make sure you have paid off any outstanding debts, and that your credit is reasonably good.

Another thing you can do to get a cheap auto loan, is find out the bluebook value of your current vehicle. It may be better to sell it privately, versus doing a trade in. If you can, sell your current vehicle for as much as you possibly can. This will put a decent amount in your pocket that you will not have to get an auto loan for. In return, the less you borrow, the less interest you pay, and the less your overall loan comes out to cost you.

Making sure to always stay up to date with the automobile and loan market will allow you to make a better choice for financing and loan options. The best companies will be willing to finance you with a cheap auto loan if you look hard enough.

Something you should keep in mind is that you may not be approved for all auto loans. If your vehicle is likely to be stolen, then it lowers your chances of finding a cheap auto loan. Take this into consideration, and choose a reasonable vehicle for your needs and budget.

Anyone can get a cheap auto loan if they look hard enough. Having proof that you can make the payments along with good recommendations and possibly collateral, can land you an excellent loan option. Having a cosigner to the loan will allow most people to have an even better interest rate on their cheap loan.

Closing Comments

The more you look, the more you are likely to find a great deal on a cheap auto loan. Taking steps towards bettering your credit and repaying your debts always looks good and is almost guaranteed to give you a cheaper deal.

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Reverse Mortgage Too Good To Be True?

By Doc Schmyz

If you have already heard the term reverse mortgage, it still sounds a little odd. If this is the first time you are hearing the term, it will probably sound like some kind of shady deal. Reverse mortgages are becoming more popular these days, but are they scams or are they legitimate?Is it really possible to sell your house back to the bank and still retain the deed to it? Will the bank really pay YOU the mortgage payments? Let's review what a reverse mortgage is so these questions can be answered.

The name is somewhat misleading. A reverse mortgage is a loan that is structured like a mortgage, with YOU as the lender and the BANK as the buyer. In the U.S., homeowners wanting to initiate a reverse mortgage must be at least 62 years old, and own all or most of their home. These backwards mortgages are usually performed through a bank or broker. The homeowner essentially sells his or her house to the bank, in return for receiving periodic mortgage payments. Sometimes the payments can be structured as a lump sum, line of credit, or a combination of the three methods.

Why would retired persons want to have a reverse mortgage? It provides a constant and dependable stream of retirement income. Many retirement plans such as 401(K) or Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) generally increase in value, but are still tied to stock market interest rates. The amount of money they provide during retirement can vary. Social Security, Medicare, and other U.S. government programs have endangered funding, so they may not be reliable sources of income. A reverse mortgage can supplement a senior citizen's income. The amount depends on the homeowner's age, equity of the house, interest rate on the loan, closing fees, and a few other factors.

One very common misconception about the reverse mortgage is that the bank eventually takes ownership of your house. This is not true! The deed remains in your name throughout the entire term of the process. Note that there is interest on the loan payments, but it is deferred until the loan is repaid.

The homeowner can remain living in the house during the entire term of the reverse mortgage. The loan becomes due only when the homeowner moves out, such as moving into a nursing home, or becomes deceased. At those times, the survivors can repay the loan themselves if they want to keep the house. They can also sell the home and repay the loan plus the interest in full. The money paid to the homeowner as mortgage payments must be repaid to the lender when the loan becomes due.

These odd mortgages can provide much needed financial support during retirement. It is a time when medical costs are likely to increase, so an additional source of income can really help. Use a reverse mortgage to help yourself or your aging relatives to gain the financial security in retirement that they worked so hard to achieve.

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Judgments - Remove from Your Credit

By John Cooper

A judgment is also commonly referred to as a default judgment or credit card judgment. This is simply a variation of the same meaning.

You have been found to be legally responsible for a debt. This will happen in a court of law.

Your creditors' attorneys went to court and filed a lawsuit against you and won. This means that you wages can be garnished to pay this debt.

This is a very bad mark to have on your credit and will cause your credit score to be lowered. Often collection agencies will try and win a judgment. Judgments can happen with any form of unsecured debt.

This mark will remain on your credit file for 7 - 10 years. It depends upon what state the case was filled in and what the statutes of limitations are in that state. It is also common for lenders to seek a renewal judgment if the debt has not been repaid at the end of 7 or 10 years.

This makes it very difficult to ever remove a judgment from your credit. However it can be done and with a little luck you may not even have to pay it.

I recommend you first disputing the judgment with the credit bureaus. This is done by writing a dispute letter in which you explain why the listing is wrong and should be removed.

The bureaus will then conduct an investigation into the listing. They will try to verify that it is real and the amounts are accurate.

If the debt is inaccurate or is not verified then the bureaus must remove it from your credit. Frequently investigations result in a negative listing being removed.

However a judgment is such a severe mark that it doesn't have as good of chances of being removed. This often means you are stuck with the listing.

However in some circumstances a judgment is simply wrong. The mark should be removed from your credit report.

This is the time when you should consider a credit attorney. They have an expert knowledge of credit laws and the ability to go to court if necessary to prove that the judgment is wrong and should be removed from your credit.

Surprisingly you can hire a professional credit repair law firm for reasonable rates. A leader in the industry Lexington Law can be hired for less than $100/month (premier service).

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Why Cash Back Credit Cards Can Benefit You

By Chris Channing

We all spend money, and its increasingly important to save as much as possible so that our money stretches farther than it would in any other instances. Cash back credit cards are credit cards that reward you for using it to make purchases that you would normally make on a daily basis. It is similar to using your cash to buy everyday things such as groceries, except you use your credit card and earn cash rewards after spending a certain amount.

Cash back credit cards are popping up everywhere, and there are many types that are on the market. Some are very low interest, allowing you to get back the maximum amount possible. Its important to use these cards in a way that you can receive the most from them. Cash back credit cards that reward you for every day purchases; such as gas, are probably the best.

Since saving is so important, cash back credit cards give you a chance to get just a bit more. The more you can save, the better off you are. It can take time to save a lot with cash back credit cards, but it is still worth it.

Fine print is always an important part of any card, but especially so with cash back credit card deals. There are so many things that are involved with actually receiving your cash back reward, so make sure to read every last detail imaginable. There are a lot of catches, and you should read them before you even spend or apply to the desired cash back credit card.

The amount you get back will vary from company to company, and may also be based on what your credit score is like. This shouldn't be a problem, because the cash back you do get is more than you would if you just used cash or a regular credit card. Remember, the benefits of using these cards greatly outweigh the downsides to using them.

Before you finalize anything, make sure that you meet all of the requirements and that this particular cash back credit card will actually benefit you. Finding things that you will use and benefit from can maximize the potential of the cash back credit card that you own.

Closing Comments

Cash back credit cards are worth the waiting and time spent acquiring the cash back part. You build credit, and get loads of benefits. That's definitely more than what "cash" can offer.

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What Secured Personal Loans Can Be Used Towards

By Chris Channing

You may be wondering to yourself what kind of options you have available to make your life a little better. If you have a decent job and have a little bit of money saved, you have many options available to you that will not put you in much danger or risk when taking out a loan. A secured personal loan can be used for a variety of reasons and is usually a great way to get money for a special occasion.

In the event that someone cannot pay the loan back, a secured personal loan lender requires a security, such as collateral. Real estate, home equity, vehicles or other valuables will be considered for a secured loan by lenders that see you as a candidate for a loan. The borrower will have to be careful because if repayments cannot be made, the item used for collateral can then be used to recover losses by the lender.

Usually, a person can negotiate the terms for a personal or secured loan of this type. If not, there is usually a set repayment schedule, an interest rate that stays the same unless you miss payments along with having to pay a small deposit to show the lender you are serious about the loan. Not all lenders require a deposit, but it does help to show them you are serious if you have blemishes on your credit.

A secured personal loan is a loan that can be used towards many different things. You can use the money that you got from your collateral to make a movie, create art, buying a flashy vehicle or touring the world. You can reconsolidate existing debts and pay a single loan instead of a large number of other loans.

There are many lenders out there that would love to give you a secured personal loan. The problem therein lies on finding a great lender that offers the best service and loan options. Many lenders can be found through the local phone directory listings, the newspaper, television ads and even the internet.

The internet offers the most loan opportunities along with allowing you to access large companies that operate worldwide in lending. You can find the best deals on interest rate, repayment options and even protection plans for those with bad credit.

Closing Comments

Getting the most out of your secured personal loan should be definitely done, but then should seriously be taken care of and repaid in a timely manner. You can find lenders almost anywhere that offer secured personal loans.

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Getting Money To Work For You With High Interest Savings Accounts

By Chris Channing

Putting your money into a high yield high interest savings account can be one of the safest ways to invest your money for slow but sure profits. High annual percentage yield rates on most savings accounts are hard to find if you do not look hard for them. You can find many options towards saving your money through various banks.

It is easy to save money if you have a surplus. Usually, banks will require a minimum amount to be deposited to be eligible for the high interest annual percentage yields you want. This can be anywhere from ten thousand dollars or more. Sometimes they will have a limit on how much you can deposit and what you are allowed to earn interest on. This is one of the best ways to save money and earn as long as you keep adding little by little because it helps to accrue.

Your interest rate is ultimately determined by your bank but it can be influenced by the current market on banking and other money markets. If you do not put enough money into your account, you may experience lower interest rates towards your money. This can be frustrating especially if you wish to earn money from your savings.

Normal savings accounts can offer rates up to four percent on the current market with a One Dollar deposit. This can vary greatly, especially in the market turmoil that has come to pass recently. There are many different types of online savings accounts that put your money into a money market. This can be beneficial and risky, as you may only make one percent profit or lose money if the value of currency goes down.

You can get a certificate of deposit for a safer route towards making money on your savings. Certificates of deposit require you to wait for your deposit to mature to receive the interest. You will make money this way because it has a fixed interest rate for the amount you put in, and that stays even if the market falls, you will not lose your interest. Getting your money out before the certificate of deposit matures will often incur a fee.

Banks heavily rely on all of the people that save money with them as they make it possible to run the bank. They take the money that people save and lend it out to those who borrow. They then charge interest and reward you for saving with a portion of that interest. If you choose a great bank, they will have better interest rates for your saving

Closing Comments

High interest savings accounts are few, but widespread. Putting your money into a high interest account with a high annual percentage yield can give you a great interest income.

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Make Sure You Look For The Right Credit Counselling Agency

By Mr Bolden

Imagine over the years your debts have somehow piled up to an unmanageable level. And now amongst unpaid bills and dealing with angry creditors, you feel the only solution for you is to get some help to clean up the mess. That is all well and good, but where exactly do you go to find this help?

Now imagine this: tired of the growing debts and with no way out you decide to consult a 'professional'. You go to a credit counsellor and let that person try to help you out of your debts only to find that they have put you in more trouble than you already were in when you started.

Needless to say, over the years because of changes in lifestyles and spending habits, many individuals have found themselves in a situation where they are too deep in debt. Unfortunately, at the same time there has also been an increase in the number of abusive practitioners who pose as credit counsellors only to make the situation much worse than it was in the beginning.

The traditional credit counselling agencies were small and local services whose main function was to lend a hand to consumers with guidance and education about budgeting and how to manage their debts. Each case is studied individually and depending on the individual consumer's situation they will be directed towards debt management, or at the worst case, filing for bankruptcy.

However, there has been a shift in the nature of these small agencies. For a start, a lot of them are not small anymore. Nor are they local. The trend in credit counselling agencies finds organizations that operate at a national level and adopt aggressive marketing strategies to break through to the public. It is not unusual to see these credit counselling agencies selling their pitch by advertising through television, magazines, radio and the internet.

When going to a credit counselling agency keep in mind that most genuine agencies of this kind offer their services at a minimal fee. This fee that is charges is usually just enough to cover their expenses, thus they make the grade at a 'non profit' business. It might only be natural for consumers to drop their guards when they are met with the word 'non-profit'. But one has to be aware of the fact that not all these organization have your best interest in mind.

Experts suggest that people who are looking for assistance from credit counsellors should be cautious with the choices they make. It is important to understand the fee structure and look into the structure more deeply if they operate on the basis of percentages and commissions.

You should understand points such as who pays the commissions, you or the credit card company. Also be sure to check out if the agency gets a kickback from the credit card company from the outstanding amount when it repaid, since that is something that is likely to have an effect on the way the agency works with you.

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Choosing Debt Relief Options That Are Effective And Easy

By Chris Channing

It is important to be informed about the debt relief options that are available to you as an indebt citizen. No matter who you are or where you live, there are plenty of reliable options that are available for you. Not all include bankruptcy or getting another loan to clear out current debts. There are so many options, so it is important to be informed about all of the debt relief options out there.

One of the easiest forms of debt relief is debt counseling. It involves being instructed by a trained professional, and they give you advice on how to better manage your finances. This is a great form of debt relief when combined with other methods for paying off the debts you do have. Debt relief counseling is a good step in the right direction. No one wants to be told what to do with their own money, but if you are completely clueless and have made the mistake of getting into debt 1 times too many, then debt relief counseling is a great choice.

If you owe a sum that you cannot afford to pay off in a timely manner, then applying for a debt consolidation loan is a good start. These loans can give you the funds to pay off your existing debts, no matter how small they are, or how large. You also save money, and get lower interest rates than say, a credit card payment.

If you have incurred tons of debt from going to school to get your degree, then there are plenty of special debt relief methods designed for college graduates. Maybe your career path isn't as high paying as you once thought it would be. Whatever the case, debt relief students is available in the form of negotiations, and financial help.

If you call your credit card company and tell them your situation, they are likely to work with you for a negotiation of payments. You can get the interest lowered or completely removed, and pay up to half of what you would otherwise owe. If you combine negotiation debt relief methods with other methods, then you can maximize the amount of relief that you can get from your debts.

Bankruptcy is a last resort form of debt relief. It is not advised to file for bankruptcy unless there is no way out for your debts. Bankruptcy is usually filed for those that owe more than they could ever imagine paying off.

Closing Comments

There are so many forms of debt relief available, and choosing what works for you is of utmost importance. If you choose the wrong thing you could be doing too much, so find out what type of debt relief you need and go for it. Always be informed and know your stuff prior to making any serious moves.

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Ten Loan Consolidation Questions All Students Should Ask!

By David T. Lightcomb

No matter which college you attend, you can be sure of one thing and that is, they won't be able to teach you just how you should go about the process of consolidating student loans.

The good news however, is that you can simply by asking some questions. Here are 10 questions every student should ask:

1 - Why do you want to consolidate your student loans? The most common reasons for student loan consolidation are (1) to reduce the dollar amount of monthly payments, and (2) to ease repayment by turning many loans into one.

2 - When should you consolidate loans? If you feel you are no longer able to afford the all the individual repayments, or if you're struggling to deal with the financial stress from having so many obligations then it be advisable to consolidate.

3 - Am I eligible for student loan consolidation? Once you have graduated from college, your student loans will enter a grace period. This is generally when you will apply for your consolidation loan.

4 - What incentives do I get? Some borrowers offer bonuses when choosing them for student loan consolidation. Make sure you get all of the details about any incentives in writing.

5 - Does this lender have experience with student loan consolidation? Choosing one of the reputable student loan consolidation companies is essential to your peace of mind.

6 - Will this lender be servicing my loan? Some "lenders" are really brokers that get you to consolidate your student loans with them only to sell them off to a lender you did not choose. Be aware of this and ask about it before signing any loan agreement.

7 What loan do I get? Remember, if you're consolidating federal student loans, you will loose any federal government benefits you enjoy, if you choose to consolidate with a loan other than a federal student consolidation loan.

8 - What are the loan terms and conditions? Specific terms and conditions may vary from one lender to the next so most importantly, don't even consider signing anything unless you're 100% certain of the terms.

9 - What available features are there? Here again, the features offered will differ to some extent between lenders but in general, you can expect features such as online account management facilities and also various online applications. If uncertain, ask before agreeing to anything.

10 - What should I do if I can't pay my loan? Of course you don't want this to happen, but make sure you know the consequences just in case it does.

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Making 0% work for you

By Josh White

There are two types of 0% credit card offers that may interest the discerning customer with 0% on cash purchases and 0% on balance transfers. They sound similar but they work in very different ways, with each one suited to specific types of customers with different requirements. So how can these offers benefit you and your finances and help you reduce the cost of borrowing? If you are scratching your head over the myriad deals on offer, then here are a few guidelines that may help you reach the right decision.

There are two types of 0% credit card offers with 0% on cash purchases and 0% on balance transfers. Many cards are now offering both of these services, but there are restrictions. The length of time that the 0% offer period lasts varies depending on the provider. If you have an existing balance on a card then it may be worth looking at the 0% balance transfer option so that you can transfer your balance and reduce your interest payments. If you want to make one-off cash purchases and pay the total amount back over a number of months, then the 0% cash purchases option will be more attractive.

The other type of 0% credit card offer is on balance transfers. This type of card allows you to transfer an existing balance onto your 0% card and then pay it off within the offer's timeframe. This is good news if you are already paying interest on a credit card balance. The most common type of offer on the market today gives you around 12 month's interest free on balance transfers. If you transferred £3000 onto a 0% balance transfer card with a 12-month offer, you could clear the amount free of interest with repayments of £250 per month.

Common practice has been for many people to transfer their balances and then transfer again at the end of the offer period. For example, if you transferred £3000 and then only paid off £100 per month, after 12 months you would have only paid off £1200 before interest charges started on the remaining balance. However, you could then transfer the remaining £1800 onto another 0% balance transfer card and repeat the process again. To stop people doing this, credit card companies introduced a balance transfer fee, usually around 3%. If you transfer £3000 you will be charged an additional £90 for the privilege of ;Card hopping'.

Perhaps you want something special but are one of these people who find it impossible to save. If so, you could consider making the purchase with a 0% on purchases card. These cards can also come in handy if something unexpected happens and you need to buy something urgently; perhaps your washing machine has blown up or your car needs essential work. The advantage of a 0% on purchases offer is you can make the purchase when you need it most, and spread the cost over several months, with no additional interest charges.

Both types of 0% cards have their uses and both can help financially in different walks of life. As with all credit cards, 0% credit cards can be applied for online. When applying for a new card you will need to take a long, hard look at your credit rating. Your credit rating is a record of credit information held by the three credit referencing agencies. It is this record that financial companies use when deciding to offer you credit and determines whether you will be accepted as a customer. To compare credit cards you can always visit a price comparison site that lists all of the major companies and other less well-known cards in an easy to use format. Once you have done this you can simply apply for the card.

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