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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to Learn Real Estate Marketing?

By Jackie Silver

A good real estate course can prepare with the tools necessary to succeed in real estate. You have to decide how much education you want to obtain and what type of education you will pursue.

Those who liquidated and took the loss shortly after the bubble broke were the ones who took the minimal loss. Those who held on too long, have to wait awhile to bounce back. And bounce back the market will. Despite a down market, educated and motivated investors continue to invest.

You can also do some learning about real estate by reading books and newspapers. There are even several magazines you can subscribe to that will provide you with information. If you find a great website you like you can sign up for their newsletter and have valuable information sent to your inbox on a regular basis.

Communication is important, so you need a broker who understands your needs for size and location. They should have an interest in these concerns and ask you lots of questions.

You can find a course at many community colleges or technical schools. You can take as many courses as you like, but you need to find out what the requirements are to obtain a real estate license in your particular state. Any support courses you want to take will only give you the advantage and should be pursued.

You can meet other people with like interests and you will also gain knowledge from others. A classroom setting is a great way to bounce your ideas off of others and get a direct opinion.

Learning about real estate can also be obtained by finding a person you admire and finding out about their career path and the challenges they have faced.

A great way to take a course on your own time is to take an online real estate course. You can learn in the privacy of your own home and you can take a course at your convenience. This gives you great flexibility if you have a full time job or a family.

Learning real estate can be done by a simple internet search. This is a great place to start if you are undecided about this type of career.

You can often follow someone if they have a blog or website and they often offer tips of tricks that they have found to be successful.

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How to Protect Your Credit Card

By Amanda Somrekli

Finding your first credit card is like a hunt. It's going to take some time and if you know what you want, it's not hard to find it. Try doing some research online to see what will work best for your wallet. Remember, once you get your first card, use it right and don't spend more than what you can afford.

Do your research - The first thing that you want to do is research what kind of card you want. Do you want a card that gives you rewards in the travel industry or do you want rewards by getting cash back? You have to ask yourself a lot of questions and hopefully by the time you find the answer, you will find the perfect card.

Know your limits - Many cards have limitations on how you can use them. Some may only let you spend $5,000 until you get the maximum rewards while another card may only let you cap out at $5,000. Try and find a card that has no expiration dates or caps. There are some out there but you have to do some searching.

You just need to evaluate your needs and take the time to make a plan on how you are going to fix your credit score and then apply your efforts. If you manage to find some good credit card tips, then you can always achieve great results.

Credit cards are a necessary must have to establish any kind of credit. Many people unwillingly just sign up for as many credit cards as possible with the hopes that it will build up their credit. For others, the lure of being able to purchase a huge ticket item is too hard to resist signing up.

It may be time now to re-do your budget and spend only what you can afford. If you have to get rid of credit cards, by all means do it. The nice thing about secured cards is that you're able to control your spending since there is a cap on what you can spend.

Credit card debt reduction is help full for those consumers who really want to pay off their total debts. If consumers want debt reduction for some time than it can become a problem if in future they are failed to pay off monthly payments.

You can get gas cards at many stations all over the country. If you need a specific gas card, you can apply online as well. There are many different types of cards. Some are only for gas and some are for any purchase.

Many gas station groups have their own credit cards. There are Conoco, SuperAmerica and Texaco. Some of these cards are able to be used at other stations, but usually it is stations that are affiliated with the company that issues the card.

For instance, the Conoco gas credit cards can be used at Phillips 76 and the 66 gas stations. Some credit cards are open for any gas station. If you need a card for a specific gas station, you can apply onsite or on the Internet.

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Avoid Paying the Credit Cards Late

By Paul J. Easton

A credit card debt is a form of unsecured debt accessed with plastics or credit cards. When a client of a certain credit card company purchases an item or service through the card system, credit card debt is incurred.

Usually, however, it is not the purchase of the item or service which gives clients the problem. Debt can accumulate with credit card interests when the client does not pay the company for the amount due. The result of not paying this debt on time is in the form of a late payment penalty. In addition, the credit card company will report the late payment to credit rating agencies for a note in your credit score.

Being late on a credit card payment is referred to as being in default. Moreover, this penalty increases the amount of debt too. The sad thing with the credit card systems is that when a consumer defaults on a payment from one card, it is possible that other creditors can increase their interest rates charged against you. This applies even with credit card companies you pay promptly. This situation is a way for credit card companies to tell one another and to show you their lack of interest to you and is referred to as universal default.

As much as possible, have the responsibility to pay even the minimum payments to avoid late payments. But this does not recommend you to continually pay the minimum only since this will affect you in the long run. If you have only been paying your minimum payments on your cards, analyze your budget to pay at least twice without having late payments too. This plan will at least bring those balances down and reduce the finance charges too.

It is always easy to get yourself in debt but hard to keep up in paying it back. Have the items or services you wish but have the responsibility to pay for them alter. That's what credit cards wanted to tell you. Until your credit scores are at its very bottom, protect your credit and get rid of debt as fast as possible. Pay promptly and you will just be in good financial shape.

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How Can I Qualify For An Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan

By Frank Froggatt

Nobody wants to hear or even think about the word bankruptcy, but for many individuals who are drowning under a burden of debt, they may believe that it is their only alternative. The truth of the subject is that there are options to this drastic measure. Alternatives that can relieve you from the weight and help you to find a little more comfy in your state of affairs.

One of these options for relief is loan consolidation. This form of refinancing helps you to get back control of your funds and your life. You may reckon that refinancing is only for those who own a home but the truth is that you don't have to have got a home to qualify for refinancing. Even if you do possess a home it isn't always necessary to put it up for collateral. This is where what is known as an unsecured debt consolidation loan drops into place.

Unsecured debt consolidation loans do not demand collateral. You can pay back all your other creditors and maintain your house - or lack thereof - out of the deal. Lenders are able to stay in business by covering their hazard with steeper interest rates than they extend on secured loans.

Even though the interest rates are a bit loftier for an unsecured loan it can nevertheless give you a smaller overall payment then what you have without it. Particularly if your charge cards are carrying high interest rates. Be sure to shop more or less though as the loaning industry is a capitalistic marketplace and you might be able to spare a bit on your interest rates. Even a half a point spread out over numerous years can extend into thousands of bucks.

If though, even after browsing, you still can't find an interest rate that is going to actually make any difference in your payment amount, or make living even a little bit more comfortable, you might want to look into a long term arrangement. This will most definitely cost you more in the long run but to be genuine we are not considering the long haul in this situation. We wish to alleviate your torment now. Payments extended out over a longer time period will be less and that may be just what the doctor ordered for your fiscal state of affairs.

Probabilities are that, if you are in this place, the late payments are already bringing havoc on your credit score so the possibilities of getting this unsecured loan are remote right? Well yes and no. With the current economic system and the fiscal crisis banking companies are getting more demanding on who they will lend to but there are still establishments out there who will loan you money to consolidate, specially if you have a healthy employment history. Having this history isn't always required either though it surely helps, there are organizations who will loan out to anyone you can simply reckon on bearing a steeper rate of interest.

If your accounts are getting the best of you to the point that you're in reality considering bankruptcy, stop. Assemble up those charge card bills, utility bills, emporium card bills, doctor's bills and any past bill that's costing you sleep at night. Check Out an unsecured debt consolidation loan and find out how easy it can be to preserve your credit rating and serenity.

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5 Tips You Can Use to Make Sure Your Identity is Safe

By Harvey Warmuth

Identity theft is an always present concern in today's society, so you really need to do what you can to ensure your identity is safe. Using your common sense is a great first step when it comes to securing your identity. You are the only one that truly suffers when your identity is stolen, so it is up to you to make sure you are safe.

The 5 tips outlined below are a great starting point to making sure that your identity is secure. You have to take the necessary precautions to ensure your identities security, so read the below suggestions.

1. Personal information in mail: The mail you receive on a daily basis probably contains a lot of personal information. This includes bank statements and credit card applications which can be used to steal your identity. Consider opting out of receiving credit card applications and start getting your bank statements delivered electronically, so that you eliminate a lot of your personal information from the regular mail.

2. Debit card issues: You might want to think twice when you use your debit card as a credit card. Because the money is taken out of your savings or checking account immediately, someone can very easily drain your account before you know what is going on. Use a real credit card instead because you will be better protected.

3. Check writing: Every time you write a check for a purchase, you are putting out your checking account number and routing number for anybody to see. This is sometimes all that a thief needs in order to steal from you. Stop writing checks - pay with a credit card or electronically.

4. Virtual credit card number: Many financial institutions are offering their clients a one-time use, virtual credit card number. Because these credit cards can only be used one-time, they are basically useless if they were to fall in the hands of a criminal.

5. Personal information kit: You need to keep track of all of your account numbers associated with all of your bank accounts. You also need to make copies of important documents including your social security card and passport. You will need this information should you ever become a victim of identity theft, so now is the time to organize your financial life.

The above tips are designed to help keep your identity from being stolen. It is also a great idea to make use of an identity theft protection plan offered by a reputable company. While you can try as hard as possible to not become a victim of identity theft, it is nice to know someone else is looking out for you as well.

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Safety of Las Vegas Home Insurance

By R. Lee

To protect your most valuable asset, your home, homeowners with mortgages need homeowners insurance policy. This protects both the homeowner and the bank from any disasters that might destroy their investment. In Las Vegas, Las Vegas Home Insurance will protect homeowners from structural damages as well as damages to personal belongings caused by disasters such as fire or storm.

You never know what will happen and that is why having Homeowners Insurance is so important. Las Vegas Home Insurance is something that you will want to take a little time in making sure that you get the best value for your money.

By doing a little searching, you can easily find great deals out there, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year on your premium. With all of the different types of insurance you can have, it is important to make sure that you have fire insurance along with your regular Las Vegas Home Insurance.

When you have certain unforeseen event that will destroy your home or your belongings, having a insurance policy will let you sleep at nights. It will also keep you safe from financial disaster, to replace all your belongings and your home, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Do not let your homeowners policy lapse, it is critical to keep it up to date and coverage sufficient enough to cover the value of the house as well as the possessions. Some people think they might never need a homeowners insurance, but this is a mistake, you want to be safe than sorry.

So, to keep safe from future events, make sure your coverage is enough. Check with your agent or the insurance company to update and keep the coverage current for your Las Vegas Home Insurance.

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Face your Number Problems Now

By Paul J. Easton

More people are feeling the crunch and already start to wake up in the reality that their financial security is already in the ruins. Now, a lot of people have massive amount of debts and don't know what to do.

If you belong to this group of people, you should get some help. With financial knowledge and awareness, people can find solutions to their financial problems and can start all over again. Financial help will awaken you in the world of financial literacy. Without the awareness, you are lost in the jungle and will just go around in circles. In this article, you might get some tidbits of information, so read a bit more.

Most people are in great fear of numbers. But money is all about numbers and money should be studied well. Like in working towards being debt-free, plans should be created to reach your goals including carefully analyzing your financial situation and other related factors. And all of these require you to face numbers in many ways

Numbers should be used to carefully assess your assets versus your liability. With numbers, you also will have a careful contrast between your debt to be hurdled and a reasonable time frame to finish a certain goal. Without this, you will just simply work without a guide and will most of the time not help you toward achieving your debt-free goals. Eventually, you will just be doomed to failure.

In working out your numbers, you especially need a financial planner or advisor when doing this. If the simple record book filled with statements gives you chills, you better find a professional whom you can trust. By doing so, you will be guided in creating a detailed step by step guide to your financial goals, whether it is being debt free or achieving some form of financial security in your retirement.

Find a way to face your problems in life rather than escape it, by taking the courage, you will be rewarded. For problems will still reach you wherever you go, it's time to stop it from bothering you now. Take the action and just believe in yourself.

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The Bankruotcy Means Test What It Means

By Janice Kay

Filing bankruptcy means jumping through some hoops. One of the more complicated, controversial and frustrating aspects of filing for bankruptcy today is that every person who wishes to file must first take a bankruptcy test. Known as a bankruptcy means test, it is a mathematical calculation that is used to figure out the kind of bankruptcy that an individual is most suited to file for.

The bankruptcy means test is distributed by the state. Income and expense information must be entered into the form and then the necessary calculations done. The calculations and the results of your test must be brought with you to bankruptcy court and they then become a part of your schedule of present income and expenditures.

The bankruptcy means test contains two variables. These include the Median State Income Figures which are published by the U.S. Census Bureau, and the IRS National Standards for allowable Living Expenses.

If a debtor takes the test and does not pass it, he or she is unable to file for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy which would see all of his or her debts gone. However the person can still file for a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. In this instance, a debt repayment plan is arranged that takes place over a period of three to five years

The income requirements in every state are not the same. If you make too much money you may be turned down for bankruptcy, depending on where you live. If this happens to you, you need to seek an alternative to your situation. One option is to apply for a cash-out refinance loan from your financial institution.

The court needs to make a ruling on an individuals behalf and the bankruptcy test helps to do this. The main purpose of the bankruptcy means test is to weed out the individuals who really see no way out of their debt besides bankruptcy and those who have other options to consider.

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy you need a good bankruptcy lawyer as well as a mortgage professional in your corner. The lawyer can provide guidance for the decisions relating to the bankruptcy as well as the means test. On the other hand, the mortgage specialist can help the debtor navigate all of the financial ropes inherent in the bankruptcy.

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Is It Wise To Invest In This Economy?

By M Taylor

With the unclear financial outlook for our economy, investing makes sense like never before as a strategy to save for retirement.

Everyone wants to make sure that they will have financial security in their retirement; and social security and retirement plans may end up leaving them in the lurch ultimately. Investing is one way to insulate yourself from the unknown developments that the future may hold.

Perhaps you have been setting money aside for years in a low interest savings account. You'd like to see that money grow much faster. Maybe you've come into some money and would like to have that money grow too - in either case, investing is the way.

Investing lets you make the money you need to make your goals a reality. Whether it's a new home, a college education for your child or the good life for yourself, investing is the way to go - your individual investment strategy all depends on your goals.

You can go for high risk investments if you find yourself needing to make a lot of money quickly. There is a risk of course, but you can make a large amount of money in a short time frame. If you want to put aside money for your retirement, you need to instead make long term, safer investments.

Increasing your wealth and financial security over the long run is what investing is all about. Keep in mind that you'll have to retire eventually; and you'll need a good amount of money to make your retirement an enjoyable one.

The social security system may or may not be there for you when you retire, so it is best not to count on it. As we saw in the instance of Enron, you may not be able to depend on your company retirement plan either - this is why investing is the way to go to make sure that you will be provided for in your retirement. Good luck and invest wisely!

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The Best Bank Foreclosure Properties

By Charlie Reese

The controversy over bank foreclosure properties just keeps growing

As of the end of September reports, the number of bank foreclosure properties is up a whopping 71% over the previous year. The root cause of these astonishing figures lies with the banks and mortgage lenders. During the period of the well-touted 'ownership society', just a few years back, banks were making loans to many people who were clearly not qualified to assume a home loan which their income could not support.

It was recently revealed, largely through corporate whistle blowers, that mortgage brokers were encouraging applicants to not supply relevant information and even to inflate their income on paper, so that their loan would go through. Many such borrowers could barely make the payments at the lower initial rate. When the higher rates kicked in, the number of bank foreclosure properties began to rise rapidly, as almost none of these home owners were then able to meet mortgage payments.

It's disingenuous to believe that the banks did not see this coming. However, they did receive their money for a while, including interest and whatever late fees might be involved. As borrowers began to default, the banks, on the whole, failed to attempt renegotiate lower rates in order for the borrower to avoid foreclosure.

The result? People lost their homes, their investment and their credit standing. Millions of bank foreclosure properties flooded the market. Often, the values of homes, in entire neighborhoods across the country, plummeted. Therefore, people who owned homes and made their payments are now faced with property values that fall far below what they owe on their mortgages. Perhaps these are future bank foreclosure properties in the making.

This $700 billion bailout of the banks is a thinly veiled payoff, leaving the banks hale and hearty, while saddling the taxpayers with this debt for generations to come.

Following the initial approval of this bank bailout, AIG brazenly threw a $440,000 party to celebrate their largess, while they and other failed banks threw millions in 'golden parachute' packages at the CEOs, who logically and ethically were accountable for making the loans in the first place. At the same time, banks were still refusing to loan, even to other banks. Now they are reportedly moving $2 trillion amongst themselves and won't disclose to whom they are lending!

Other controversial issues arise in this scandal of bank foreclosure properties. Falling values make this buyers market. With the current credit crunch, few can qualify. This invites foreign investment, which doesn't bode well for our economy.

How about all of the people who already lost their homes, pre-bailout? Why did the government wait until bank foreclosure properties had reached such a crises point?

Moreover, this proposed home owner bailout addresses only home owners who are at least 3 months behind, owe more than the property is worth and who face imminent foreclosure. This represents only 20% of mortgage delinquencies. Will this make a real difference to resolving the crises in the end?

It remains to be seen what the final resolution to the problem of bank foreclosure properties will be. The situation begs the question, how much more quickly might the economy be stimulated if some of this $700 billion were paid to working people, instead of buying up the debt of failed and unscrupulous bankers?

instead of the rescue at the top, give some of this money to working people " this will stimulate economy if no one qualifies, consumers aren't buying, small business will go out of business, job losses

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What Makes a Get Out of Debt?

By Anne Durrel

There are many ways to get out of debt easily. The first thing that you must do is commit to spending less overall.

Many who are tempted by the urge to "spend now" usually end up accumulating a lot of debt. There are two basic rules to spending and that is, if you can't pay for it now, don't buy it.

The next rules is, if you can't meet the expense of it, do not purchase it. If you would like to get out of debt, follow these two simple guidelines . It is also significant to make sure that you evade spending more than you make overall.

Several individuals spend according to bonuses and "possible" overtime. Most of the time, these individuals find themselves in debt. Follow these simple guidelines, and you can get out of debt easily!

The next step you can take to get out of debt is to not set yourself up for debt. This means that you should avoid using credit cards and acquiring loans unless it is absolutely necessary. Many will use credit carelessly simply because it is convenient.

You can avoid doing this unless you are in a situation in which the actual hard cash is not there. If you want to get out of debt, it is important to make certain that you do all that you can to pay the bills that you have punctually.

This includes utility bills, credit card bills, house payments, and even car payments. If you heed the advice contained here, you are sure to get out of debt quickly!

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The Importance Of Credit Grading

By Kevin Jones

A healthy credit mark is fundamental in our financially motivated order. Paying your bills on time, tells employers and business concerns that you are a healthy financial risk and will give you a good reference grade. You might be surprised to know that this data can be utilised, no matter what attitude you have in society. You should have a healthy credit history, if you wish to buy a motorcar, buy a new home or even look for a new employment.

If a individual hopes to buy a new house or car, this must be in healthy standings. To be able to buy luxury items like vacations on your charge card, you must first fix any credit troubles you may have if you desire, long-term fiscal freedom. There are free ways to finding this data without too much work.

The web is a healthy place to start as they are business organizations that will give you your exact credit mark for free. Individuals can check their credit mark each year from these types of businesses. These companies will ask you a few easy questions which most individuals would be able to answer off the top of their head. Your credit mark and any outstanding debts would then be ready to view. If you find that you have a bad credit grade which will block you from purchasing anything on hire buy, there are a number of things you can do to rectify the problem.

One of the first things an person can do to step-up their credit score is to clear any old debts. Even if this was for 10 years ago, it will help in the individual's credit grading vastly. As soon as all your accounts are cleared you can begin to apply for a bad credit or no credit visa Master Card. This will be helpful for a person to begin gaining a good credit score and be able to purchase their dream home or vehicle. This can aid a person to increase their credit score, which will enable them to purchase a new automobile or their dream house. Paying off any old bills will aid a individual increase their credit mark and aid them to purchase luxury items on the credit.

It takes only a a couple of short months to gain terrible credit and it takes a few years to create a better credit marking. Begin by buying one or two items on the new credit card and then paying it off immediately. This method will not only boost a person's credit rating, it will also assist in reaching a higher amount on the credit card.

Almost every individual has tricky times at sometime in their life. Not being able to pay your bills, for a few months may be a trouble. Then after that, the history starts dropping and an individual has a difficult time getting out of debt. You your credit grade once again and there are many methods to do this. Making a couple are bad months does not mean that a individual cannot obtain and excellent credit score so that they can buy the items they desire.

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Is Permanent Life Insurance Worth The Money?

By David C Lewis, RFA

Today, life insurance is based around the idea that if you or your spouse dies, that your family will be made whole by replacing your spouse's income. This essential foundation for effective financial planning is often overlooked by many individuals. Most advisers agree that life insurance is necessary.

But, this is where the consensus ends (sadly). Most every financial professional recognizes the importance of life insurance. However, "gurus" like Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman have done a good job of painting the picture that whole life insurance is "evil". There is opposition though, and quite a debate over the issue.

Some financial advisors love cash value insurance, others hate it. Who's right? Who's wrong?

It is sometimes surprising that the financial industry is charged with the responsibility of informing and educating the rest of society about saving and investing principles, and yet many of the advisors that represent the industry seem to be less concerned about truth and honesty, and more concerned about injecting their own personal agenda.

I say that in light of the fact that on both sides of the debate, neither is doing a very good job of defending their position. Many financial professionals are simply leaving out critical information, or appear to not have a very good grasp of how life insurance really works.

Their reasons for lying can be many. Now, there's nothing wrong with pointing out the shortcomings in a financial product. In the case of life insurance; however, the attacks being made are completely baseless. This is especially disheartening because most, if not all, of these attacks are originating from well known financial "gurus". Here are a few of the lies being spread around:

Lie number one:

Cash value life insurance is one of the worst financial products available, and it is definitely the worst type of insurance you can buy to insure your life. The BEST kind of insurance is term insurance because it's cheap and I'm not paying all those extra fees to the evil and greedy insurance company. Besides, don't insurance companies have a record of being reckless, cheating their policyholders, and systematically going out of business.

Fact: Less that 2% of all term policies ever sold ever pay a claim. Which means: there is a 98% chance that your family will never benefit from a term policy. Term insurance may be the best type of insurance if all you are considering is the cost per thousand dollars of insurance. It is generally the worst type of insurance you can buy to insure your life if you are expecting your family to benefit from it (statistically speaking). You need to understand how life insurance companies position their products and how they make money.

Insurance companies use the Law of Large Numbers. They sample a group of people (similar age, height, weight, etc.). The larger the group of people they insure, the more accurate they are about the number of losses they will see.

For example, if we were to start an insurance company and we only had one customer, we would be taking on an incredible risk because of the nature of life insurance, if that one person dies, we could be out of business very quickly (imagine that one customer giving you $20 for a $250,000 death benefit and then dying the very next day). If, however, we have a million customers, then we can better control the risks we are taking by insuring other people's lives. No one can predict when an individual will die, but if we study a large enough group of people, we can make surprisingly accurate predictions about the number of individuals within that group that will die in any given year. Given that insurance companies have an excellent record of predicting deaths every year, what do all of the statistics say?

They tell us that term insurance just doesn't pay...well not for policy owners anyway. Most people live until age 65. After that premium costs spike dramatically. This is why I say that, on most accounts, permanent is cheaper, even though there are probably a few critics saying "no Dave, it's cheaper on all accounts". Oh yeah? Watch this:

Let's reuse our example, Jim. Let's assume Jim is 25 and in good health with a wife and a Kiddo. He needs life insurance, and he is looking at $250,000 in coverage. A 30-year level term policy would cost Jim around $370 per year until age 55. At that point, Jim's premiums spike to over $4,700 per year.

At age 65, he will have spent $58,780 on policy premiums. Keep in mind that this is money that the insurance company collected but never had to pay back. Since there's no cash value in a pure insurance (term) plan, the insurance contract pays off only when Jim dies.

What would have happened if he had purchased the same amount of death benefit but used a universal life insurance policy? His annual premiums would have been higher - $1739. By his 65th birthday, Jim has a total premium outlay of $69,560 ($1739 x 40). Wow! But, he will have built up $157,000 of cash value inside the policy.

That's $87,000 more than his premium payments for those 40 years. That's also money that can be used on a tax-free basis to help supplement retirement. This is called a living benefit, and a feature that term just doesn't offer. Some of the more competitive permanent policies also offer an option to spend down the death benefit if you become terminally ill. This can be helpful if you haven't accumulated a lot of money and something tragic happens to you and you don't die...or you don't want to spend down your savings.

Lie number two:

Cash value life insurance is overpriced. You can never tell how much money you are spending on death benefit and how much money is actually going into the cash value of the policy. With term insurance, the costs are clear.

Fact: Whole life insurance is not very transparent. So it is difficult to determine how much the death benefit is costing you. That bothers some people. That's OK. Just don't buy whole life insurance. Universal life insurance, on the other hand, is very transparent. That's because UL policies are a term policy with a separate savings account. You can easily determine the cost per thousand dollars of insurance, how much is going to pay the death benefit, and how much is going into the cash value of the policy. Cash value insurance seems expensive in comparison to term insurance (at least initially) because insurance contracts are front loaded as far as fees are concerned. That's a good thing...because the contract becomes cheaper over time. Unfortunately, the initial cost is really driven home by the anti-cash value life insurance crowd.

Be thankful that you pay some of the fees that you do. It makes saving and investing money a lot easier. In regard to life insurance, you have a choice: the contract can be set up to maximize the death benefit (maximizing the cost of the contract), or it can be set up to focus on cash accumulation (minimizing expense charges). All of the expenses associated with permanent life insurance can be made just as efficient and in some cases more efficient than an investment product. But why compare insurance to an investment?

Over the long-term, you should get all of your money back that you put into a cash value policy with interest (note: the exception to this is variable life insurance which doesn't guarantee cash values). If the policy is structured properly, you can also be left with a sizable amount that can be drawn on in retirement.

Lie number three:

If you are smart with the money you have today and you get rid of your mortgage, car loans and credit card debt and put money into retirement plans you don't need insurance 30 years from now to protect your family when you die.

Fact: You might need insurance to protect your children from a big tax burden. Even if you are "smart" with your money, you can't predict the future with absolute certainty. Some people alive today are experiencing a 40% loss in their retirement accounts 5 years before retirement. This is money that was supposed to be there for them and it isn't. If your investments take a hit right before YOU are ready to retire, it doesn't matter how "smart" you were with your money.

Is life insurance is necessary as you get older? You will be shocked at the costs of even a modest funeral these days. What does the average funeral cost in your home town? Ask a funeral director. What is the inflation effect in the funeral industry. If it costs $12,000 today, what will it cost in 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? Ask any beneficiary who has been left any amount of money what they paid in taxes and if it was financially disruptive to them personally.

The cash value life insurance that your financial guru told you was evil and that you didn't need could have prevented all of this by bypassing probate, providing an income tax free death benefit and, inside of a life insurance trust, completely avoided the estate tax thereby giving your heirs, your favorite charity, or your church 100% of the money you wanted to give them.

Although many so-called experts try to compare life insurance to an investment, don't be fooled. Yes, life insurance, if properly structured, can build very strong cash values that rival investment products (my guess as to why the investment folks are upset). They try to tell you what a lousy investment cash value life insurance is. But comparing this type of insurance to investing is nonsensical. It's like asking "how many walkmans does it take to equal an Ipod?" value insurance serves a different purpose from an investment. Each has their own different objectives.

Before you make a final decision on whether to buy term or cash value life insurance, consider what you are really looking for. If you are looking for an investment, then be prepared to look for stocks, bonds, no load mutual funds, options, and other various financial derivatives (and learn how to research them). If you're looking for a long-term savings tool, then cash value life insurance can fit that need very well.

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Make Extra Money By Answering Paid Online Surveys.

By Cache Spencer

World economy is undergoing a extreme crisis which is foreseen to get down further in future days. This crisis has directly or indirectly affected the life of every one of us. Many of the middle class families have become home less because of the poor financial management over the past years.

To come out from the self created mess, every member of the family wants to contribute his part and they started belt tightening measures in all fronts. When the whole family is reacting to the situation with a brave face, how come a mom acts as a mute spectator?

Can a mom contribute financially apart from limiting and controlling the expenses? The answer is definitely a Yes, which is seen as an opportunity shown by the almighty for the house wives and mom to earn money while sitting in their home.

You can convert your free time in your own style into valuable money earning time if you have the basic knowledge about computer and internet browsing. As economic policies are placing emphasis on consumption and competition between traders is very high, they have taken several steps to attract customers to their shops.

We can see many such shops that sell their products and service through their web site cum shop and many of them are like rainy season mushrooms that disappear in few days. Those online shops with solid back ground and reputation make all efforts to know the mood of the public about their goods and service through paid online surveys.

Many of the sustaining corporate pays adequate importance to customer opinion before developing new products and services and are read to pay for the valuable feedback through paid online surveys. Customer feedback serves as a means to improve product quality of many products and services.

You can register with several paid online survey sites that gets your valuable feedback in a predefined format and updates the respective the product vendor or manufacturer. A house wife or a mom can spend more time for these sites and hence they can enroll their membership with many survey sites. This easy task of filling into pre designed format honestly, she can add on to her savings which would help her meet day to day expenses.

By doing these surveys you are not only earning money but also doing a service to your fellow human beings through your valuable quality suggestion and opinion which would enable the vendors to deliver quality products and services. Single survey may not give you a high earning but answering many surveys will definitely make your income high.

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What You Should Know Before Buying A Home

By Maria Goletski

When you want to buy a home, it's a good idea to do a little preparation. If you want to get through the buying process in the most cost effective manner, a little study goes a long way. In this article, we'll take a look at a couple of tips you can use when buying a house.

When you see a house that has an amazing price, always be suspicious. It might be a great deal, but it might also be something else. Always do your due diligence when buying and make sure you know what the condition of the home is and what the personal selling situation of the seller is.

If you're buying a house, you will probably need a mortgage. It's easy to only look at interest rates, but it's not the right way to decide on a mortgage. Never make a decision for a certain mortgage offer just because interest rates are low. Make sure you take the time to go through the fine print. If you don't understand something, ask the lender to explain it in plain English. If he's unable to do that, don't sign. A mortgage is a big obligation and if you mess up now, you can wind up in financial trouble down the road.

If you're not sure about mortgage paperwork, hire a lawyer. A lawyer is trained to find problems, so find a balance between being reasonable and listening to the lawyer. Many times, legal advice can be had at lower prices by looking at community programs in your area. A lawyer isn't cheap, so if you can use one of these programs, by all means do so.

Be sure to inspect your house and your mortgage carefully. It's a big decision, emotionally and financially, so it's worth it to put in the time to prepare. If you can, solicit the experience and knowledge of experts such as lawyers and buyers agents. It may cost you some money, but it's almost always worth it.

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Pay your Full Credit Card Balance

By Paul J. Easton

The convenience and free credit feature of credit cards can be very useful for everyone. The bad news however is that most consumers maintain large balances on their credit card accounts thus making them continually pay for sizable interest payments.

With the society telling us that it is needed to own a new car, your new house, and a complementary entertainment showcases, follow the latest fashions, and normally live beyond what you can afford, you are just simply lured to take out that credit card out to avail these comforts. And with access to these funds, life can be easier. Anyway, credit card issuers make an easy scheme for you to take advantage. By asking you to make only a minimum monthly payment, you think you are paying your debt well in a very opportune manner.

The down side, which some of you might have a hint already, is that the minimum payment can barely cover the finance charge of the previous month. Only a meager percentage of the principal is left paid in the process. Making only the minimum payment is actually a way for credit card companies to ensure you to remain as a long-term client they can profit from. Obviously, this minimum payment scheme will make you take a long time to repay the debt. It only assures the card company a big return in interest payments and finance charges.

Given the cycles of unemployment and under employment today, it can be difficult to avoid falling into debt. But falling into debt has its price. And the price can be your very own freedom.

For now, avoid carrying a balance on your credit cards. If in cases that you have to carry a balance, have the priority to pay it down first unless you want to live your whole life paying the minimum payment of that credit card debt.

For more information on financial directory, get FREE Articles Tips at Get debt-free today with tips on how to get rid of debt here. Start improving your personal finance today.

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San Diego Home Insurance

By A. Lee

For some reason if your struck with fire or storms, you want to make sure your homeowners policy is current. This is very important as the house is the most valuable possession anyone has, other than friends and family. Make sure you are well protected before something bad happens to your house.

Beside having a current policy, you want to make sure your coverage is sufficient for replacing your home and your belongings. You rather be safe than sorry, having extra coverage does not hurt if you can spend little extra for additional coverage. If you live in San Diego and have mortgage on your house, it is required by the lender to carry a San Diego Home Insurance, to protect both the lender and you.

Even if your home is all paid off and you have no mortgage, carrying a homeowners insurance is a smart move. It is wise to not let the insurance policy lapse, but make sure you renew because your most expensive possession is worth securing. Some people think tragedy will never hit them, but this is a mistake, you can also be liable for someone being injured on your property.

If something happens to your home, you will lose everything and without sufficient insurance policy. Make sure you check with your insurance company that you have the right coverage for all your needs. Once the tragedy happens, without San Diego Home Insurance, everything comes out of your pocket.

Few factors determine your premium for the policy. The cost of replacing your home and the amount needed to replace your personal belongings. Make sure you keep a list or appraisals of the item and send them to the insurance company, especially your valuables like jewelry.

Check with your local agent for insurance quote or go online and check many of the website that offer free quotes. For less than thousand dollars, you can protect your home as well as your personal belongings.

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IVA Company Search

By Sara Young

If you are looking for an IVA company then you should be choosy in the marketplace. There are so many companies advertising the best debt solutions in the world that it is hard to know which one to choose if you happen to be panicking about your finances, let alone taking the time to check into the individual company's background. However, most debt solutions rely on a gentlemans agreement rather than actually providing you with the peace of mind that a fixed and legally binding agreement can bring.

If you want to get a proper debt solution that you can trust, you should register with an IVA company. The IVA company will help you communicate with your Insolvency Practitioner (IP) who will be overseeing your IVA. It is very hard to find a good IP with a good reputation. Fortunately, finding a reputable IVA company is not as hard.

If you want to save yourself time and hassle then follow these tips:

1. Always seek out a recommendation or opinion if you already know someone that has gone through the IVA process. This could be invaluable in helping your find a reputable company or avoiding a poor one!

2. Phone some IVA companies to get an idea of what you want. Arrange meetings with 2 or 3 of those companies so your options are not limited. Make sure you are comfortable talking to the advisor on the phone, and if you are not - just don't pick that IVA company as one you would like to meet with.

3. You should not have to pay for the preliminary paperwork or for the initial consultation. If a company tries to charge you for that work - don't use them. They should also completely analyze your situation before they come up with a plan of action. If you don't feel they did a good job on the analysis - just go on to another IVA company.

4. A company should not claim that they will guarantee you an IVA. It is not possible to know if your IVA will be successful until most of the companies that you owe money to have agreed to it. So if they say that you are guaranteed to get an IVA, they are not reliable, and beware of them. Remember - if something sounds too good to be true - then it probably is too good to be true.

5. The last important point is that you should look for a refund guarantee on any payments that you need to make before the IVA is completed. If you don't get such a guarantee and your IVA is turned down, the IVA company does not have to give you your money back. If you make sure that you get such a guarantee, you save yourself money and aggravation in the future.

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