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Monday, December 1, 2008

How will I know if I should use a Collection Agency Service?

By JR Rooney

Do you have past due accounts that avoid doing business with you because they owe you money, if so a Collection Agency may be of help to you.

By hiring the proper Collection Agency you will accomplish many things. Not only will an established Collection Agency be successful in collecting your past due accounts, but once the accounts have been collected the customer that was avoiding you, most likely, will come back into your company to do business with you once again.

Are your employees spending too much time trying to collect past due accounts rather than doing the job you hired them to do in the first place? This is where a Collection Agency can really help your bottom line.

A Collection Agency that has experienced professional collectors can be highly successful in pursuing and collecting your past due accounts and at the same time allowing your employees the time to do the job you hired them to do.

In the end you have to decide if paying a small fee to recover the money that if rightfully yours is worth it.

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Credit Repair

By Darren Cason

The term "bad credit" really means a poor credit rating. A credit history that is less than ideal can result in the rejection of an application for a loan, especially with the more conservative lenders such as banks. However, bad credit does not have to be a hindrance any more because there are lenders out there who are willing to offer packages to assist people in financial difficulties. It is possible that you won't even have to offer any security to obtain the loan. If you are in this situation, it may just mean that you have to pay a higher interest rate to offset the risk that the lender is taking with you.

There is a solution to your problems now, even if you are unable to make a payment at some stage. It is possible to repair your credit, but to do this you have to work out what resources you have to assist you in the repayment of the loan. There are some kits available in the market to help you with this dilemma and there are also resources in certain libraries that you can research. You should be able to make photocopies of any relevant information. This information will also assist you with any negotiations you will make with your prospective lender. Most kits will guide you step by step through the process.

Your intial step should be to obtain copies of credit reports from the credit agencies. Clear up any discrepancies or false information as this will be of benefit to you in the future when you are establishing your creditworthiness.

Once you have obtained the reports, carefully examine your credit score and evaluate your financial situation and if you are finding it difficult to meet your minimum payments, consult with your lenders to decide upon a mutually satisfactory solution. Most lenders will be more than happy to work with you as they realize that it is better to have some repayments happening than none at all. Explain your situation in detail; don't try to embellish the truth so you can have honest suggestions on how to improve your credit score.

Once you have made the first difficult step in repairing your credit rating, it is important to maintain your rate of payment to transform a "bad" credit into an "excellent" one.

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Thrifty Spending

By William Blake

Living a frugal life is not just about saving. You also have to learn how to spend what you have in the best possible way. Now that you have mastered the savings side, what should you do with all that money? Here are some great ideas:

Make a list of your needs, wants and desires when it comes to your finances. Include any estimates that you may have (or use guesstimates if you have nothing tangible to go on). Be sure that you number them in the order of importance. Then start tackling your dreams one at a time.

Paying more than the minimum payment on your mortgage each month or even just making one additional payment each year could mean that your mortgage gets paid off in half the time that it would if you always paid the minimum. Doing so will also save you lots of money in interest. When you make such additional payments, make sure that the money is being deducted from you loan's principal. Once you have the mortgage paid off, you can use the money you were accustomed to spending on that on whatever else you want.

Use your savings to tackle home projects that have been calling out for attention. They can be big projects (which could require hiring a professional), or small (but not necessarily simple) like purchasing and hanging the ceiling molding in the children's room. You can choose to use the money to enhance your home and complete projects that have been long overdue.

Buy a newer pre-owned car. Even if your current vehicle is in good condition, you can get a newer pre-owned one. Your old car can be donated to a church, charity, or friend. Remember, though, that a newer car will be charged more in insurance payments.

Go on a dream vacation. If you plan your trip during the off season, you will be able to do more with less money and thus enjoy your vacation even more than you normally would.

Even though been frugal does mean saving money in case of unexpected costs, it also important to enjoy the benefits that come from working hard to save your money. Thrifty people should also save some money with the intention of using it to enjoy themselves in some special way.

Using the money that you have saved to congratulate yourself will be a great boost to keep on saving and living frugally.

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?Save Homes By Means of Foreclosure Help

By Michael Geoffrey

There is great concern amongst many families regarding the possibility of losing their homes because of foreclosure. This is due to the instability of employment and the economy. Some people are foreclosed on because they have handled their personal finances in an entirely irresponsible way. Others, however, need foreclosure help because of events that have occurred due to no fault of their own.

Food, electric, and heating costs have skyrocketed in recent years, and this has understandably caused many families to decide between using the money they have to pay for the absolute essentials of life only.

Many people were only able to purchase the homes they currently own as a result of adjustable rate mortgages with low introductory interest rates during the housing boom that was going on during the last ten years or so. Now, however, these individuals are in need of foreclosure help in order to prevent themselves from losing their homes. They also need to consider what kind of help to accept in order to not get into an even stickier place financially.

In an effort to assist people who risk being foreclosed on, several state governments have begun to help prevent foreclosure. Some people who need assistance have been victimized by what are often referred to as "predatory lenders" who intentionally offer loans to people that will not be able to pay back the money they borrow. Such lenders allow individuals to change their expenses or income in an effort to qualify for loans they should not be able to obtain.

Getting Help Before Foreclosure

After months or struggling to pay their regular bills as well as their mortgages, and families find themselves facing foreclosure, help may be off in the distant future, but their need is now. It has been stated many times that the best time to seek foreclosure help is before the process begins.

The sad truth is that people often postpone getting assistance to prevent being foreclosed on until it is too late. When they do try to get help, their credit history has often been affected negatively to a point where they can no longer get the low interest rate loans they need to prevent foreclosure.

Families who need help in making mortgage payments can receive such help from a variety of companies. Sometimes a home mortgage can be reworked so that its interest rate is lower but the loan's duration is extended. This could make the difference between a family losing their home to foreclosure or being able to keep it.

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