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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why I Hired A Life Coach To Fight The Recession With Force

By Christina Helwig

After running in circles trying to accomplish some big goals in my life, I finally bit the bullet and hired a life coach. The differences I have seen lately have completely thrilled me. My coach has helped me in ways I never thought possible to expand my business and create real wealth for my family.

When I first met my coach, she took the time to get to know and understand me. She did not ask me what I desired to accomplish or what my dreams were. I thought this was a little weird at first but I now know why she did it. Instead of rushing in to save me, she wanted to find out what was holding me back from achieving my dreams. By understanding what my stumbling blocks were, she could better formulate a plan to help me move ahead.

It took me time to find a life coach that I liked. One of the biggest requirements for me was personal responsibility. Would the coach call me when they said they would? Would the coach follow up on a lead that I gave them telling them that I wanted to work with them? And most importantly were these coaches demonstrating in their own life the type of accomplishments I wanted? Were they happy, healthy, wealthy, were they genuinely great people and lastly did they have great relationships in their world?

I had also made the choice that I personally wanted to partner with a female coach because women have unique concerns that a male coach might not always take into account or fully understand. This is in no way intended to disparage a male coach, it was just a personal choice I have at this time in my life. I have had male coaches before and they were great mentors.

After contacting a few women life coaches that met my criteria I was getting no where with finding the coach I wanted to work with. I put the thought in the back of my mind and continued working on my different projects and goals. Then on a vacation I had the good fortune to run into a acquaintance that did life coaching. I was a little scared but I asked her at lunch if she would coach me and she to my delight said yes. Earlier that week I had watched her interact with people and more importantly observed how she connected with me. She was kind, polite and had built a life for herself that I wanted to emulate. She was someone I could look up to and someone I wanted to work with deeply. Her coaching started off at my pace and was not a preset plan she led all her clients through. It was truly personalized and was built for me and for what I wanted. She was also available and responded to my questions and concerns quickly. I did not have to hunt her down and felt like I was her only client. The sessions completely focused on me and what I wanted.

You have to first understand where you are and how you got there before you can really take a quantum leap into real success. My coach helped me see personal traits that I did not recognize. Now don't get me wrong, I am no stranger to personal growth and self-development courses and books. I am an avid reader, writer and I personally coach people to help them reach their goals and live their dreams. Because of this I know that to really get great results, I had to practice what I preach and get myself a formal life coach.

You should really sit down and think about whether or not you are hitting the goals that you set for yourself. And more importantly are you merely setting goals you think you can achieve? Your goals should be a stretch, something to reach for and challenge yourself with. Not something that you can clearly see yourself achieving. Your goals have to scare you a little bit and make you a tad nervous, otherwise you are not thinking big enough. Remember that you are trading your life for the goals that you set for yourself. Each day you give up should be worth it. When you look back at your life you want to see great accomplishments and a truly fulfilled life, not a life that was lived in the shadows or played safe.

Think of the type of life you really want to lead and look at how you are living now. Do you think that your current habits, actions and thoughts are congruent with what you want to create in your life? What can you do to bring those three things into alignment.

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Understanding The No Fax No Credit Check Payday Loan

By Jennifer Winterland

Life sometimes throws us curve balls. They usually come in the form of unexpected expenses that leave us short of funds to pay the everyday necessary bills. Perhaps your child became ill or was injured, maybe the car needs some work done to insure that you can get back and forth from your job. You have probably thought of trying to get a short term loan or seeing if you could get your paycheck early to meet these necessary financial needs.

There is an option available. It is the payday loan. You may have hesitated to do this because of credit score issues, not wanting to fill out a lot of paperwork and of course the fear of being rejected. In fact, these loans can be applied for and obtained easily online. The lack of credit checks and not having to fax important documents makes these loans easier and quicker to get.

The internet method of obtaining a payday loan has become the easiest route. Many companies offer this type of online service and some do this exclusively. This type of online service is a great option for those in need of a payday loan.

Is wondering when you would receive your funds one of the questions that you have regarding the no fax, no credit check payday loan? In most circumstances you may receive your funds in a matter of hours deposited directly into your account. There isn't a long waiting period. It's all done, quickly and easily.

Is fear of a credit check what is holding you back from using this type of service. The economy has a good portion of the population struggling to make ends meet. If you weren't in need, you wouldn't be looking at using one of these services. Many of these payday loan programs don't require a credit check so that should put your mind at ease.

What part of no fax no credit check payday loan don't you understand? By conveying the ease of obtaining a no fax no credit check payday loan, hopefully you will understand more. Chances are you will not have to worry about trying to find documents that are usually needed to get a loan. Payday loans will usually do not require you to do this. They are quick and easy so you can get on with your life as quick as possible in many cases.

Perhaps you are debating whether you should go to a physical payday loan store or complete the application process online. If you are concerned about your privacy, then online is the best solution for you. It's quick, easy and private and you will have your answer usually in a matter of hours.

Do not be ashamed of needing help. Payday loans have improved from when they originally started. With the ease and confidentiality of the process today, you can truly benefit if needed. Of course it always advice that you research the company and their fees prior to obtaining the loan. Plus do not roll over loans into new ones, these are best used for short term needs only.

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Finding A Credit Card That Fits You, And Using It Wisely

By John Brennan

For many consumers, finding the right card can be hard. With all the cards available with differing rates, features, and options, it can be a difficult process of finding the right one for you. However, with proper guidance, you can find a credit card that identifies with your needs and will keep you free from debt issues.

Finding a card with a fixed low rate is the best option for many consumers. This type of card can keep the consumer from getting surprised with high rates after an introductory rate. Additionally, this type of card usually offers more flexible spending terms for the consumer, which can ease repayment.

In addition, its important to find a card that helps with bill paying each month. Online bill pay or automatic checking account withdraws are often an option. Other cards offer flexible repayment plans such as biweekly payments to coincide with consumer earnings.

To have a good credit life, it is vital to use cards responsibily. If used unwisely, you can find yourself in a credit pinch. If you find yourself in over your head in credit debt, the consequences may last for years.

If you're in a situation in which debt is extreme, hard work and responsible spending can ease you from the confines of debt. Credit debt is common, however help is out there. Credit service providers are key to getting out of debt quickly.

Using a service to get out of debt properly and with the right tools can be the best way to go. Services like Free in Five allow the consumer to deal with a credit counselor that can help to reduce debt payments and create favorable terms for repayment. Using a service like this can make your life easier.

Credit Counceling services can teach better credit habits as well as responsible spending with credit cards. Many people find it difficult to properly use cards without the help of a counselor. With the knowledge on how to properly use a card, you can make educated choices on purchases and find a card that fits you.

So, if you're looking for a credit card, be sure to pay attention to the rates and the extra elements of the cards, and find one that suits your needs. Once you do find the right card, be sure to be responsible and use it wisely for purchases that you can repay in due time. Failure to do so can result in needing some outside help or other assistance to get out of debt that you can easily avoid with a little common sense and restraint.

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Need to have Credit card for online transaction

By Mike Taylor

In case you own a website where you provide products and services to your customers, then you need to have online credit card processing authorization. There are many online business owners who do not provide the service of online payments just by looking at the expenditures that they may have to bear.

But unfortunately, they don't seem to realize that they are passing up a lot of money by not offering the service. Approximately 90% of all online purchases are done through credit cards, and the rest 10% of internet buys are carried out through bank account transfer, money orders, or paper checks. Yes, credit card dealings will cost a few cents more than usual dealings, but it is way better and convenient than any other mode of transaction and should be considered as an important business investment. There are many methods of online credit card processing. This article will focus on two particular modes of credit card payments, they are- PayPal and merchant account.

Let's begin with merchant account. This is a kind of account that is offered by a merchant bank that has the authority to carry out payments from credit cards like MasterCard and Visa. To avail a merchant account is quite time consuming, as it requires you to fill up a lengthy application. The bank may also check your credit history before sanctioning a merchant account to you. You are also required to go through and agree to the terms and conditions of the bank. Availing a merchant account doesn't come free; the bank is most likely to charge you a monthly fee and a percentage of every transaction you make. You may also be asked to pay a set up fee depending upon the rules and regulations of the bank. In many cases, the companies discharge the setup fee for their new clients.

PayPal is another great way to process online payments. For those online business owners who are unable to obtain a merchant account for themselves, PayPal can be an excellent option for them. PayPal is pretty much the same concept as Merchant account as it allows them to take credit card payments over the internet. But that only downside of PayPal method of payment is that a customer willing to make an online transaction needs to make his /her payments through their PayPal account. Most people who often shop on the internet do have their own PayPal account, but there are many who don't. This is a reason why many businesses that deal with online transaction have both PayPal and merchant account for the convenience of their customers. PayPal accounts, like merchant accounts charge a percent of your transactions.

The two ways of processing credit card payments that are discussed above are considered to be the most efficient and popular methods of taking payments online. In case you want to opt for the merchant account, beware of scams and it is wise to check the fine print thoroughly before finalizing anything. Although merchant account and PayPal are the best ways of carrying out online payments, it is always advisable that you do your research to find out which method suits you the best.

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Instant Online Mbna Low Apr Credit Card Offer

By Gugu Martini

If a credit card is used properly, it can be the most powerful financial tool, but not everybody can afford all the expensive rates of most credit card issuer's offer. To this end it is necessary to apply for a low interest rate or APR credit card which is more beneficial to the vast majority of card holders who cannot afford to pay the balance each month.

The way the financial industry promotes credit cards is on their Annual Percentage Rate or APR which is the method use to calculate how much interest is paid by the card user annually. Although this figure is divided by twelve to provide a monthly interest figure on any outstanding balance. This figure must be disclosed before the agreement is signed otherwise the credit card agreement will be void.

The lower the APR the lower the amount of interest they pay on their goods but this is not the only factor to consider when applying for a low APR credit card. People who require financial help will appreciate just how much money can be saved a year if they have a low interest rate credit card even if there are other charges.

Many low APR credit card offers can be found on the Internet but you will also see them advertised elsewhere. Some of the questions you have to ask when looking for a low APR credit card includes the charges; whether they are variable or fixed rate because when these charges are variable it might affect the repayments whereas if these rate are fixed they will it stay the same.

There are usually other additional charges which will need to be considered, one of which is monthly credit card payment protection which will add to the amount you pay. You must be made aware of these charges but if you intend to go ahead anyway just make sure you know when they have to be paid and how much is going to be added on to your credit card annually by them.

You should now have enough information to look for a credit card that has not just a low monthly interest figure but one that also combines the lowest annual charge as well. Most low APR credit card offers zero percent APR for the first months on purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers and they also offer no dollar liability on unauthorized purchases, with no annual fee.

It is also common for low APR credit cards to get new business just by offering a permanent zero interest rate on amounts transferred from another card but will charge all other transactions as normal but for large transfers this can be extremely good. Credit cards are one of the easiest ways to improve or even start your credit history as the regular usage is recorded and the information passed on to the agencies that control credit ratings.

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Apr Balance Card Credit Low Transfer

By Gugu Martini

Despite the often bad publicity credit cards receive, they are extremely useful but the amount of interest you pay can be a deciding factor on whether or not a particular card will be of benefit or not. If you are not in a position to pay off the balance on your credit card when the statement comes in each month then you will need to find a low APR credit card to help manage the payments.

The APR or annual percentage rate is the best overall guide to how much interest you will pay each month and is based on how much interest you will pay over a twelve month period. The APR on credit cards is usually calculated monthly based on the current amount in the card and the monthly interest is calculated as if the current card balance would remain the same over a year; the interest on the amount over a year (APR) is worked out and divided by 12 to give the monthly interest. It is the law that all lenders tell the client what their APR is before signing any agreement.

Every credit card issuer will have their own financial arrangements and terms but by choosing a low APR credit card it will help to lower the amount of interest paid each month. Low APR credit card is a good choice for those people who are into a tighter financial budgeting as being the most important attribute of a credit card, APR determines the significant balance over a longer period of time.

Most credit cards that offer a low APR will be found online so if you are looking for one, this is the place. People on stricter financial budgets will be better off with a fixed rate credit card as the interest rate will not vary and will help better manage their financial commitments each month.

Be aware of other fees and charges that might be added, although some are voluntary like the inclusion of a payment insurance which can guarantee the monthly minimum amount owing will be paid. Whatever charges are made, make sure you are aware what they are and whether or not they are optional as low APR credit cards will often have these attached but if you check the terms and conditions you should see them listed.

If you are now seeking for a low Apr credit card you may begin looking for a scheme that could help you save hundreds in interest with a low interest credit card and low cost processing. In fact many credit cards offer a zero percent interest rate on purchases during the first six months of use and no repercussions if the card is used by an unauthorized person.

As an incentive some will just provide a zero interest rate for transferring a balance for all the time the balance is being paid off but will charge interest on all other transactions. Credit cards are one of the easiest ways to improve or even start your credit history as the regular usage is recorded and the information passed on to the agencies that control credit ratings.

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Is it Possible to Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit?

By Troy Cruz William Engle Dawn Khoury James Nissen Robert Hill Chris Laning Janet Taylor Jack Enders Bruce Gross Rick Bean Keith Wood Ray Johnson Alex Velez Juan Hines Paul Holtz Kenya Rios Peggy Dye Neal Dawes Lucas King Karl Howell Jarrod Lucky Ruth Coats Doris Lund Ryan Hudson Henry Bush Lonnie May Arlen Bell Wanda Kuebler Kevin Stiles Nick Horton Jorge Pina Frank Vera Chad Copp Fred Brod Jose Cruz Jeremy Stanley Mark Jones Kelly McMahon Barney Bernard Ailleann Alan

How good is your credit? If you know your credit score and won't admit what the number is because it is so low, you may be worried that you won't be able to get a mortgage. If your credit score is low, getting a mortgage won't be easy, but it is still possible.

There are several factors that determine whether or not you are eligible for a mortgage, and credit score is one of the big ones. If you know right now that your credit is bad, you need to start to take the steps to fix it. To improve your credit, look at how many credit cards you have, how many late payments you have made, how much debt you have and how often you have had checks on your credit to see what you can fix now. If you have good credit, you are going to get a better mortgage rate, but if your credit is poor you might still be able to get a mortgage.

If there is no hope for your credit, you need to look for other ways to buy a house, because a mortgage probably won't ever be granted to you. You can thank these mortgage rules on the downturn of the economy, which is making it difficult for those with bad credit to get a mortgage. One way that those with terrible credit can get approved is to ask someone to cosign the mortgage papers with them. This is risky for the cosigner, because they are putting their credit on the line for you.

If your credit is poor, and you have been trying to improve it and your credit score has been showing signs of improvement because you have been paying your bills on time for the last six months, you have a chance at getting a better mortgage. If this is you, you are going to want to go and shop around at different mortgage companies to see which one is going to offer you the best rate. You might be paying more than most people would pay, but if you keep improving your credit score, you can always remortgage your house in a couple of years to get an even better rate.

If your credit is poor, chances are you are going to get a higher interest loan and the bank will probably make you take out private mortgage insurance if your down payment is not large enough. This insurance is going to add a lot of money to your monthly payments, so make sure to budget it in to the price of your house so that you won't feel any financial pressure down the road. Remember, if your house gets foreclosed, you are going to find that it is near impossible to get a mortgage in the future.

Is it possible to get a mortgage if your credit is so bad that you had to file for bankruptcy or if you've defaulted on a mortgage in the past? Well, right now it is going to be very iffy whether or not you can get a mortgage, if you really want one the best bet is to shop around. You might have to pay a lot in interest for a bank to trust you, and it just may not be worth it.

The moral of the story is you should make sure your credit stays good and that will save you a lot of headaches of getting a mortgage with bad credit.

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The Bad Credit Special Loans.

By Denzel Abintenk

Many of the citizens are able to take delivery of bad credit loans after filing the bankruptcy, often almost immediately as thirty days time period next the release of the bankruptcy. a lot of companies have set up a high quality marketplace presenting these loans, knowing a person cannot declare bankruptcy for a at least of seven years following the bankruptcy release. This opens a novel market for a number of lenders will to take a likelihood of citizens with a bad credit score meaningful they have legal alternative to recoup the quantity of the loan.

Even though the majority customary lenders just will not grant bad credit personal loans after bankruptcy there are many lenders that come to blows over the market. Even by means of the counseling supplies of bankruptcy on monetary organization and liability, at present is no law that require those declare the bankruptcy to go after any suggestion made for the duration of the counseling. Follow the discharge of the bankruptcy, persons are free to search for bad credit personal loans after bankruptcy at whatever time they choose.

even though bankruptcy records are released to the public, and their accessibility is often seen as an uncomfortable punishment for ignore past accountability, the accessibility of the bad credit individual loans after the bankruptcy has a lot of taking that road to get out from beneath a serious debt load. still with the novel laws there are those who carry on to pile on debt and file for bankruptcy each seven years or as almost immediately as the law permits.

There Are No Laws to Govern For People Who Apply For the Bad Credit Loans

at the same time as a lot of laws exist over who can present bad credit personal loans after bankruptcy and the interest rates charge for them, there is no laws leading who can apply for them. yet a person who has manifold bankruptcies in their earlier period are free to seek financial help where on earth they can find it. in spite of the considerably higher cost of bad credit personal loans subsequent to bankruptcy citizens often flock to the lender presenting such loans.

a small number of, if any of the lenders presenting the bad credit personal loans to consolidate debt after bankruptcy have need of any type of guarantee for the money, still meaningful there is a good chance the loan will go into non-payment, the alternative obtainable, counting wage garnishment, make them a money-making business. When a human being default on bad credit personal loans after bankruptcy a court-ordered reimbursement is characteristically approved for the amount of the loan and whichever expenses linked with collect the loan.

over and over again the cost of collection approach the sum of the initial loan along with courts costs, like the attorney fees and collection agency fees, all charged to the delinquent the creditor. This add even more to the charge of obtain bad credit personal loans after bankruptcy is filed.

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Pay Off Your Debt With Debt Consolidation Counselors

By Caden Flynn

Do you know your exact financial situation? If you have a lot of debt, you may not even have a clear idea of how many cards you owe money on, or the exact amount you owe to your creditors. Whether you are just beginning to rack up debt, or owe thousands, you should consider debt consolidation. The best place to go for debt consolidation advice is to experts with the knowledge to help you.

Where can you find debt consolidation professionals? Many banks and financial firms can give you advice to help manage your debts. Many debt consolidation companies can offer you a financial expert or debt management counselor to get you back on track. While you can find some helpful advice on the internet, be careful who you trust with your finances.

When you visit a debt consolidation company, they will start by having you fill out a form with information about your credit history, your existing debts, and who you owe this money to. So before you turn to a debt consolidation professional, be sure you have a clear understanding of your debts. Then, they'll come up with a plan that you can reasonably follow, and help you with the next steps to becoming debt-free.

Debt counselors are very helpful if you've fallen into debt because they can teach you strategies for staying out of debt in the future. Most people fall into debt simply by overspending, and debt counselors can help you change your lifestyle to avoid doing this again and again. Credit cards can be useful, but only if you use them responsibly. If you have fallen into debt with credit cards, they can teach you how to cut down on your spending so that you can pay off your debts.

You may be concerned about how to pay for a debt counselor, but actually it should not cost very much. Most of the advising can actually be free. Discuss the costs with the company or bank with which you are working, making sure that there are no charges on their debt relief service packages that will surprise you later. Of course online advice is free, but it may be wise to go with a professional if you're serious about getting a debt consolidation counselor or getting yourself out of debt.

If you find yourself falling into debt, it's important to start getting yourself out of it right away. Get your advice from a debt counselor who understands your situation and can make a plan that will work for you. If you follow their plan completely, you can find your way out of debt.

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Real estate short sale is an unpleasant experience for an owner

By Rem

The term 'real estate short sale' is being bandied about more and more as of late. Real estate short sales serve as an alternative to foreclosures in an increasingly declining real estate market. The time it takes to sell a property is extremely high, and the prices on real estate have reached a considerable low. Throughout the country the crisis is so bad that many places are experiencing what is fair to call a market meltdown. It is because the market is so inhospitable that the need for short sale real estate has gone up so dramatically.

Banks undergo a real estate short sale when they let a property be sold for an amount of money that is less than what it is worth. There are two conditions that must be met before a bank is likely to approve this: Number one, the property's sale price has to be incapable of covering the outstanding mortgage balance. The second condition is kind of obvious, but it dictates that the owners will be unable to continue making mortgage payments on the property.

For example, a property that was purchased five years ago with an adjustable rate mortgage for 217,000 dollars. Let's say that two years after purchasing the property the owners took out an additional 10,000 dollars second mortgage, which means that today the owners owe 227,000 dollars on the property.

Let's also believe that the property is in a part of the country where the market values have fallen to 215,000 dollars for similar properties, and that the adjustable mortgage interest rate has risen from seven to eleven percent. Finally, add the fact that one of the owners has just lost her job and the makings of a real estate short sale situation become apparent.

The bank may decide to save expenses and time delays that a foreclosure would cost by simply allowing a short sale. Banks do this because it allows them to accept a definite amount of money and because it allows them to get the property off their books. If the lenders and owners do not agree on the terms of the sale, complications can result, but in general, that is how the real estate short sale works.

A real estate short sale is an unpleasant experience for an owner, but it is not the worst thing in the world. The methods may not be flawless, but it will beat having a foreclosure on the credit report. On the other hand, a truly savvy investor can take advantage of these short sales for excellent buying opportunities.

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