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Friday, November 7, 2008

IRA-401K Real Estate Investing for Boomers

By john krol

What is the most important point in buying an apartment building?

CEO John Krol of Boomers Bank

Finally it hits you that investing in real estate is the number 1 possible move you can make with your retirement money. With your heart is set on buying an apartment building, your search for information on the topic has brought you to this article. So what do you need to consider when making this investment?

The answer is simple; use, use and use. Use is possibly the most important factor in terms of the property's value. For your investment to be a success, you need to think of the building's use for you as well as for your tenants. Hence, you need to also put yourself in the shoes of your customers, i.e. your tenants. To kick start things, first attain information on the demographics of the area in which you want to invest in. This should give you a basic idea of who your target audience is and will also allow you to build a general profile of your typical tenant.

With that profile in mind, think then of what the average tenant would need if he/she lives in your building. Regardless of who you rent out to, people will always need and want basic amenities near by. Thus, you have to ensure that the apartment building you buy is located near a grocery store, entertainment facilities, medical facilities and the like. You should note that although people might have cars, they do not like to driving for more than 10 minutes to get the basic necessities. For example, in an emergency situation, no person would like to drive more than 10 minutes to get to a hospital.

Following the universal needs, you need to look a little more closely into the profile you have outlined. The more you breakdown this profile, the greater will be chances for success. For instance, if currently you feel that your building will primarily be occupied by families, then you should study the demographic data carefully to figure out what kind of families are we talking about. Will the families be newly married couples or families with school-going children? If it?s the former of the two cases, then your building should ideally be located near a good quality daycare center. Meanwhile, if it?s the latter of the two cases, then you will be best positioned if the building is a near a good quality school.

Use is possibly the most important factor when one is to make a purchase. Combine that with customer profiling, and you have the recipe for success. However, always remember that you shouldn?t venture outside your comfort zone unless you absolutely have to. Comfort zone here refers to areas with which you are familiar and have possibly had experience in previously. This point is important always but even more when you are initially starting out as a real estate investor. When starting out, stick to what you know and try out new things only when you feel you have a handle on the situation. And always, always, keep your eyes and ears open to absorb whatever information you can about your location so that you are never left in the dark.

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Tips on Credit Card Relief

By Jessica Bradbury

It has been said that it is easier to gain weight, compared to loosing pounds. In the realm of credit cards, loans, bank accounts, bills and pending payables, the relationship with weight and finances takes shape in; it is easier to accumulate debts, rather than saving money to pay off debts.

It would be difficult to keep oneself from of debt if one has this much money to spend. One would end up in a situation wherein the common phrase "it is easier to gain weight than lose it" applies in terms of one's indebtedness. That is, it is much simpler to accumulate debts than to save money to settle one's debts.

There are, however, several steps that one can follow in credit card debt reduction. Loan applicants should always remember that one should focus on being able to pay all credit card bills.

One should know the interest rates that credit card companies offer. When you start negotiations, inform the company that you are no longer able to pay their interest rates. This scheme is straightforward and the least that the company can do is say reject your request.

There is a chance for you to be able to haggle the interest rates of the credit card company. Inform them that you have opted to do credit card debt relief and disclosing to them that you have applied with another company that is offering a lower interest rate. You can also say that you will stay in the present company you are involved in but only if they are able to lower their interest rates.

However, if you are merely bluffing the company, it is better to get the best rates that you could from the company. Take note that your credit card company would be able to negotiate the interest with you. Availing of lower interest rates means that you will be able to add the payment you have set aside to settle the principal amount on your credit card bills.

The amount of the payment due, which is stated in your credit card bills, determines the credit card debt reduction rate. The lower the amount you owe them, then your next bill would be a lighter burden of payment for you.

You are also advised to limit your credit card use. One way is by paying for your meals using cash. Following this scheme would entail strict discipline on oneself but remember, also, that this would help you save money.

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Current Account Mortgages And Why They Benefit You

By Chris Channing

Offset mortgages are similar to current account mortgages and can be compared. Your salary usually determines your repayment amounts when using a current account mortgage. Getting your payments in early and in higher amounts will make your account have better repayment terms. You don't have to worry about making payments on time because the money is automatically debited from your bank accounts.

Opening up a current account mortgage loan may require you to have a savings account available that you frequently put money into. Using this option, you will be able to save on interest, especially when you add more to your account. Even if you are with bad credit in your history, this method of mortgage is often open.

Current account mortgages also combine all of your finances. Everything is piled into one account, making it much easier to manage. Several accounts can be confusing and result in overdrafts, fees, and many other financial problems. Having a current account mortgage actually helps you avoid those things and keeps them all organized.

Being able to add to the savings account will allow you to get better interest rates. You can offset your loan interest payments by the amount you have in your savings account, making you not need to pay the interest on the amount in the account be it $5,000, $100,000 or more. Borrowers will find this an invaluable loan repayment opportunity that will help them save money.

You can be more flexible with a current account mortgage, allowing you to put money in without losing too much in interest when making repayments. This flexibility is very generous and should be taken advantage of when building credit and creating a good repayment record for the future.

Offsetting the interest through your savings can also help you out greatly in the long run, especially when you need to save money that other mortgage options do not offer. This can bring many benefits for those wanting this kind of flexibility as well as grouping all of your payment obligations into a single monthly payment that has manageability that is unmatched in the mortgage world. Interest and billing is calculated daily, so adding money into your account will affect the next day's balance and interest. Low interests along with the instant benefits make all of the difference in this situation.

Closing Comments

Having bad credit or a number of other loans can be remedied with the use of a current account loan. Repayment terms are processed by the amount you put into your bank account every day.

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How Foreclosures Can Be Avoided With A Loan Modification Process

By Chris Channing

Mortgages are a common loan that is given out across the world. Your home acts as a collateral that keeps the loan secured for both you and the lender. Borrowers who need a lot of cash are likely to get a mortgage to cover those costs. If you cannot pay your repayments, then your home is likely to be foreclosed. Foreclosures happen whether we like to think they do or not, but there are some things you can do to prevent it from happening to you.

Since a contract is binding until the end of the loan period, you have to pay the payments in a timely manner. If you fail to do so, then your home is fair game for foreclosure. Millions lose their homes each year due to foreclosures.

If your income has suddenly changed due to a hardship then you are eligible for a loan modification. It is crucial that you apply for a loan modification before you are too far behind on your mortgage, failing to do so puts your home at greater risk for foreclosure.

Being laid off, medical problems, a death in the family, and many other reasons are all types of hardships that are recognized by many banks. Each bank will have a different opinion, but they are generally the same.

Loan modification can change your contract entirely, and definitely lower payments to make it easier for you. This is a last resort option, but you should do a loan modification if you sense problems in your financial status arising. Waiting too long can mean serious problems.

Foreclosures happen, and they can definitely happen to anyone that has a mortgage taken out on their home. If you mess up and don't play your cards correctly, then a foreclosure could happen to you. It is a scary process, but is also easily avoided. If you find yourself struggling, you should apply for a loan modification at the first sign of financial troubles.

Closing Comments

Avoiding a foreclosure by getting a loan modification is a good step to take in the event that you are faced with hardships that change the course of your income. Loan modifications can mean extending the loan, lowering interest, or making special arrangements to have the interest and payments deferred.

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Understanding The Importance Of Investment Property Mortgages

By Chris Channing

Obtaining properties for investment is the practice of property investment. Many different types of investment property exist that can be obtained using an investment property mortgage.

One common misconception of investment properties is having the property purely for investment. Getting an investment property mortgage from a lender will prove more difficult when you apply for a non investment property. Many lenders will be picky with the properties they choose to give investment property mortgages for. If a property is not ready for letting then it may not provide an income to repay the loan.

Common investment properties used to receive an investment property mortgage are buy to let properties. Purchasing a property with an investment property such as a buy to let property, a property is purchased to let out and the rent money will then eventually bring in a profit for the borrower. This option makes investing in a new home virtually free, as the renting tenants pay for the mortgage and you get to keep the property when the mortgage is paid off. Many investment property mortgages are strict in their requirements, but this varies from lender to lender.

Some investment property mortgages can be mortgages that you take out to get an investment property. This can be a super beneficial move to make, especially if you purchase the investment property for a good price. Be careful when choosing an investment property; it can lower in value and then you end up losing money. No one wants to lose money, so choose wisely.

Using an investment property mortgage to purchase a home is beneficial. Purchasing a home at a great price can get you a quicker return with profits sooner when you pay off the mortgage. A property that loses value will end up causing you to lose money once the loan is repaid.

Rushing into an investment property mortgage is not recommended. Your investment could lose value if the market begins to fall. Investment mortgages vary from country to country. Always look into the investment property rules in your area before finalizing one. Investing in a property in this manner can be a serious deal especially when you can make a profit from residual tenant income.

Closing Comments

Some real estate markets are falling at the moment, making it a great time to buy. There are many properties with really nice homes out there at an all time low. An investment property mortgage gives you the resources you need to purchase one of these homes and reap the benefits.

The Benefits Of Choosing A Non Status Mortgage Solution

By Chris Channing

Getting a mortgage in today's competitive banking and lending world can be difficult when you have little or no proof of income. Many people that own their own homes can get a mortgage, even with inadequate credit ratings as long as they have an income source. When these things are difficult to prove, a Non Status Mortgage loan arrangement may be required.

A non status mortgage is a type of loan that you can get that does not require you to provide proof of income. This can be very helpful for those who are paid infrequently or are in a profession that pays them in offset intervals. This is also true for those who can get an income but are not employed, such as those with large court settlements that provide them money because they no longer work from a disability or injury.

People with bad credit or an income source that is infrequent will be able to get non status mortgage. A lender will see being able to repay the loan of more importance than having an income that is unable to be proven. Being honest about your income status is the best option when applying for this kind of mortgage. You can get yourself into debt or damage your credit when you are dishonest and cannot make the payments on your mortgage.

If you cannot provide a proof of income for a standard loan, then applying for a non status loan may be your solution. Some mortgage options require you to be making a set amount of income, or a certain credit range, but not with non status loans. If you cannot qualify for a standard loan, a non status loan can be an option, so check with your lender.

Some of the disadvantages of getting a non status mortgage are paying down payments anywhere from 5%-20% depending on the lender and how much you are borrowing, also if you borrow an amount that you will not be able to pay back, you end up putting your home at risk. Losing your home may not be worth the risk when you borrow less than what your home is actually worth.

There are many options online for non status loans from a bank or other lenders. Make sure to check with your local lending institutions as well as online to make the best decision on interest rates and options.

Closing Comments

Getting a non status mortgage loan can be a great help to those who need money right away but have no other options for standard loans. Many lenders are willing to give a non status mortgage to individuals who are able to make the deposit regardless of proof of income.

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