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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to Protect Your Credit Card

By Amanda Somrekli

Finding your first credit card is like a hunt. It's going to take some time and if you know what you want, it's not hard to find it. Try doing some research online to see what will work best for your wallet. Remember, once you get your first card, use it right and don't spend more than what you can afford.

Do your research - The first thing that you want to do is research what kind of card you want. Do you want a card that gives you rewards in the travel industry or do you want rewards by getting cash back? You have to ask yourself a lot of questions and hopefully by the time you find the answer, you will find the perfect card.

Know your limits - Many cards have limitations on how you can use them. Some may only let you spend $5,000 until you get the maximum rewards while another card may only let you cap out at $5,000. Try and find a card that has no expiration dates or caps. There are some out there but you have to do some searching.

You just need to evaluate your needs and take the time to make a plan on how you are going to fix your credit score and then apply your efforts. If you manage to find some good credit card tips, then you can always achieve great results.

Credit cards are a necessary must have to establish any kind of credit. Many people unwillingly just sign up for as many credit cards as possible with the hopes that it will build up their credit. For others, the lure of being able to purchase a huge ticket item is too hard to resist signing up.

It may be time now to re-do your budget and spend only what you can afford. If you have to get rid of credit cards, by all means do it. The nice thing about secured cards is that you're able to control your spending since there is a cap on what you can spend.

Credit card debt reduction is help full for those consumers who really want to pay off their total debts. If consumers want debt reduction for some time than it can become a problem if in future they are failed to pay off monthly payments.

You can get gas cards at many stations all over the country. If you need a specific gas card, you can apply online as well. There are many different types of cards. Some are only for gas and some are for any purchase.

Many gas station groups have their own credit cards. There are Conoco, SuperAmerica and Texaco. Some of these cards are able to be used at other stations, but usually it is stations that are affiliated with the company that issues the card.

For instance, the Conoco gas credit cards can be used at Phillips 76 and the 66 gas stations. Some credit cards are open for any gas station. If you need a card for a specific gas station, you can apply onsite or on the Internet.

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