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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Turning Profit From Investment Property In The UK

By Chris Channing

The majority of consumers view an investment property as a piece of property that is rented out to tenants. In reality, there is so much more to investment property in the UK than meets the eye. Knowing the intricacies of turning profit from the land can build fortunes for entrepreneurs.

One type of land investment that is less risky, but takes more time to make profit from, is "land squatting." Land squatting is the process of buying up land outside of certain "hot spots," - and then waiting for the surrounding community to grow until it encompasses the purchased property. This type of investment is usually reserved for those who already have a fair sum of funds, as it requires that a piece of land be held for several years at least.

Leasing out a piece of property for business use is handy for easy money with relatively little maintenance. The business obtaining the lease will usually assume upkeep of the property, and most businesses like to keep a good reputation so they keep up on such duties. The only real thing to worry about with a commercial lease for the investor is the taxes each year that are due, which are essentially negligible compared to profits.

A commercial property has many benefits, but residential properties have their own. Residential properties are easier to obtain, and are usually more abundant in most locations because of zoning. Residential properties are usually best for the beginning investor, since they don't require as much starting capital, and usually have a fair payout in exchange for involvement with the tenants.

If one can obtain property near well-traveled roads or intersections, it may be used for marketing purposes. Billboards and other forms of advertising media have become increasingly popular in cities and surrounding suburbs. It turns a quick, easy profit- and has relatively little expenses. There is a moderate initial cost to pay for the structure, and the supplies for putting the ad in place, but these are minimal compared to other ventures.

Renovating property and reselling is another common venue of gaining profits. Property that may be downtrodden in some shape or form can be worked until market value is significantly increased- such as the case with the "house flipping" craze. This takes skill in renovation, however, and is also slightly riskier if a mortgage is being taken out to buy the land in question.

Closing Comments

Property investment has many opportunities, certainly much more than listed here. It's recommended that those interested in turning a profit from property investment check out a few books, go online, or visit local experts for more information. It may take some work, but the payout is truly excellent.


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