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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Don't Overpay Purchasing Personal Checks - Save 50% Online!

By Margaret Black

You're almost out of checks and before you run dry you may be thinking about running to the bank. But you can order checks online and save the middleman bank markup. There is no need to let the bank profit from your purchase.

Banking institutions need to make a profit and markup the price of checks they buy from a check manufacturer. When you order checks from the internet direct from the manufacturer you are buying at wholesale prices. You'll not only save money but are able to order from your own computer saving gas, time and taxes.

There are a great diversity of check designs and categories to look at. You'll be surprised at the varied categories and artists that contribute to designing checks.

You'll save about 50% when you order direct. The quality of checks is no different then the quality of checks the bank sell you. After all you and they will be buying for essentially the same place. The only difference is you have more choices of categories and motifs.

Contact cards, checkbook covers, matching address label as well as various types of check formats are available. Popular side tear, top stub and 3 per page and other personal and business check formats are also available. Your draft checks bookkeeping needs to be vigilantly balanced as you well know. Easy to view accounting check registers are also an important consideration.

Checks are deposited at the bank. Sometimes, when the payee is uncertain about a check, they will cash that check in the bank against which it was drawn.

When there are not sufficient funds to cover the full amount of checks the check will not clear. This bounced check is bad news from a variety of perspectives.

Banks make a bonus when they get bounced checks. Their steep service charges that are imposed make one take quick notice. Keeping accurate records to avoid service charges is essential.

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