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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Paying your Debts Soon has its Advantages

By Paul J. Easton

Why pay your debt sooner than later? Because when you pay your debt off, you will have greater credit to draw on. Given your current income, lenders calculate how much you can borrow by looking at the amount of outstanding debt you have and how much more you can afford.

If you have a lot of credit card debt or you pay other sizeable monthly installments, it is natural for lenders to be a little wary of letting you borrow more. Pay down all your credit card debts and free up some cash each month. By then, you will qualify for more credit.

By paying down your debt, you will have better cash flow. You will certainly reduce the amount of your monthly installments from now on. As a result, you will have more extra cash for your personal expenses and other extras. With extra cash flow, you will less likely to borrow from credit card companies for your daily needs.

You could have better use of your money if you pay off your debts. Rather than paying the interests in your debt every single month, you could deposit to a savings account where you will earn for yourself interest. Without the debt finally, you can probably invest in a property to receive rental income or earn capital gains when you sell it later.

If you consistently pay only the 2 to 3% minimum amount, you are doing one the greatest mistakes of your financial life. Save yourself from carrying thousands of debt and hundred dollars in interest charges annually. Cut back on minor expenses you don't really need like lunches outside or stop buying coffee to save up money to pay more for your credit cards each month.

So paying only the minimum amount on your every credit card's due will not do the trick. Just make sure you pay the balance off within 30 days after purchase. Carrying the balance will deprive you of the many mentioned benefits above.

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