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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bonds, The two major types, and which one suits you better

By Graham McKenzie

If you wish to take out a bond than you have several options you must consider. For beginners, you need to understand the two major types of bonds, which are fixed rate interest bonds and bonds that constantly fluctuate the interest.

Fixed rate bonds have existed for years and will continue to exist, because individuals, especially home owners, want a steady interest rate. They are not willing to do the math and break down the interest throughout the years. They just want one, solid rate of interest.

Most fixed rate bonds run between twenty to thirty years, which is definitely a long time. A lot of people would rather stick to something around fifteen years, which is fine if they have a higher than average equity along with an income sufficient to meet the higher monthly payments.

Obviously, it would make a very ideal situation if clients could individual call out a number of years and the bank would offer a bond for that period, but that is not the case. Banks are willing to offer bonds in five year increments, staring with fifteen which is becoming more popular. Another common number is twenty five years which is a reasonably agreement between the bank and client.

While I mentioned earlier that most individuals are drawn to fixed rate bonds, it should also be noted that a certain group of people prefer interest rates that fluctuate. This is probably the appropriate and smart way to handle a loan. Individuals who prefer this type of bond can bend and break with the economy and enjoy more flexibility with the bank as the bond progresses.

The homeowner may wish to request an adjustment with the interest based on the current economy. The bank is more than happy to meet this request, but will charge fees for doing so. It's worthwhile to make the request if you can afford the fees.

However, you also run a risk of seeing a higher interest rate with bonds that fluctuate the interest. It's one of those up and down, rollercoaster rides. Like Forrest Gump said, "you never really know what you're gonna get."

A lot of people would rather avoid the risk of inflated interest rates, and instead turn to a fixed interest rate that they can depend on.

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