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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Top Free Credit Report Secrets

By Anne Ahira

Getting your annual free credit report is easy! The Federal Trade Commission has acknowledged the fact that identity theft is on the rise, and that more and more individuals are discovering incorrect items on their credit reports.

This is why persons shall now obtain one Free Credit Report from whichever of the three "major" credit reporting agencies in the United States yearly

These organizations enclose TransUnion, Equifax, and the ever-popular Experian. All you have to do is actually request the inform from every of the groups once each year. Once you make the request, in some weeks, you shall get your annual free credit report.

If you desire to create the procedure of getting your annual free credit report a little easier than going to several personal credit group you can do this by visiting the Federal Trade Commission's website. From this website, you afford be redirected to

Despite the fact that it is true that you can go to this website forward on your own for your free credit report, it is vital to carefully watch what you are typing to ensure that you land on the proper page. If you miss just one letter, you possibly will end up arriving at a website that is set out to scam and spam persons who are searching to acquire a free credit report.

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