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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Options to Get out of a Financial Rut

By Paul J. Easton

You may be struggling with unsecured debts today and you have decided to pay off your credit cards fast. In current times, doing so can be done with several options but it is still important to remember that any plan of paying off your credit card debts must always include restraint on your future spending to avoid another cycle of debts.

One option available you can use is cash-out refinancing. If your goal is to pay off credit cards, you can take out a mortgage using your home equity with a larger principal than your current credit card debts. By then, you will available cash to pay your credit cards.

With cash-out refinancing, you will no longer have any credit card debt so you eliminate the monthly credit card payments. You also avail the lower interest rate on the mortgage which means you save quite a bit in interest every month.

If you do not want to use your home equity to pay off your credit cards, one option you can use is a personal loan. A lender can provide and approve you for a personal loan to repay your credit card debts. This is much like the situation suing with home equity loan. The difference, however, is that the loan is not secured by your home. This means that you will have a higher interest rate than you would if you use a home equity loan. The good news is that the credit card rate is normally still lower than those with credit cards.

Lastly, this last plan is for you to develop a budget. This step is crucial for you to take control of your financial situation. Have a realistic assessment of how much money you have as an income and how much money you spend every month.

Start by having a list of all your income from all sources and all the corresponding expenses especially the fixed expenses every month like rent and car payments. List too all the expenses that vary like entertainment and clothing.

Writing down a list of all your expenses is a truly great way to track your spending patterns. This gives you the opportunity to identify necessary expenses and prioritize the rest of them.

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