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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mistakes with Multiple Credit Cards and Buying a Car

By Paul J. Easton

Having too many credit card accounts? That's one of the biggest mistakes you are probably making. Treat your credit cards as if you treat your money in your savings account. If you have one savings account only, why get multiple credit card accounts?

Just when you thought it is the right thing to do to open another credit card for that major purchase, check ways to finance it in a less costly manner. You can probably get a much lower interest rate with a home equity loan or a bank loan. It is always worth doing some research before that big decision.

As an indication that you may not be a good debt manager, a maxed out credit limit on one of your cards is a situation worth avoiding. Carry only one credit card or two at most. And always use credit cards as little as possible.

Buying a car with a small down payment and financing it can be a convenient way to own your dream car, just until you found out that dream turning sour after a few years.

Buy your new car with a substantial down payment. If possible, hold off the plan on buying that new car until you raise that amount needed for a bigger down payment. This is because the savings on the interest over the long term will be very significant. And as for the research part, always compare deals to get a better rate with an independent lender.

Here is another great suggestion. Once you fully paid your car loan, a good way to save for your next brand new car is to keep aside the amount the same to the monthly amortization you were paying your lender. Put this into a high-yield savings account. Because you are used anyway having only that available cash while you have monthly amortization, there will be no problem and your money will grow fast in your savings.

You'll be surprised how good you are at getting ahead of debt if you only avoid the two mistakes above. With that in mind, it is time to start building a financial nest egg for the future.

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