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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ways to Attack your Debt Woes

By Paul J. Easton

When attacking the problem of debt, you should always begin with the need to discipline yourself not to use your credit cards. Only buy the much needed things with cash. By putting yourself on a buy as needed policy, you will certainly eliminate a large portion, if not totally, of your debt.

It certainly won't be easy to get rid of debt. As a guide to help you, we will present simple tips to help you free up cash with lifestyle changes. Stop spending more money on nonessential buys. For now, there will be no more new clothing, shoes, and costly gifts on your must-buy list. Add to that the CDs, toys, and other accessories until you pay off the credit card debts.

I should have mentioned this on the first part, stop using your credit cards. You can resist temptation by making your credit cards difficult to use. Put it on some place you cannot easily have access to. If you cannot do this simple tactic, try cutting your plastics up all together.

Suspend all your future plans for a travel or a pricey entertainment. You can certainly have a cheaper yet fun version without incurring further debts. When you finally get rid of the debt, the cruise and Disneyland will probably still be there.

Reduce your telephone expenses. Try to make fewer long-distance calls and cut off expensive postpaid plans. If you own a cell phone already, you can drop the land line you also have so that you can pay the bills with cash. Or it could be the other way. Just choose which is more frequently used or where you get the most out of your money.

Budget your groceries and always shop with a list. This strategy will make you focus more with just the items on the list so that you end up spending less on groceries. Try also to limit meats with your weekly meal plans. Red meats like pork and beef are proven to age you faster. Not only will you save money but you will also look younger in the long run. These are just a few tips to attack your money woes and get rid of debt completely. Be consistent and you will be rewarded soon.

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