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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Convenience of Credit Cards

By Paul J. Easton

With the proper use of credit cards, they can truly provide you with much convenience and can be very useful in emergencies. In addition, it also can help build good credit records for you.

One of the conveniences of credit cards is instances when you buy a defective item. Your credit card company, as regulated in the laws, is obligated to investigate your situation. This is the same in cases where you protest a charge made due to some discrepancies.

Most credit cards have grace periods that can last up to 25 days. In essence, you are given a loan without the interest for a period of one month before you have to pay off the charges. This strategy, however, is only successful if you pay the full balance in each month. But it is definitely a convenience to benefit from.

Credit cards are very useful during emergencies. It provides extra security as a source during emergencies where significant cash is required as soon as possible. These emergency cases can range from car repairs to medical emergencies.

With the use of credit cards, you can now track your personal expenses for a budgeting program. With a credit card statement, purchases can be tracked and distinguished by type so you will know your cash flow. This will make your record keeping much easier than when you use cash.

With wise use of these cards, you have a good chance of improving your credit. And in cases when something unexpected happens, you have available funds to rely on. Getting a credit card is so important nowadays as it is a great way to take advantage of certain opportunities and conveniences around. However, accumulating debt is also crucial in today's economic state.

Abuse of credit cards, especially when the owner is not so observant with using it, can lead to a lot of debt. Some people charge more than they can afford, and are headed for financial trouble. I hope you don't follow the same. Make good use of your credit cards and you will just be fine.

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