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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Simple Rules on How to Use Your Credit

By Paul J. Easton

In life, we stick with the rules. Violating certain rules has its penalties. This universal law surely applies to the use of your credit cards. Read further to know whether you are violating or not.

Never use a credit card to finance an unaffordable lifestyle. This is where most people fall trap of the never ending financial mishap. If you just can't afford to pay off the entire balance every month, then it is an indication of overspending.

When you have enough cash in the bank, you can use that credit card to make the purchase. Pay it off in full as soon as you get the statement. However, if you don't have enough cash to cover the purchase and it is not an emergency, never charge it with your credit cards. Just save your money until the time you can afford that purchase you always wanted.

In cases where you can't afford something but needs it immediately like a car repair or medical emergencies, use the credit card to charge it. Then, make a plan to pay off the balance with a time frame. Take the plan to another level by figuring out how much you will pay monthly and how long it will take to pay the balance off. Write your plan to implement it better.

A good way to save yourself from credit card debt you can't handle is not to charge meals, groceries, or movie tickets. These items will not show in the statement and you will not monitor it as much as you can. Pay cash for these kinds of items instead. Save the credit for the most necessary items you will need in the future.

As much as you can, pay off the entire outstanding balance each payment due. When carrying a balance in certain instances, pay off as much as you can a big part of that balance each month. Paying only the minimum might be light for now but it will certainly pile up over time and drown you over your head.

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