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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sticking to your Plan to being Debt Free

By Paul J. Easton

How to stick to a plan in getting rid of debt? Start with stopping yourself from applying for a new credit card. Yes, stopping yourself from getting another credit card is the way to finally end being debt-free.

Never pay your old credit card balance with the available credit from the new one. To end the cycle of debts, stop getting new ones. Together with this plan, start targeting the credit card with the highest interest rate and insistently pay this account down as fast as you can. You have to reduce altogether the amount over the minimum payment on your other cards. Concentrate this time with only one card. You can pay the rest of the cards with the minimum payment.

Be sure, though, to continue making at least the minimums on your other cards every time without failure. After the account with the highest interest is paid off, begin paying off the next highest interest rate card. Work on this plan until you finish paying all your credit card debts, saving you more money from interest and finance charges.

Work on your budget as well. Spend the time to create one on paper before the month starts. When you are aware of your spending, you are spending with a purpose. This will totally give you a conscious effort to limit yourself every time you are faced with a bill or an impulse to buy something.

Your dream is to be debt-free this year. It will take some time and some effort from your end to realize this dream. Certainly, it will not happen over the weekend. Work hard on those aims and make decisions wisely along the way. You now have a plan you can stick with for the long haul, persistent implementation will only push you to success.

You are now motivated and have the priorities in order; it is time to make your life much better without debt. Good luck to you!

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