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Friday, February 13, 2009

Best Ways to Send Money to El Salvador

By Chloe Banks

There are a variety of ways to send money quickly to El Salvador. The level of security, cost and amount of time it takes for money to arrive differ for each service.

Sometimes the amount of time it takes to send the money is the most important factor. In this instance it is important to know what options you have when sending money to El Salvador. The most pressing thing to remember is to prepare now to have everything in place for a transfer.

Often sending money online through services such as ATM Cash is the easiest and quickest way to get money when you need it. Services such as this allow you to send money 24/7 right from the comfort of your computer.

Another way to ensure a quick transfer of money to El Salvador is ensuring the recipient has an ATM or debit card. If the recipient is someone trusted, it's often useful for them to have a bank card linked to your checking or savings account.

As long as they have a card and the PIN number, they will have access to cash through an ATM machine. This is a possible option as long as you are comfortable with the cardholder having access to your account at all times. For situations where you do not want the intended recipient of funds to have access to the money in the checking account at all times, a pre-paid debit card is a solution. A pre-paid debit card is a card just like any other ATM card except for the fact that it is loaded with a specific amount of money.

Once that money has been withdrawn, the cardholder has no access to funds unless the person sending money refills the pre-paid card. The PIN number is given to the cardholder by the person sending money, so a phone call to notify the recipient that money has been added to the card is all it would require to gain access to the funds.

Another way to quickly send money to El Salvador is opening an account with a bank that has branches in both the U.S. and El Salvador. This would help facilitate easier transfers since you wouldn't have to deal with inter-bank transfers.

The above are some steps to ensure that money to El Salvador arrives quickly when you need it.

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