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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Fair Credit Reporting Act for Consumers

By Rob Kosberg

See for the details of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FRCA). This act is written, not for the credit reporting agencies, but for consumers.

You will learn that you have a right to see the information all credit reporting agencies have about you. All these credit agencies are in the business of making money and need to show a "profit." The FRCA explains what consumers are entitled to see and consumer rights.

There is much information on your credit report regarding your financial picture. Even though most of the entries may be accurate, it is possible that you may find false and/or outdated information in these documents. This could be an unwelcome surprise.

According to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) tells us that we can fix any problems with our credit reports ourselves without any help from a possibly disreputable company. According to the FCRA, the only "negative information" that can remain on your credit report is "negative information" that can be proven to be true.

Get your credit reports, compare, mark any entries that you believe are false. If it's negative and true, it has to stay. Then you will make your case for why information is false.

All of your data regarding inaccurate information will need to be documented and provide your proof of an error. This will be sent to the Credit Bureaus who must respond. It will be up to them to prove all information is true.

It is possible that you may decide that this project is really not something you can successfully complete on your own. Then you may consider "credit counseling." Do this very cautiously. "Overnight" credit fix is too good to be true and these companies could ask for a lot of money "upfront" and charge a monthly fee. Although it might sound really good, remember that these agencies are also "for profit" and need to make money. Think SCAM.

You can be sure that there are honest companies and people who will provide help. Try finding referrals from others to help find a reputable person who will address your needs.

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