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Friday, February 13, 2009

Holiday Home Insurance Spain Your Guide to Getting the Best Cover

By David Ball

If you are considering buying a second property as a future investment, it is worthwhile considering let your property as a holiday home or holiday let. You may do this for either short term monthly income, or you may decide to substitute the monthly income for long term capital gain. No matter which you choose, as with buying or investing money into anything of great value, you would be very wise to make sure that you secure adequate insurance for you holiday home.

When it comes time to decide which holiday home insurance to choose, there are a few things that you should consider. If your second home is overseas or abroad, there can be different requirements to holiday homes in the UK. For instance, your property may have external buildings that are part of the main property, or your property may have a covered or indoor swimming pool. These things are not necessarily automatically included in the average holiday home insurance.

Often people think that insurance is insurance, and you might as well just opt for the cheapest insurance. After all... it's just insurance, right? Wrong. Insurance can be a very complex thing to deal with, particularly when it comes to out of the ordinary cover. To be sure that you get the best and most comprehensive cover you must employ the services of specialist in holiday home insurance. Only through a specialist can you be guaranteed to get the most comprehensive cover at the best price.

Holiday homes located abroad and overseas are a favourite choice for many people buying their holiday properties with countries like France, Spain and Portugal being the most popular. Because the destinations have local brokers or notaries, the impulse is to use one of these to speed up the process and make it easier. This can often be a false economy. Because the notary is local does not mean they understand the insurance properly or are the best person to deal with. I you decide to use a broker or notary local to the area, make sure that they are totally versed in holiday home insurance, and that they speak English fluently.

The language used with insurance policies is often long-winded, complicated and not particularly easy to understand. While this is necessary for legal reasons, this does little to help the average customer or person in the street gain a good understanding of their policy and coverage. An important aspect of your holiday home insurance is that your policy is written in plain English and is easy for you to understand.

Buying holiday home insurance should be simple to arrange, your broker should be fluent in English and an expert or authority in holiday home insurance and your policy should be written in plain English and should be easy for you to understand. If you follow these rules, you should be able to find a really good broker who can guide through the intricacies of holiday home insurance, and one who can find you a really good policy with great coverage and a good price.

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