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Friday, February 13, 2009

Give these Items to Appraiser at Inspection

By Marten W. Davis, SRPA

For a refinance or purchase, it is important that you have things ready for your appraiser's inspection. If you have some important items ready for the appraiser it will make his job much easier.

Have ready all items that you find. They will be extremely helpful to your appraiser.

These items that you should look for are: Mortgage Survey which is a small piece of paper with a drawing of the lot with the building outline. This document is usually prepared by a surveyor and has his stamp on it. The information on this document includes the specific measurements of improvements and lot, the legal description and the flood zone specifics.

Any previous appraisal for some physical characteristics information. If the dwelling is newer, any floor plan drawings (blueprints) is extremely helpful to the appraiser.

A list of recent improvements, date and cost. These will be helpful to itemize those items that have been upgraded and modernized. If you have a recent home inspection report, that would also be very helpful.

Any easements which the property has like shared driveways, etc. should be presented to the appraiser.

The appraiser can get the specifics of the property detailed much more accurately if you present the suggested items at time of inspection.

Marten W. Davis, SRPA

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