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Friday, February 13, 2009

Should People With Bad Credit Get Computer Financing?

By Terry Piper

It is hard to see everyone's situation, but in general computer financing for people with bad credit is yet another brick in a wall of doom. Regular credit usually isn't possible for one in this position for a reason.

If you are looking for a bad credit loan then it is safe to assume that the debt load for your household is out of control or was in trouble in the fairly recent past. This is a good time to reflect on your wants versus needs, and make sure you are headed in the right direction. Poor decisions with debt related matters can seriously alter lifestyles and relationships, so a second look at the situation is a really good idea.

After you have looked at your overall financial situation, if you still are looking for computer financing for people with bad credit you need to pay attention to what sort of deal you are signing up for. Unscrupulous individuals and businesses are always ready to prey on the weak.

The interest rate will be really high if you have bad credit. While this is fair since they are taking extra risk by dealing with you, some loans are excessively expensive. With an interest rate of more than twenty-eight percent, if you accept the wrong terms you will be paying for that outdated laptop when your grand children are getting married!

A big down payment will shorten the loan or lower your monthly payments, so you should always put as much down as you can up front. Zero down is a fancy way of saying, "be our slave" as you pay for your poor credit rating. with that large down-payment your monthly payments can be lower, or your loan length can be shorter, or both.

Take this loan over as short a term as you possibly can. Six months would be great, one year not bad, and two or three years a horrible idea. Imagine buying a machine for $1000 and then paying $3000 for it over three years! Talk about being taken to the cleaners.

After thinking about all of these points, I hope you can find the best decision for your financial situation. Good luck in finding computer financing for people with bad credit. Who knows, you may decide to save up and buy that laptop with cold hard cash.

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