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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Suggestions to Enjoy a Comfortable Life in a Budget

By Paul J. Easton

Having problems with the conflict of maintaining a comfortable life and getting rid of your monthly credit card bills? Here are tips that might help you get the best of both worlds.

Skip eating out and eat with the family together at home. Most developed countries have the convenience of credit cards that most families dine out almost everyday or take out their fast food meals. This leads to families not eating at the same time when they arrive at home. The result is a staggering number of broken families due to misunderstanding and bad parenting. Eating together is a time for bonding and communication and should not be ignored.

This will also cut your expenses by half as preparing your food at home is definitely cheaper. You will also monitor what you eat and this can be healthier. By shunning fancy restaurants and reserving it only for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, you will cut that monthly balance as fast as you can. And by learning how to cook yourself, you will have much more delicious food than in fast foods or restaurants.

The next tip is to be earth friendly. Conserve everything from using water to driving your car. Turn off the lights when not used. Find more efficient ways to utilize energy like insulating your home to lower your thermostat in winter. You will not only save more money, you will also save Mother Earth.

Keep yourself busy so you are not once again tempted to spend more time shopping. Try some extra work load so you get to overtime once in a while. By taking up some part of your free time, you will be spending less time just hanging around and spending money haphazardly. In return, you will be more productive.

Lastly, get back in shape and visit your neighborhood gym more frequently now. You will spend time getting healthier and spending less money. You can also walk your dog at the park or take your children to the playground.

These are just suggestions to enjoy life at a budget. Just as I thought, being happy and saving more money can actually go together.

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