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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Questions to get the Right Financial Information

By Paul J. Easton

If you are looking for ways to confirm that you are making the right choices before hiring a financial professional, then this article is a must read. Getting the right financial information is an important step in securing a better future. So, what questions should you probably ask yourself when choosing a financial advisor?

In choosing your financial advisor, you wanted to stick with the first financial advisor you will have and never turn your back once again. Before committing yourself with the service of financial advisor, let him or her answer several questions.

Here's just the vital information you should always seek when hiring any financial professional. Ask your prospective financial planner what experiences he or she has, especially with people in your current circumstances. Find information where he or she went to school. Inquire about the recent employment history.

Ask your advisor what licenses or certifications he or she holds. Is he or she registered with the SEC, a state, or the National Association of Securities Dealer?

Inquire about the products and services he or she is offering. Request if the advisor can only recommend a limited number of financial products or services. If so, ask the reason for such choice.

Always discuss how you are going to pay for the services. Know the usual hourly rate, flat fee, or commission of your financial advisor. These are very vital information.

Seek information about his or her track record as a professional. Has he or she been disciplined by any government regulator for unethical or improper conduct? Has he or she been sued by a client with past work? For the case of registered investment advisors, you can ask for a copy of their Form ADV.

Before getting started, since most questions above can be asked over the phone, make sure to meet the potential financial advisor personally. By taking the effort to meet your financial advisor face to face, you will have a way for you to get along and start a trusted professional relationship.

In a gist, there are many types of individuals who can assist you develop a personal financial plan based on your personality and aspirations. With this professional help, you will better manage your hard-earned money. The most crucial of all is that you know personally your financial goals, have a detailed plan in place, and verify with your securities regulator that your choice is correct and that you only work with the best financial professional.

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