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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Debt: A Good Tool or Not?

By Paul J. Easton

Debt, for some people, is a tool used to help create prosperity. Most of the time, though, debt is not much helpful. To our dismay as ordinary people, it is not even used by wealthy people nearly as much as we are taught to believe.

Most people are just plain broke because of a number of debt pulling their way down. With no hope of help, their life is a living misery. Being in debt is like being a slave because you do not have the freedom to use your money to help yourself. Sure, it takes a lot of will and discipline from your end to slay that debt monster but it is still possible, it can truly be done. Realizing your past wild spending, think about how much you could save for your retirement if you just did not buy that car. All you have now is a long way to go with years of car payments.

Many financial gurus tell you that debt is a tool. Debt can be compared to a lever. It allows one to have the capacity you otherwise could not have. With the leverage of debt, you can buy a home or get your new car. You can even start a business with the use of this leverage.

Debt, however, penetrated in every single detail of our lives. It had even caused us to just eat out most of the time with the use of our credit cards to skip the time-consuming meal preparations. Talking about unjustified conveniences, this has caused us to be lazy people.

Debt is like a gun. It is a tool that you could use as a defense and protection for one's self. But it could also bring harm to you too. But the abuses of debt nowadays where we use other people's money to have the comforts in life, even if we cannot afford them, are hurting us tremendously.

Consider the risk of using your credit cards starting now. With debt, there is always enough risk to offset any advantage we can gain through leverage of debt. So use it only when necessary like an emergency or a big investment you have carefully studied.

It is time to be awakened and see debt as a tool we should only resort to with our most important necessities in life. By playing the tool in our advantage, rather than disadvantage, we prevent ourselves from a lifetime of risks and stress from monthly bills.

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