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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Budgeting your Way to Financial Success

By Paul J. Easton

A life full of debt can kill all the fun in your life. Here is a simple no-secret tip to help you get back on track with your finances. Get rid of all your debt Start with spending less money on doodads and stuffs you want but don't necessarily need.

Begin to allocate more money to your bills by creating a budget to your expenses for the month. Like a financial plan, a budget is a way for you to consciously set a limit to your spending. That way, you will compel yourself to set aside a savings as a way to pay yourself first before you pay your every expense. In the case where you have debts to pay, start paying your debts first and save only when you are debt free.

Budget is what we dread all our lives. But creating a budget is better than filing a bankruptcy later. Many people view the process of going through a budget as if putting on a straight jacket that keeps them constricted. Budgeting may seem constricting for the time being but it is a sacrifice worth getting into.

As a plan, make the most out of your budget by spending the time to put it on paper. A budget coupled with a purpose before the month starts is a good way to motivate and keep you going.

For some, financial freedom and budgeting seem not to go well together. However, looking at the budget in a different angle can be more rewarding. With the conscious effort of following a budget and spending your money with intentions, you will in fact experience more freedom. This is freedom of self-worth and discipline with money. It is in fact, a way of knowing yourself better, something that is more than just the material things that money can buy.

For many successful and financially literate, they say that they have found more money when they realistically crafted a budget and stuck with it long-term. Maybe, it is time for you to follow suit too.

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