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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Top 5 Debt Elimination Tips to Become Debt Free

By Jonathan Lemereaux

It is unfortunate that in today's economy, debt rules all. From the deepest spots of our wallets, we have charged ourselves to the point of no return. The commercials and ads promising a better car, newer home and more of this and that are all based on lines of credit and bank loans. Our children have been raised in this economy where paying for something means a monthly payment and a low or high interest rate; this is why debt elimination is needed. With debt comes the need for the debt elimination and the strive to become debt free.

Debt elimination is the art of taking a life full of debt and moving that life past the point of owing and into the point of owning. Debt elimination can mean less stress, an overall happier life and more money in your pocket. Here are the top 5 tips to debt elimination and becoming debt free.

Cash Rules - We are a society that thinks debt free means not owing the full balance on our credit cards. This is a distorted idea of debt free life. When you purchase something new, training yourself to only buy what you can pay for in cash today is the best debt free choice. Debt elimination starts by changing the ideas you have about money, not about the definition of debt free.

Credit Cards Be Gone - This is often the hardest step for people who are trying to live life in a debt free way. The credit cards they hold offer them a better lifestyle, one that is full of buying more and more things. These things need to be placed on a budget and saved for in order to choose debt elimination and live as a debt free person. Debt free does not mean charging less on your cards, it means not charging at all.

Minimum is Not Good - In order to pay off the credit card debt you owe and become debt free, you need to eliminate debt from your bills. The debt created on credit cards is a revolving debt. Free to take up most of your budget for the next 30 years if you choose to pay the minimum payments. Paying off those cards will require higher payments on a more frequent schedule. Debt free and debt elimination is not an easy choice, but it will feel good.

No More Monthly Payments - When trying to move from debt to debt free, you must forget about how much you can afford per month and stick with what you can afford right now. Debt free means taking those monthly payments and converting them to monthly savings. Debt elimination is getting rid of that debt.

Never File Bankruptcy - Bankruptcy will hurt more than help. There are slow fixes for debt that can make anyone debt free. It just takes time and determination to remain free from debt, to choose debt elimination and to live debt free.

In our world of charge it, borrow it, loan it, debt free lifestyles are few and far between. We grow up seeing that the world costs more than we make and thus accept those monthly payments as being okay. In order to live everyday debt free, we need to learn to choose debt elimination and not debt.

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