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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quality Service, Low Prices - The New Insurance Company

By Susan Tanner

Car insurance is not just an option; it is a requirement. Depending on what kind of car you drive, your age, and driving past, it can be hard to get a good insurance rate that is affordable. While most car insurances just calculate the risk of the driver which gives them the rate they pay; the rate is just as important to the company as their service is to the owner.

There is one aspect of all car insurance companies that is priceless; that is customer service. With a good customer service, the company can easily attract new customers and keep their old ones. Focusing on treating a customer great when submitting a claim is extremely important and is a stressed point in all insurers.

One example is Progressive, a well known, highly advertised car insurance company. With Progressive it takes less than ten minutes to set up your claim. They provide quick access to repair shops where you have a qualified mechanic to work on your vehicle while providing you with a rental car so you are not at loss for transportation. Now they are trying to catch the eye of customers through offering cheap insurance quotes compared to their history of high insurance costs.

Although Progressive is just one example, there are many other insurance companies that offer low quotes and easy processes. Such companies as AllState also strive to put out cheap insurance just for a market share. On the other hand, they lack the customer service and simple insurance claim submitting when put up against other such companies. Instead they offer other benefits that attract old and new customers alike.

Reading customer reviews is essential in learning the truth about a car insurance company. By doing this you can easily locate a quality insurer near you with great quotes on policies you would actually be interested in. This method easily knocks off other companies as their true identities are discovered.

Getting involved with a company that is reliable and helpful is necessary; especially when submitting the car insurance claim. This process is extremely frustrating and stressful to most people, so having a helpful staff to guide you through it without making it more difficult is priceless. Yet another reason why good, quality customer service is what makes or breaks a car insurance company.

You can find many companies that can provide you a cheap car insurance quote with quality customer service. This treatment is not for the elite. It is becoming more and more prominent to people of all policy levels, and it doesn't matter whose fault it was. This is a great improvement from the years before.

Over the years insurance companies have been pushing and struggling to lower their prices while maintaining a good image and good customer service. As the industry becomes more competitive with lower and lower prices, your odds of striking gold with a car insurance company improve even higher. More discounts, lower quotes, and better claims are just a start to the new car insurance world - have you looked into it yet?

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