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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Communicating With a Financial Advisor

By Paul J. Easton

If you are choosing for a financial advisor, here is a simplified guide in choosing the best.

Always start with the education and the experience of your prospect advisor. Financial advisors should have both the education and experience to withstand the dynamic and complicated financial system today. Education coupled with experience will equip your advisor with the vital knowledge to hunt for opportunities and best deals in the investment world. With experience as well, you will observe that a financial advisor can communicate very well with eloquence and good understanding of his industry.

Financial advisors expect to be paid for their expertise as they are providing you with necessary information in your decision-making. Financial advisors are usually paid in either an hourly rate or a retainer. Some of them are paid with commission per sale of the financial product.

Paying an hourly rate or monthly retainer is always favorable than paying on a commission basis. Advisors who are compensated solely with a fee are more advantageous than those who receive commissions because they reduce conflicts of interest. These conflicts are created by the incentive to generate commissions through the unnecessary buying or selling of securities. Some financial advisors also receive incentives to convert non-cash assets such as real estate and collectibles to cash and securities. They have commissions on these transactions as well.

Another important factor to consider is communication with your financial advisor. By conducting few meetings or interviewing with your future financial advisor, you spend a little time to build a rapport for a possible match. Be honest with your preferences and find out if he can recommend some products that fit well with your plans. Especially during these hard economic times, you need a financial advisor who can be accessed so conveniently.

Personal financial advisors typically work with a list of clients with you. Many financial advisors spend a lot of their time making sales calls, lead generation, and marketing their financial services. With this, expect some of them to be very tight with their schedules. Just set some terms with regard to communication and establish yourself as a good client for your advisor to keep you updated with the latest in the financial world.

By keeping an open mind in dealing with your financial life, a financial advisor will definitely be a good source of insider's information. With your experience with financial advisors, you will gain more confidence with negotiating profitable deals with your money.

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