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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Central coast California real estate opportunities

By Rick Gomez

Thousands of people come to California's Central Coast every year for vacation, sightseeing and exploring the possibility of moving to one of the most scenic and charming areas on the West Coast. The central coast California real estate market has witnessed a boom in recent years as people discover the beauty of this magnificent area.

Dana Point real estate was described as "the only romantic spot in California", by its namesake, author Richard Henry Dana, Jr., in a visit to the area and neighboring San Juan Capistrano. Although Dana Point real estate began as a planned community by a development company, the great depression put a halt to construction and by 1939, the original investors had sold out to private individuals. Today Dana Point real estate comprises more than 14,000 homes, a far cry from the original city started in 1926 with only 35 homes.

In addition to the city, Dana Point is also home to Dana Point Harbor, housing more than 2500 boats within two marinas. Every major amenity is offered at the Harbor including guest slips, fuel dock, shipyard, and a myriad of recreational activities. In addition, 30 specialty shops and 17 restaurants dot the harbor appealing to a mass audience of visitors.

Buying Dana Point real estate could be an opportunity for one to "get their sea legs", as community class instruction is available in sailing, boating and other water-related activities. If you prefer the landlubber's life instead, you could invest in the Dana Point real estate market just to live in a beautiful harbor city and still enjoy the magnificent whale watching opportunities from shore at the Salt Creek Beach. Here you can sit on benches that overlook the gray whale migration routes.

A drive down Highway 101 will take you through much of the towns and villages that make up the central coast real estate market. As you journey through, you can look into the offerings each town or village has to share. Festivals, farmers markets, amusements, antique shops, art galleries, wildlife, and many more various points of interest that await you.

If absolute luxury is your requirement, Corona Del Mar is home to one of Forbes 10 most expensive homes, the $75 million Portabello Estate. This 30,000 square foot masterpiece was built in 2002 and features fabulous ocean views, eight bedrooms, and ten bathrooms.

In addition to the beachfront activities, the park also has a campground with 120 developed family campsites and a picnic area complete with more than 100 picnic tables and barbecue grills.

Come explore this one of a kind area and see if the central coast California real estate opportunities are for you.

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