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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cutting your Expenses

By Paul J. Easton

Why do you need to cut your expenses? Because with these troubled times, you need to save money or pay your debt. It is time to invest your money for a more secured future and stop worrying about money.

Starting today, learn how to buy only the things you truly need especially with the groceries. Ditch the possible wants for now. Since most of us are affected, you are probably not alone with these austerity measures or simple shopping absences. By learning to distinguish what you want from what you need, you are getting more conscious of your expenses and that is the key to saving money for the future. Remember, start acting today.

Try assessing your biggest expenses every month. Probably your car is one of your biggest expenses. Can you sell it? It is a big expense. If you are just commuting to work or use it to get your groceries, you can use a cheaper used car and not necessarily that car. This will save you years of car payments. Carefully study it, though, as car depreciation is also crucial. Ask a financial expert if necessary.

If you have some difficulty coming up with a budget, try considering a credit counseling agency. However, ask about their fees ahead of time. Some can get quite expensive and you do not want to add more debt. The agency is helpful because they can recommend a debt management plan where creditors may lower interest rates. Or they may negotiate to eliminate fees for the guarantee of a monthly payment as a return.

Here's also a great tip, when shopping for your groceries, buy the store brands of your favorite foods for a try. These might be new to your grocery lists but they are usually less expensive than the popular brands. In most cases, they just taste the same or even better. The more you have cheaper options, the more room you will have in your budget for paying off your debts. Or probably you can now start saving some amount in your bank.

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