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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Time to buy Seattle Condominiums

By K. Kim

With interest rates at all time low for mortgages and housing market one of the worst in decades, Seattle condominiums offer opportunities for those who are looking for long term. To jump start the housing market, the federal government is offer $7,500 credit for first time home buyer. Overall prices averages sales in Seattle are have surprising increased to 6 percent from declines in the past few years.

Sales in Queen Anne and West Seattle has contributed to this rise in prices. But the prices of downtown condominiums have fallen, although there is significant unsold inventories in the city of Seattle, Washington.

Seattle is home many large fortune 500 companies such as Starbucks, Microsoft, and Amazon, so job opportunities are abundant. It also has bustling financial district as well as one of the largest coastal areas in the region. Many visitors from all across the globe visit to see places like Pioneer Square, Settle Art Museum, Benaraya Hall, and Pike Place Market.

With recent bustling real estate market in the last few years, many Seattle condominiums were constructed and brought to market. But with the recent upheaval in the housing market no new development will coming to market until 2012 and many construction have halted due to less financing for these large projects. So, it might just be the right time as the market struggles for at least beginning to middle of 2009.

If you are thinking of purchasing, think about the options available like upgrades which not can be negotiated with many developers offering incentives to move the over supply of condos. You can get fully furnished kitchen and great interiors and comfortable living space for great value.

Make sure you do the research on the internet and due diligence to make the right choice and right fit for your budget and your living needs. Contact a reputable agent if you need help, you can get a good buyers agent to do all the negation for you at affordable price.

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