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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Four Easy ways to Start Getting Rid of Credit Card Debt

By PJ Easton

Credit card debt can create a large amount of stress in your life. It can break families, hurt marriages and generally make life painful. Sometimes quick decisions like this can create problems for years for years to come. Here a 4 simple ways to get started in getting rid of the debt:

1. Cut up the cards! - Very simple steps you can do right now, you have to stop any increase of the debt. At the same time you have to commit to not getting any more cards. You have to be able to look at your position so you can see a way out. If the debt still increases while you are trying to reduce it, it becomes a vicious circle of pain

2. Get rid of what you don't need- that's right sell it! Have a yard sale, a garage sale, and ebay sale but make it move! Anything to move stuff you don't need any more. Get the whole family involved, make it a game. Even you only make few dollars, make sure it all goes to reducing your debt.

3. Set up a debt repayment plan- Use the bank to set up automatic payments into your card, a set amount every time you get paid. This way you can set and forget it and know that an amount is set up every time you get paid, and it will be paid with you having to take any action.

4. Reduce out goings- Reduce how much you spend- this means instead of buying that daily meal at Starbucks, could you make something more healthy and take it with you? This means you will have to more organized. At the same time, you have to commit to putting aside the money you would have spent, otherwise you will find the money disappearing and you wont know where its gone.

Its is important to learn the lesson of what happened to get you the position you are in and also look at the changes you have to make as the result of your own actions. Your accountability, from your actions- yours to fix, not the city, the countries or anyone else- your actions to fix it.

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