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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Personal Loans With Bad Credit

By Krissy Mangum

Lately a lot of people have gotten bad credit. This happens for a variety of reasons, not the least of which can be the economy or a job loss. Other times the person is just starting up a new business and doesn't have a long credit history.

Luckily for people with bad credit there are a ton of different things you can do to get a bad credit personal loan. The first step in fixing your credit is to find out where you are really at.

Get all of credit cards and other unpaid bills out and add them up. Even include your car loan and anything owed to gambling debts. Be honest with your self and pay attention to the interest rates you are paying. Once you have added it up go and get a credit history report. Here you will be able to reconcile any differences between your amounts and the amount that the bureaus have on file for you.

Once you have a full accounting of all the different places and amounts that you owe, figure out what your weighted average interest rate is and see what you can do to pay it off or at least lower the overall rate on the debt. Now go through the report and see where you need to pay things off fast and where there are errors. Credit reports are famous for having bad errors.

If you have found any errors and gotten them fixed then you can now move over to the next step. You can now start applying for a loan. Go to the bank and to some other local banks and see if they have any bad credit programs available to you.

Make sure that you try and avoid pay day loan places unless there is no other option. They charge high interest rates and should be avoided.

There is a good chance that no matter where you apply for a loan you will initially be denied the loan. Do not worry because there are still a lot of options. One of them is that if you can get a co-signer you can likely get the loan with a low interest rate as well as repair your bad credit history.

Now that you have the loan it is important that you are responsible and pay it out one time. Otherwise you will be stuck forever getting bad credit personal loans with high interest rates and a lot of paperwork. Life can be a lot cheaper if you take care of your credit.

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