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Saturday, February 28, 2009

How to get an excellent deal on your mortgage

By Maria Goletski

Home sales have gone up substantially in the month of January, in all likelihood because of lower property prices. Many home buyers are seeing the potential of this housing market and want to buy now that the real estate market is good. lenders are eager to sell new loans, and more financing options are getting available each day.

The government action in the mortgage industry will hopefully make sure the new buyers get a good opportunity to an affordable deal. Foolish lending is definitely, safe lending is in. But banks have to find a balance between being too careful and obtaining a healthy risk on a new mortgage.

Hopefully, this soar of buyers coming into the housing market will give the mortgage industry a way out of the hole. Many banks have been weary of the real estate market and preparing for the next hit. This might be the time to start looking into the future again.

The interest rates are very low at present, also because of federal government's investing in getting the mortgage market going. If you're buying, this is a good real estate market to get a great deal. It has the combination of high inventory, low interest and low home prices.

If you want to discover how to get the best mortgage for your situation, meet a good broker. Umpteen brokers got in financial dire straits when they ran into the subprime meltdown, but the good ones are still available and happy to assist you.

When picking a mortgage broker, verify you're getting advice on all the options available. Some of the brokers are in desperate financial conditions and will make an effort to get a big commission, just to get by. Don't walk into that trap and make sure you get unbiased advice. A good mortgage broker can save you a lot of money, but watch out which one you pick.

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