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Saturday, February 28, 2009

How to Get Free Online Cash with Gift Cards

By Yvonne Cote

One has to be careful nowadays because of all of the scams and fraud taking place online. I have scoured the web for years looking for the real legitimate sites that offer free money and giveaways. It is true that this can be done; that's right free gift cards available online.

If you are like me, you hate to waste time and you really hate to waste money. If you want to get real free stuff online it can be a drag. I have done a lot of the work for you so you don't have to.

First and foremost, you should look into joining the free stuff forums online. These are kind of an aggregation of all the best deals found online. You can get some of the best free stuff just from reading these forums and following the advice posted there.

Anyone who looks at these deals will soon reap the rewards of hving this information. You can print out many of these deals and coupons, and een get grocery items for free. You can sometimes get rebates that make drug store and restaurant foods free also. An example of things we get free like this all the time is toothpaste. I have not paid for toothpaste in 5 years.

The absolute best source of free gift cards is deal type forums. While these are updaed often, you can get sent to the right places that are offering free rebates, merchandise and gift cards online.

These are mostly only available to members. As a member you can get the absolute freshest deals online. Unadvertised offers are sometimes here because some of the members have inside connections at these forums.

Join these forums if you really want the inside scoop on all the deals and free stuff. You will save so much time and research hours. It is well worth it to get free gift cards and merchandise.

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