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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Simple Money Saving Tips for the House

By PF Guru

Every penny saved is money in our pockets. With the economy in such a bad shape, it really is crucial that we spend some time trying to figure out ways to save more money for ourselves. Here are a few areas that you can easily do around the house to make sure that you aren't wasting money.

The hot water heater is probably too hot. Change it to 110 to 120 degrees and you will still be fine.

Make sure you have a full load of laundries before you use the washer. That way, you are using the least amount of energy per cloth!

Whenever you aren't using the water tap, turn it off to conserve water. You don't need it for most of the time that you are showering anyway.

Microwaves are so much cheaper to operate than ovens. Don't try to use the oven if possible at all and even if you use it, only use the small ones.

That grass doesn't need to be cut every week. Cut it every 2 weeks instead and you will save half your maintenance cost.

Turn off every light that you don't use. Actually, it's even better if you unplug the light fixtures when you don't need the light.

Do not over water your plants and grass. Whenever you see streaks of water, it means that you are over watering and wasting it. Control it.

If there are rooms that you don't go to often, seal off the vents to the room so heat and air conditioning isn't wasted.

Clean and replace filters regularly because dirty ones will waste so much energy for your furnace and air conditioning unit. It even pays to have someone regular come check it out.

Interest rates are so low that you should really consider refinancing your home. Every percentage point can be huge money for you in the long run.

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