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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Statistical Information Regarding Internships And Benefits

By Chris Channing

Getting ahead in the industry of one's choosing is, on average, going to be a tough task. One way to help better one's chances in getting a stable job is to obtain an internship while in college. Through its many benefits, internships have been well worth the time and effort even when they aren't considered a paid internship, which can be tough to stomach.

An employer is going to want an individual that is motivated, is a team player, and does what it takes to get the job done. Those who obtain internships while still in college are seen as these types of personalities, since they take on more work when it isn't absolutely necessary. This makes them much more favored over college students that didn't have internships.

Although they don't offer monetary compensation, internships still offer benefits. Company outings, such as celebrations or work related trips are usually open to interns. In the process of working with others and enjoying small benefits, internships build relationships with others and are given the opportunity to network themselves with others in the field of their interest. As it is said, networking is the key to getting a good job and finding a good career.

Through the duration of the internship, the intern is going to build his or her skills in the target career niche. A marketing internship, for instance, will give an intern the skills needed to get products and services to consumers who need them via many different methods. This "real world" experience will always give an intern the job over someone who hasn't had any prior experience except for university work.

Statistics show that many companies who offer internships will end up hiring interns upon their graduation or other promotion of sorts. So long as the intern exhibits the proper professional behavior in their time at the company, they stand good chance at having a job after their time is up. Even if they don't, the parent company will usually supply their name to other companies who may be hiring as an obligatory feeling to reward the intern.

Even though there is a lot an internship can offer, students should also remember that university work is more important than an internship. Further education, statistics show, give graduates more income in effect. If an internship seems to be bogging an individual down, try putting off the internship and instead focus on studies.

Final Thoughts

An internship is in the best interest of those looking to be employed at the end of their student career, or anyone looking to switch professions. Consider consulting different companies in the surrounding area for more information on the subject, as well as asking friends of word on the subject.

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