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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Making the Right Entry- Are you ready

By Singaporooo

This is the decision that can quiet often get overlooked, the entry decision. The other big decisions in trading and investing, such as how much to trade, or what your exit plan is, is the timing right etc.

But the truth is that whether you're a trader the entry decision is crucial as without this decisions the other decisions cannot take place.

It is quiet often seen that new traders often worry about their first entry point, trying to make it perfect and there are some important points to be considered when you're entering into a trade. It is therefore crucial to take a glance at this often overlooked subject.

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Now for the bad news. Most traders believe there is no perfect entry point signal when it comes to trading. Sound Strange.

But there are certain things things to look for to help guide you towards the correct time. So lets take a look at the simple market rules.

Dust OFF the Charts:

You can base your entry decision using technical analysis, what this can do is increase your chances of entering the correct trade as the best time. It can be benefical to look at the sectors and what sectors are performing the best? Is your favourite trading company in a strong sector? Is the overall sector performing?

Most great companies belongs to a great sector, because it is very rare that a company's stock price will move in the opposite direction of its overall sector for an extended period of time. They tend to follow one and other.

In an nutshell, you should use technical analysis to follow the underlying trend for your stock that you are looking to trade, especially when entering. The underlying trend is the most important consideration when entering a trade at the correct time.

Remember the old saying, Trend is your Friend.

Listen to the Facts-

Make sure it is very simple. Do not over complicate it.

Keeping it simply, is often the best strategy. How often do hear it . Thorough research, an understanding of what you want from your trades and a commitment to your trading strategy is so important when it come to trading and more importantly making money from it- but quiet often we want to make it seem difficult. Simple is simply the best.

Try not to over complicate it, why It's no good trying to base a decision looking at numerous indicators crossing each other at various angles, changing colours, and a host of other useless information.

Of course, employ a technical analysis of the company in making your decision, but there is no need to go overboad.

After all, trading plans are easier to follow if they are simple.

If you are a long term trader is it not just timing the market, in this instance it is time in the market.

Remember use your rules, make it simple, and the profits should follow

Happy Trading

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