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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

How You Can Get Good Credit

By Eric Jilson

There are several ways to start building a credit history. If you are sick of creditors hounding you, or if you find that nobody will extend you a loan because you have never had credit, now is the time to learn credit building tips. First and most importantly, never purchase things you do not need. If you want something, but never put your wants before your needs, this is a recipe for disaster and will get you in debt. If you are seeking ways to build credit and have no previous history, make sure you know how to go about it properly.

Building or Rebuilding Your Credit

If you have or have had, bad credit, you need to get a Do-It-Yourself kit and get to work. Take a trip to your local library and check out books that guide you through the process of credit repair. Most libraries have a copy machine you can use to print out forms that you need to fill out and mail to creditors. There are guides at your library that have the necessary tools for debtors to learn how to write effective letters to creditors.

Letters are a much better way to contact a creditor than by mail. Since most creditors care less about your situation and may even make threats to you. A good reason for writing letters is that having "proof", is more valuable if you ever find yourself going to court over credit problems. If something is spoken or an agreement has been reached, this will prevent the creditor from reneging or denying this claim.

Any documentation you have pertaining to your credit history should be stored in a secure area. If you send a letter to your creditor, keep copies of the letters sent and store it along with other important information. If you notice there are errors in your bills or credit, reports ensure you have contacted the appropriate agencies and filed a dispute against the charges in a timely manner. If you have credit cards and made a purchase on an item or used a service and this item is defective or the service is sub par, you DO NOT have to pay the charges.

You have to also dispute this information with the store or the person who provided the service. If the store or person refuses to give you an item to replace the defective one, or reimburse you, then you have a right to deny payment. Once you have disputed this charge, you then need to contact your credit card provider and let them know what happened. If you are fortunate enough to have been issued a credit card even with bad credit, use this card to repay your debts and meet the monthly charges each month on time. This can be a solution when everything else fails. If you have to use a credit card to pay your debts, then payoff your cards the following month and use the card to pay the next months bills....

Now you can see what the plan is. Credit cards have interest rates so that even if you pay the monthly minimum payment, the bills on the card will increase.

Not Having Credit, Can Be No Problem

You may think you do not need a credit line or a credit card. You may pay all your bills on time each month, in cash. Does this sound like you? Well, you know the obvious answer, but then there is an occasional situation that calls for a what if scenario....In the world of today, we are fast approaching a time period that will require us to have at least one major credit card. If you telephone a business to whom you owe debt, they may first ask you if you would like to pay your account with a credit card. If you apply for a job, apartment, student, home or automobile loan, or any type of credit line, you will most likely face getting a rejection letter in the mail. Many lenders will refuse to extend credit to people who do not have a credit history. For this reason we are expected to establish a credit line while we are in our teenage years, and if we do not lenders grow concerned. A lender can refuse to give you credit based upon many reasons. The best solution for you is building a good credit history by starting up a line of credit now, making timely payments, and pay your debts off in a timely manner. Set yourself up on a budget and stay out of steep debt.

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