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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Get More Cash For A Home With Simple Steps

By Chris Channing

Houses in today's economy are currently suffering from a lack in sales. To help improve the odds your home gets noticed by buyers, there are some small improvements that can be made. In addition to attracting more attention, it also helps to get above market value for a home that would otherwise not bring as much due to its shortcomings.

A new homeowner is going to want a home that needs little work done to it. A prime example of a "creature comfort" such as this would be making a home more ready to survive extreme weather conditions when it comes to energy. Since energy costs have soared over the past few months, having an energy-efficient home will attract a lot of interest over others.

Landscaping is another venue that can bring higher payouts in getting a house for cash. Planting trees is a great way to shade an area, but in the case of fruit trees it can also help reduce food costs for a new homeowner. Landscaping may also include pathways, small gardens, laying down mulch or cedar, and upgrading waterfront property if owned. This method is generally more expensive to forego, but has impressive payouts.

Selling a house for cash is also made easier through interior design- although this is also a very expensive route in increasing value. Interior design may include repainting rooms, adding light fixture or draperies, adding carpet, or furnishing a home to appear more homely. This method also takes more work than the normal upgrades, since it involves moving objects around and careful planning.

Current homeowners may wish to invest in sheds as well, as they are quite inexpensive in today's market and bring much value in return. Different types of sheds are available, large and small, to suit anything from a simple equipment housing area to a guest home. Sheds carry the same energy problems homes do, so extra work in installing insulation and laying water pipes or electricity lines down may be necessary.

Lastly, selling a home for cash is going to be made easier by finding the right real estate broker. There are plenty to choose from, of course, both in the real world and by investigating companies online. Don't worry if the task seems troublesome- finding help is as simple as going to a neighbor and seeing what they did with their last home and who they entrust their sale to.

Final Thoughts

There is a myriad of ways to increase the value of a home. If this is truly a goal of a homeowner, it's recommended that books on the topic be purchased at a local bookstore. Different real estate moguls are more than happy to share their thoughts and experiences for the right price.

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