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Friday, February 6, 2009

Sector-Specific Topic of the American Financial Directory

By Paul J. Easton

The finance industry covers a wide range of organizations dealing with money management. Banks, credit card companies, and other financial services including insurance companies, consumer finance, and investment companies.

With extensive coverage like banks, holding companies, savings and loans, and major credit unions, you are assured of precise data and you never get lost with all these information. The American Financial Directory provides an easy format for everybody. Included in the list are all the important data you need like street and mail addresses, telephone, and fax numbers. Moreover, it also provides the ABA routing numbers, charter types, ownership, principal correspondents, and financial summaries. It even increase the value a notch higher by providing the list with information on the institution's key decision-maker names, alpha and numeric routing number indices, merger, name change and closing information which are all important yet hard to find in today's very dynamic financial scenario.

With such a wide range of services and a vast industry in itself, the financial sector can be much more conquered if you focus and specialize to a niche. This is what the American Financial Directory wants to offer. If you wish to focus on a specific sector of the financial market, you can obtain a customized version of the American Financial Directory that contains only the information you essentially need.

The American Financial Directory is the top-notch source for the latest information on the US financial industry, especially if you want to look at niches with lesser competition and find out the latest trends and happenings sin the financial community. This Directory provides information on all facets of money markets and financial products currently available around the country. And the best part is that you can tailor fit the directory to your needs so that your focus will be concentrated on the specific sector. The purpose of the directory is to compile an updated list of financial organizations with their contact information and provide value to our budding financial entrepreneurs.

As most financial start-ups are recommended to find a niche rather than compete with the financial giants, this American Financial Directory is the ultimate customized guide to your sector-confined researches.

At the stage of economic slowdown, focusing your efforts to a specific and related list of companies, whether they are competition or a joint venture partner, is the only way to survive this temporary down time. This American Financial Directory is your handy companion and is truly a must have.

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