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Friday, February 6, 2009

Your Financial Sector Ultimate Guide

By Paul J. Easton

One of the best sources of banking information today is the American Financial Directory. It is the hidden secret of most budding financial bankers and entrepreneurs. Anyone in the financial industry can hardly do better without the American Financial Directory as a tool.

This directory is in essence a who's who for the financial industry in the U.S. To stay updated, it is twice published yearly and it is very versatile. This article is only dedicated to the wide range of uses of the American Financial Directory. Upon reading this, you would realize that the American Financial Directory should have been in your library years ago.

This tool published its first copies way back on 1836. The directory is a list with complete information of every banking entity in the United States. These entities include banks, savings and loan departments, credit unions, and holding companies with the necessary contact information in an organized format. It enlists contact information including telephone numbers, web addresses, and physical locations. The best part of it all is that it provides direct contact information for key personnel in every banking institution. With five volumes of detailed data, this tool is a comprehensive compilation for all your every banking transaction needs.

If you want to focus on a specific sector of the market, for example, you can obtain a customized version of the American Financial Directory that contains only the information you need.

With the U.S. banking sector always being very dynamic with mergers and acquisitions, this special tool is indeed necessary. With the current economic meltdown, dramatic changes and major financial announcements shake the market place on a regular basis. Changes in the financial arena have truly accelerated radically. This pace of the volatile market place makes it very hard to keep up with the latest yet accurate information. This is where the American Financial Directory comes as a handy tool to meet this challenge.

The American Financial Directory makes the possibilities limitless. It holds various data you can use to initiate transactions, process checks, and even send money through wire transfers. In the hands of someone expert financial marketers, the American Financial Directory is a gold mine.

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